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  • Zoriah's photography has appeared in the following publications:
    Newsweek • The New York Times • CNN • Fortune • The Wall Street Journal • BBC News • The United States Library of Congress • NPR • Focus • ABC News • NBC • CBS • The United Nations • Paris Match •  Democracy Now •  NWK • GQ • Elle • Cosmopolitan • The New York Globe • UNICEF • The Guardian • Marketplace • The International Herald Tribune • Liberation • Europe Business Week •  The Huffington Post •  Michael Moore • PBS • Now • Penguin Publishing • The Copenhagen Star • The San Francisco Chronicle • World Economist • Shanghai Chronicle • World News Network • Newsweek Japan • Newsweek Arabic • Focus • Warner Brothers • Universal Studios • Beijing Globe • Cafe •  Publico • Fox News • Conde Nast • On The Media OTM • Penguin Books • L’Express • Grands Reportage • Suddeutsche Zeitung • L’illustre • Atlantico •  The Boston Review • The Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) • Index on Censorship • BAGnewsNotes • American Medical News • Politikken • IPTV Mexico • Choc • Grazia Neri • 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  • Public Presentations and Lectures
    Zoriah has begun to devote a portion of each year to lecturing and presenting to universities, institutions and at political events. For universities, a typical itinerary consists of two days of presentations to multiple departments followed by a public, multi-departmental lecture. The presentations can be tailored in length and subject matter to each department and the multidepartmental lecture currently consist of a thirty minute slideshow showcasing recent work from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, the Asian Earthquake and the Tsunami. The lecture touches on many subjects including the art of visual storytelling, the current state of the media and my own thoughts on documenting life in conflict. Lectures can be tailored to the need of each individual organization, university or event.

Support Independent Journalism

    Each photo story that I bring to the world costs literally thousands of dollars to produce. While transportation to and from remote locations eats up the majority of my budget, I must also pay for food, accommodation, insurance and equipment such as body armor, cameras, lenses, photo storage and equipment maintenance costs. - These photo stories depend on your support and funding. Without your donations these projects will live only in my dreams and not in reality, where the world can see them and be affected by them. If you enjoy seeing this work and believe in supporting truly independent photojournalism, please support it. - The power of the still image to teach, affect and inspire change is truly amazing and people like you make it all possible. Every dollar counts! - You can choose to make a one time donation, or set up recurring monthly payments. If you have not considered recurring monthly payments, these are a great way to fund ongoing projects without putting a strain on your pocketbook. - Because documentary photography is my full time job, recurring payments provide a much needed monthly income and let me focus on the issues that are truly important, intead of what subjects will sell to the corporate media. - - Secure donations can be made below with PayPal. If you are not comfortable with online payments, please contact us for an address to mail a money order or cashiers check to


Available Workshops: Location Tailored to Interest

  • Mexico:
    Fossil Fuel Impact. Document car culture and its effects on the environment in one of the worlds most polluted cites, Mexico City.
  • Israel and Palestine:
    Compare and contrast life in Jerusalem and life in the West Bank city or Ramallah.
  • Indonesia:
    Child Drug Addicts. Photograph the lives of children addicted to inhalants.
  • Morocco:
    Travel Photography. Travel from Cassablanca to Marakesh and produce a travel related photo series.
  • Honduras:
    Travel and Underwater Photography. Students produce a travel story with two to five days being underwater photography instruction by Zoriah and the master divers at Ocean Connections PADI Dive Shop. *students without a scuba diving license will complete a three day licensing course durning the beginning of the workshop.
  • Laos:
    Shoestring Travel. Students travel through Laos and produce a story geared to budget minded travelers and backpackers - Brazil: Amazonian Deforestation. Work in the Amazon Basin documenting the environmental impact of clear cutting.
  • Japan:
    Technology and The Modern World. Explore the role of technology in our lives in one of the most advanced cities on planet earth. *Japan workshops have higher tuitions and higher living costs.
  • Turkey:
    The New Face of The Refugee Crisis. Live in an urban jungle pupulated by refugees from around the world while documenting their lives...and your own.
  • Philippines:
    Poverty's Environmental Impact: Work in urban slums to show the impact of poverty on the ocean and environment.
  • Lebanon:
    Palestinian Refugees. Spend time photographing the lives of Palestinian refugees living in camps around the country.
  • Nicaraqua:
    Shanty Towns. Documenting life in extreme poverty.
  • China:
    Modernizing an Ancient Culture. Document how modernization and progress effect an ancient culture in the amazing city of Shanghai.
  • India:
    Beggars life. Spend one week documenting the life of homeless or "untouchable" man or woman.
  • Pakistan and Kashmir:
    Working in Extreme Conditions. This workshop is designed to give higher-level students a chance to experience work under adverse conditions.
  • Vietnam
    Comparing urban and rural poverty. Students spend half the workshop photographing in Saigon and the other half in Chau Doc or another small village.
  • Cambodia
    AIDS Orphans - live in an orphanage and document the lives of one or more children.


  • Zoriah is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries, museums and publications. Zoriah's clients have included The BBC, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, ABC News, NPR, Focus and many others. With a background in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aid, Zoriah specializes in documenting human crises in developing countries. His vitae not only lists photographic achievements and study, but also the in-depth training and experience necessary for working under extreme conditions in some of the world's harshest environments
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Rights and Usage

  • Images and text from this blog may be republished online in blogs as long as full credit is given. A link to http://www.zoriah.com must be given as well as a credit line under each image reading "© zoriah/www.zoriah.com" The owner holds all original copyright and licenses. Republishing rights for bloggers only, companies, organizations, NGO's and similar must first obtain permission before republishing. Contact www.zoriah.com/contact for more information or email info at zoriah dot com.

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October 01, 2009


I've noticed the common theme of decay and deterioration in your photos from Cuba. The buildings and streets often look like they are crumbling and/or dirty. The people look like they are struggling to survive under difficult conditions. In today's post, you specifically mention the trade embargo that seems to hang like a shroud over Cuban society. I've seen the kind of decay you pictured in other places in the world where I've been, e.g. the Dominican Republic and Bulgaria stand out to me, but parts of Mexico also seem to reflect some of this as well. However, the Cuba images seem more bleak than others I've seen. I'm wondering what your reaction to my observation is, and to what extent you processed the images to increase the bleakness. Thanks for doing the work you do.

Nice reportage... My impression, seeing yout photos, is that there seems as there isn't an interest about doing job fastly, maybe because the absence of a need of mass production... I've never been in Cuba, but that is the feel that yout work gave me.



I love this. Quite by happenstance, we wrote a piece on the dying art of the cobbler in the States at about the same time as this piece. Serendipity.

Beautiful photos.

Nice photography. Love this post. You are doing great work. Keep it up.
I'll be visiting.

The situation of citizens in restricted zone is looking very bad from the photos.

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ZORIAH - A PHOTOJOURNALIST AND WAR PHOTOGRAPHER'S BLOG: Workers - Cuba - Labor in a Restricted Trade Zone

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Doctor Sam,

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One Month To Lose Weight? a few Quick Methods to Shed Those Extra few pounds

"I've just got 30 days to lose weight! inches – If you are saying this particular to yourself after that you've got the most effective type of motivation in order to shed the excess pounds. Many people for any special occasion like fitted into a bridal gown or obtaining a beach entire body in time for that summertime, setting a deadline is an excellent incentive for losing weight. In case you genuinely have only one month to lose weight, this post will explain to you how it can be done effectively. All it requires is dedication and persistence to find the results you desire.

With only one 30 days to lose weight, the very first thing you must do will be avoid wholegrain foods plus sugars totally – which means everyday for the entire 30 days. I know what if you're thinking and yes, I discovered this tough at first as well but after a 7 days, I used to be surprised exactly how easy it was. Keep in mind, whole grain foods consist of teigwaren, noodles, brownish and white grain, brown plus white breads, raspberry ketone meijer, oats and snacks. It's simply no secret that wholegrain foods include (complex) carbohydrates or starch, that is a power source for the body that may become fats otherwise used. Whole grain foods are often processed, therefore our body can't break it down simply because easily as natural food like fruit or veggies. Avoiding fiber rich foods alone may show some noticeable results from the second week and definitely create your one month to lose weight much simpler.

The next phase is learning to do the most beneficial workouts within the shortest period of time. Inside my situation, I as soon as thought long aerobic sessions and ab sit-ups/crunches were the main element – those people were several years squandered. It was not until I had formed one month for losing weight myself that I made a decision to a new new easy workout that lastly made a positive change. It consisted of a complete body weight training program that exercised the hands, shoulder blades, back again, chest, tummy, bottom, thighs plus calf muscles, all within a short and extreme 20-minute session (with no breaks). Exactly what this does will be while your body recovers, this burns fat for up to 48 hours after your own session, thus increasing your metabolism and weight loss. These workouts should be done consistently 3-4 times per week to get the best outcomes.

Finally, it is essential to imbibe up to 7 glasses of water daily for one month for losing weight. That will also means eliminating some other forms of beverages that contain sugar or even alcohol for the whole 30 days. Certainly water can help a person hydrated right after workouts but more importantly it is going to increase your metabolic process, which in turn speeds up the loss procedure. Water is an appetite suppressant that removes toxins plus sodium in the body, hence eliminating bloatedness. Moving water will reduce snacking since it stops a person from mistaking thirst as hunger desire. For me personally not only did I actually shed pounds, I put more energy and I actually stopped drinking espresso. While drinking water may seem obvious, it is sometimes one of the most overlooked element by most people, like myself at once.

One month to lose weight may seem tough however it isn't not possible. In fact , it easier than many people think. These three things should be done with each other during the 30 days in order to increase your results. You can not perform 1 or 2 without the other : that's very important. Consistency and discipline is vital. If you are dedicated, there is doubt inside my mind you will get the outcomes you wish.

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What is Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The Garcinia-cambogia is a good fresh fruit which looks tiny like a little pumpkin which occurs in south-east japan and asia. The other frequent names for this fruit would be The Malabar tamarind, the Brindall Berry, uppagi, mangosteen and gamboge. That good fresh fruit contains an important component hydroxycitric acid with makes up a lot of the extract.

Many people genuinely believe that it's an hunger controller, fat burner and likewise products other health health problems. One of many principal explanations why garcinia cambogia can be used as being a dietary aid. Doctors have said that their reports reveal that anyone can lose upto 2 or 3 times more fat compared to these not taking any Garcinia Cambogia. Its primarily a 'Dual Action Fat Buster' that depresses appetite and decreases fat from being produced.

So just why does Dr Oz call the Holy Grail to this of Weight-loss?

1. The biohealth garcinia cambogia Extract performs like a Fat Blocker and does not aid fat cell to develop in the torso.

2. It handles food cravings as well as serves being an Anti Suppressor.

Three. In accordance with studies it shows that the Garcinia Cambogia lessens abdominal fat

4. There is an rise in Serotonin which balances emotions and assist Emotional Eaters

So just how is Garcinia Cambogia Extract unique

In the past 12 months alone we witnessed plenty of weight-loss fruits and goods appear, and even when there have been some great things about consuming them the results was not that amazing. But on the other hand the garcinia cambogia has many benefits and Dr Oz and team seem to be a large fan of the fruit. Dr chen who was on the Dr Oz display stated that the good fresh fruit not just curbs wish to have foods and being a fat blocker serve but she likewise stated that the Garcinia Cambogia enhances muscles and decreases fat. She explained the significance with this in weight reduction because muscles burns 50 calories per-pound although fat solely burns three calories. Which suggests that when you're building more muscle tissue and less fat you are very likely to be a Fat Busting Machine.

Therefore if you've fought for yearsto find a method to shed pounds that works for you, then HCA may indeed be your remedy. The key ingredient of the Garcinia Cambogia Extract is called Hydroxycitric acid. That p helps in avoiding the consumption and storage of carbs and sugars which are then became fat should they are not burnt off. Thus by taking an HCA health supplement before dishes it's possible to shed pounds quite efficiently and with out a lot of problems or adding to the previously busy evening.

You can get an HCA complement about thirty to 60 minutes before each dinner everyday and within a couple weeks you can begin to make notice of the weightloss change. You'd want to make sure you search for an HCA supplement that does not use a large amount of additives and also offers a minimum of 50% HCA within the ingredients. You need to seek out a supplement which include the absolute most HCA per pill to make certain you don't must put six capsules at the same time!

There you've it - fat-loss may be this straightforward by going for a revered HCA complement three times each day, but moving a little more and eating a little touch less you will fairly effortlessly realize your very own weight-loss goals with out to break the financial institution or breaking your back!

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Fresh fruit That will Burns up Fat-or Would it


Do you want to reduce fat rapidly and much more effectively? There is certainly available nowadays an all natural draw out from the grow which is indigenous in order to Philippines which will be Garcina Cambogia.

What exactly is Garcina Cambogia Draw out?

It is a really small, pumpkin-shaped fresh fruit which is also called ‘tamarind’. It really is indigenous in order to Philippines and it is developed within S.e. Asian countries, Indian plus Main plus Western The african continent. It really is utilized in numerous Southern Oriental meals typically, like chutneys plus curries. This particular fresh fruit can also be useful for treating seafood plus upkeep.

By having this particular component in order to foods it really is regarded as quite effective for making foods fill up a person upward quicker. In certain towns within Malaysia, this particular fresh fruit is utilized for making soups which can be consumed in front of you dinner for losing weight because of Cambodia’s appetite-blocking capabilities.

Are these claims Fresh fruit Efficient?

This particular fresh fruit continues to be well-researched along with more than a number of numerous scientific tests performed through the years. Frequently, analysis uncovers the ability associated with Garcinia Cambogia offers for that weight loss as well as the development associated with healthful diet plan.

What exactly can make Cambogia therefore efficient will not it function? Cambogia is really a yellowish fresh fruit which is designed kind of just like a pumpkin also it passes some other titles throughout S.e. Asian countries as well as other region and it is consumed being a as well as the particular rind is utilized within conventional dishes within southern Indian.

The particular draw out comes from mainly the particular rind, that is dried out plus healed and has hydroxycitric acids HCA that is a material promoted in order to prevent sugar plus body fat whilst controlling appetites.

Study and research

Research has been accomplished with Saint Luke’s Medical center the particular Being overweight Nourishment Study Middle within Ny to find out issue fresh fruit acquired any kind of benefit since anti-obesity indicates. There have been 135 overweight males and females who have been hired with this research also it final regarding twelve days. These were divided straight into two groupings, 1 received an energetic natural substance associated with hydroxycitric acidity as well as the some other getting a placebo. Both these groupings had been recommended exactly the same low-energy, plus high-fiber diet plan.

Both in groupings the particular individuals dropped plenty of bodyweight. However, there is actually simply no significant distinction within the % associated with excess fat reduction. Experts figured garcinia cambogia kosher unsuccessfully to demonstrate considerable weight reduction plus weight loss greater than what had been noticed using a placebo.

The particular Diary associated with Being overweight at the end of the year 2010 released a write-up upon research that will examined Garcinia like a item for losing weight. Out from the twenty three tests analyzed, just 12 had been think about audio methodologically sufficient to incorporate. The particular evaluation exposed that will a few statistically important weight reduction do happen. Additionally they found that uncomfortable stomach occasions happened two times as usually within the hydroxycitric team within the particular placebo team.

Consequently , simply because this really is getting extremely supported plus promoted with a physician within the tv, doesn’t essential allow it to be therefore?

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