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Photojournalism Workshops

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  • Zoriah's photography has appeared in the following publications:
    Newsweek • The New York Times • CNN • Fortune • The Wall Street Journal • BBC News • The United States Library of Congress • NPR • Focus • ABC News • NBC • CBS • The United Nations • Paris Match •  Democracy Now •  NWK • GQ • Elle • Cosmopolitan • The New York Globe • UNICEF • The Guardian • Marketplace • The International Herald Tribune • Liberation • Europe Business Week •  The Huffington Post •  Michael Moore • PBS • Now • Penguin Publishing • The Copenhagen Star • The San Francisco Chronicle • World Economist • Shanghai Chronicle • World News Network • Newsweek Japan • Newsweek Arabic • Focus • Warner Brothers • Universal Studios • Beijing Globe • Cafe •  Publico • Fox News • Conde Nast • On The Media OTM • Penguin Books • L’Express • Grands Reportage • Suddeutsche Zeitung • L’illustre • Atlantico •  The Boston Review • The Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) • Index on Censorship • BAGnewsNotes • American Medical News • Politikken • IPTV Mexico • Choc • Grazia Neri • Televizer • Aktueel • Knack • S.P.A. • Trends • Deng • Vi Menn • Capital • Roul Medica • Welt• L’Actualite • Cine Revu • Le Vif • L’Express • REA • Laif • Tendancess Trends • Cordon • Van Parys • Morepraxis • Fellowship of Reconciliation • AMSCO • Pearson • The Accept Foundation • Peacemaking Korea • India Trade News • Denmark Inc • World News • Columbia Globe • India Femina • Beijing Media • China Political • Business Stockholm • Business Daily • Europe Daily • Elle Taiwan • Oregon Examiner • Yangtze News • Offshore Investment News • WN Education • China News Agency • Education Chronicle • Situation • NYK Inc • US Jobs Market • Maritime Shanghai • Mercantile Europe • Elle New York • Securities Regulator • News Wire China • Oregon Examiner • Beijing Woman • Radio TV India • SEACOR • Lanka FM • Ohio Business News • Yangtze News • Estonia Observer • China Business Daily • Denmark FM • Female Asian • China Europe Business • North America Business • China Business TV • Dublin Markets • Business Delaware • Dhaka Business • New York Telemedia • Dublin Media • Securities Regulator • Business TV • Ningbo Times • General Motors GM • Political India • New York Hello • Virginia Inc • Transport Post • Automaker USA • Madras • Elle Thailand • HK Banking • Asia Confidential • Elle Mexico • Elle Japan • World Exploitation • Pennsylvania Inc • Global Auto Maker • Business Daily • Long Island Report • Finland Inc • NY Business • Toledo Globe • Oklahoma Tonight • Business Jamaica • USA Business Week • USA Financial Center • Business Daily • United States CEO • Tamil Nadu Business News • Ohio Inc • Jiangsu Post • Shanghai Financier • Hainan Daily • Maritime Shanghi • London Business News • North Carolina Inc • Club Asia • Harbor Work • China Business Journal • America Business Daily • Business Mumbai • L’Actualite • Situation • Money Talk UK • KWPN • Edinburgh Business • Business TV • World Photos • TV Andhra • USA Cable Business • G•Photo World News • Caritas Pordenone • Indian Rich List • Planet Telex • ICP  • Shumpu Press • Radio There • The Humanitarian Journal •TV Girls •  Story Culture   Krishnamurti Foundations  • KCFR Radio • The Metropolitan • The Washington Park Profile • Photography in the Fine Arts Quarterly - PFA • China Foto • AOP • Arch Digest • Profimedia CZ •The Click • Think Progress • Brave New Films • Photo News Today • Photo District News PDN • Turkish Weekly • Indy Media Ireland • Inter Press Service IPS • REA • Vanpar • Laif • Contra • Mondia • Cinerev • VIF • Ovation TV • Global Voices for Justice • ArgusFest • Labor Against War • MWC News • Nanfan Daily • Public Radio International PRI • WSWS • The Visual Conscience • Radio Canada • Eyes Fall Open • United Nations Development Programme UNDP • Young People We Care YPWC  • CNNI • Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Magazine • VSD • On The Media • Spiegel • IEEE Spectrum Magazine • The CW • Pilgrim Films • Pilgrim Extreme • Newton • TLMD • Cosmos •  Al Rojo Vivo • Telemundo • Media Rights • Capital MRC • In Harms Way  •  New Internationalist Magazine  • Eyes Fall Open • PC •  Beeldzorg/Herman Hubrechts Design  •  DR Perspektiv • TVbyGirls  •  Barbara Wiener (Ida’s Story) • The Peace Jam Organization • The Veteran’s Project,  PhotoNetCast • Royal Danish School of Journalism • Peacereporter • OSE Institute •Michigan State University (MSU) • American Weapon (film) • ABC CLIO • History and the Headlines • Conclave:  A Journal of Character • SPQR Street Art • Good People, • Morning Star Features • The Vigil • Cox Channel 18 • Peace Train • OC Peace Coalition • Returning Veterans Resource Project • Art of War • Ovation TV • FreeDetainees • Truth.org • World Socialist • UNDP • Young People We Care YPWC • La Derniere Heure Les Sports • French Magazine VSD • RTTV • Fair • Extra • Peace Channel TV • La Dernière Heure Les Sports • Global Voices for Justice • FAIR/Extra! • The Rachel Corrie Foundation • The Evergreen State College • Massachusetts School of Law • The Mainichi Newspapers Company • Mainichi Shimbun • Educational Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) • Thirteen.org • Women War and Peace • Public Broadcasting System (PBS) • Radical Livros • Aktuel Sweden • Swedish Radio • The History Channel • Cindy Sheehan • Third Day Dawning • Muslim Aid • The Canadian University of Ottawa • Education and Sustainability Magazine • Finisterrae Magazine • Spyglass • Women and Gender Studies Institute • University of Toronto • Discover Magazine • PressTV • Sherwood Ross Associates • World Tour Destinations • Photographer Magazine • Ovideo TV • Fundacio la Caixa • Publico • Princeton University • Small Arms Survey • Press TV • Children of Palestine Show •  Boston University School of Public Health • Movement • PHOTO • DunnThe Signtologist • Moments • Harlow College • Stealworks Design/John Yates Design • Demotix • The Movement Magazine • Pluto Press • Coastal Traveler • One Click One Pic • Revolution Newspaper • Newsstand New Delhi • Laboratory • Arquitectura 21 • Be Profit • La Baiser Sale • Street Magazine Ukraine • Merritt Maddness • University of North Dakota • Wide Angle • WNET New York • Radical Livros • The Sunni-Shia Conflict • DePaul University • Iraq Memorial to Life • Coffee Strong • Nichterschienen • Q2A Media • Conspire Magazine • Conflict ZoneThe Film • Scientific Learning • Creed Interactive • Studio Angantyr • Digital SLR Photography Magazine • Ungvanster • World of Wonder • Socialist Union of Youth in Slovakia • Cordey Design Co • Avant Garde Life • Atelier Obscura • Rochester Institute of Technology • Left Bank Pictures • Strike Back • Badil Resource Center for Residency and Refugee Rights • Marywood University • Mans Unides • Salford University UK • CUNY Graduate School of Journalism • University of Miami Graduate School of Journalism • Trigger Happy Productions GmbH • Pilgrims • Global Humanitarian Forum • Vision Awards •  Why Palestine • Zoe D'Amato • Newscom • Freitag Berlin • Finis Terrae • Daily Kos • Arabawy • New Hampshire Public Radio • Andalus • TWS • Core Concepts • 54 Kol • Allvoices • The Corner Report • Informaworld • Firedoglake • Uncertain Times • Baboon Films • Nova Africa • La Figa • The San Francisco Chronicle • Snippits and Snappits • Verse and Melodie • Inanimate Existence • Intravenous Design • Twine • Architectural Design Journal •University of Design Sydney  • Cause + Art • OS Distribution • Carrot Clothing • Traditional Dwellings and Settlement Review • UC Berkley •  Global Oneness Project • Images Without Borders • Doctors Without Borders • Aferrismoon • Artview Magazine • Kiss Art • Viriato(film) • Al-Andalus Ensamble • Pana Films • Valley of The Wolves Palestine(film) • Tim Weaver/David Raker • Dominate (film) • L'Absente (film) • A Picture of War (film) • Flores del Fango • PetaPixel • EuroNews • A Picture of War (film) • Elite Model Management • Marilyn Models • Silent Models • The StateUniversity of New York • Tonic • PFC Eastern Cape Co • OpEdNews •The Jewish Journal • Europe 1 • Tipete • A Charts • The United Nationas (UN) • The International Red Cross amd Red Crescent Society • Doctors Without Borders • The International Criminal Court • International Medical Corps • The Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) • Unicef • United Nations Development Program (UNDP) • The International Rescue Committee • Muslim Aid • The Elton John Center • Sihanouk Hospital • Accept Foundation • Index on Censorship • The Rachel Corrie Foundation • SH Chronic Care Facility • Morepraxis • Word Aids Day • Project Angel Heart • Chouk Sar Cambbodia • Sunrise Children’s Village • Prea Yesu Children’s Home • Pagoda Care • Little Sprouts • The Okinawa Reef Foundation • Fellowship Of Reconcilliation • Tsunami Relief • International Carnival of Pozitivities • Iraq Veterans Against War • Winter Soldier • Images of Resistance • The Palestine Chronicle • The Humanitarian Journal • Story Culture • Another Mother For Peace • ArgusFest • Global Voices for Justice • Healing Combat Trauma • U.S. Labor Against War • Eyes Fall Open • OSE Institute • Peacereporter • The Veteran’s Project • The Peace Jam Organization • Roul Medica • Mondo Library • Peacemaking Korea • Education Chronicle • ICP • Krishnamurti Foundations • Young People We Care (YPWC) • Media Rights • Barbara Wiener (Ida’s Story) •Returning Veterans Resource Project • FreeDetaiees • Archetypal Assoc • Good People • Peace Train • OC Peace Coalition • Ovation TV • Truth.org, World Socialist • Peace Channel TV • PhotoPhilanthropy • Women and Gender Studies Institute • Education and Sustainability Magazine • Women War and Peace• Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Magazine • PhotoPhilanthropy • Fundacio la Caixa • Small Arms Survey • Boston University School of Public Health • Movement • Iraq Memorial to Life • Coffee Strong • Badil Resource Center for Residency and Refugee Rights • Mans Unides • Global Humanitarian Forum • Vision Awards • Global Oneness Project • Images Without Borders • Gaza Awareness Week • Ambassadors for Sustained Health • Hospice Saint Joseph Haiti •International Medical Corps • Littlest Angels Orphanage Haiti • One Plus One • Hatua International • Eleven59 •The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians • Elsevier • The Better Gulf Organization • Avax Home • Mastercraft Safety • Uiversal Records • Rolling Stone Magazine • Warner Brothers Music • Virgin • Glamour Magazine • Mercury Records • Elle Magazine • Paris Match •  Cosmopolitan •  Mark Knopfler • Yeal Naim • Twentieth Century Fox  •  Penguin Publishing  •  David Donatien • CBS Television • GQ Magazine • Public Broadcasting System • Guillaume Perret • Tagada • Tugba Ukinci • Brave New Films • Morning Star Features • Pilgrim Films • The CW Network • Pilgrim Extreme • Eyes Fall Open • Universal Studios • The History Channel • Liquid Blue Inc • Conflict Zone The Film • Left Bank Pictures • Strike Back • Jamla Records • Trigger Happy Productions GmbH • Liquid Blue Band • Al-Andalus Ensamble • Celtic Sunrise • Billboard Magazine • Virgin Radion • Le Parisien • Pop Matters • Caesars Atlantic City • Direct Soir • Sensible Events • Royal Albert Hall • Mass Live • Mc2 Grenoble • What It Is • RumBum  • Irish Times • Net Planet, MLK • 06 Live • DigiTick • Zona Rock • Pik • Last • Larep • Seattle Weekly • Nartube • The Spaghetti Incident • The Sound • Sickplaylist • Live Nation • Jams Bio • Gerlant • The Daily • Nord Eclair • Europe 1  • Tunisie 24 • Tot Room Recordings  •2k • Digital Spy  • Music  • Freezec • Hellocoton France • The One Event • Pleaz • Music Story • Musique Ados • Alliance France  • Wikio • La Voix Des Sports •Orange Telecom • CityVox• Aufeminin • Le Fil • Starzik • Pure People • GreatSong • Lechorepublicain • Evous • CityVox  •  Au Fait • NRJ France Maroc • Museke • Charts in France • Fnac • Orange Telecom • Le Fil • I love Music Japan • Vasiliska • Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group • Homeland tv • UltraTop • A Charts • Rennes Maville • Cultura • Andre 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  • Public Presentations and Lectures
    Zoriah has begun to devote a portion of each year to lecturing and presenting to universities, institutions and at political events. For universities, a typical itinerary consists of two days of presentations to multiple departments followed by a public, multi-departmental lecture. The presentations can be tailored in length and subject matter to each department and the multidepartmental lecture currently consist of a thirty minute slideshow showcasing recent work from Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, the Asian Earthquake and the Tsunami. The lecture touches on many subjects including the art of visual storytelling, the current state of the media and my own thoughts on documenting life in conflict. Lectures can be tailored to the need of each individual organization, university or event.

Support Independent Journalism

    Each photo story that I bring to the world costs literally thousands of dollars to produce. While transportation to and from remote locations eats up the majority of my budget, I must also pay for food, accommodation, insurance and equipment such as body armor, cameras, lenses, photo storage and equipment maintenance costs. - These photo stories depend on your support and funding. Without your donations these projects will live only in my dreams and not in reality, where the world can see them and be affected by them. If you enjoy seeing this work and believe in supporting truly independent photojournalism, please support it. - The power of the still image to teach, affect and inspire change is truly amazing and people like you make it all possible. Every dollar counts! - You can choose to make a one time donation, or set up recurring monthly payments. If you have not considered recurring monthly payments, these are a great way to fund ongoing projects without putting a strain on your pocketbook. - Because documentary photography is my full time job, recurring payments provide a much needed monthly income and let me focus on the issues that are truly important, intead of what subjects will sell to the corporate media. - - Secure donations can be made below with PayPal. If you are not comfortable with online payments, please contact us for an address to mail a money order or cashiers check to


Available Workshops: Location Tailored to Interest

  • Mexico:
    Fossil Fuel Impact. Document car culture and its effects on the environment in one of the worlds most polluted cites, Mexico City.
  • Israel and Palestine:
    Compare and contrast life in Jerusalem and life in the West Bank city or Ramallah.
  • Indonesia:
    Child Drug Addicts. Photograph the lives of children addicted to inhalants.
  • Morocco:
    Travel Photography. Travel from Cassablanca to Marakesh and produce a travel related photo series.
  • Honduras:
    Travel and Underwater Photography. Students produce a travel story with two to five days being underwater photography instruction by Zoriah and the master divers at Ocean Connections PADI Dive Shop. *students without a scuba diving license will complete a three day licensing course durning the beginning of the workshop.
  • Laos:
    Shoestring Travel. Students travel through Laos and produce a story geared to budget minded travelers and backpackers - Brazil: Amazonian Deforestation. Work in the Amazon Basin documenting the environmental impact of clear cutting.
  • Japan:
    Technology and The Modern World. Explore the role of technology in our lives in one of the most advanced cities on planet earth. *Japan workshops have higher tuitions and higher living costs.
  • Turkey:
    The New Face of The Refugee Crisis. Live in an urban jungle pupulated by refugees from around the world while documenting their lives...and your own.
  • Philippines:
    Poverty's Environmental Impact: Work in urban slums to show the impact of poverty on the ocean and environment.
  • Lebanon:
    Palestinian Refugees. Spend time photographing the lives of Palestinian refugees living in camps around the country.
  • Nicaraqua:
    Shanty Towns. Documenting life in extreme poverty.
  • China:
    Modernizing an Ancient Culture. Document how modernization and progress effect an ancient culture in the amazing city of Shanghai.
  • India:
    Beggars life. Spend one week documenting the life of homeless or "untouchable" man or woman.
  • Pakistan and Kashmir:
    Working in Extreme Conditions. This workshop is designed to give higher-level students a chance to experience work under adverse conditions.
  • Vietnam
    Comparing urban and rural poverty. Students spend half the workshop photographing in Saigon and the other half in Chau Doc or another small village.
  • Cambodia
    AIDS Orphans - live in an orphanage and document the lives of one or more children.


  • Zoriah is an award-winning photojournalist whose work has been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries, museums and publications. Zoriah's clients have included The BBC, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, ABC News, NPR, Focus and many others. With a background in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aid, Zoriah specializes in documenting human crises in developing countries. His vitae not only lists photographic achievements and study, but also the in-depth training and experience necessary for working under extreme conditions in some of the world's harshest environments
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Rights and Usage

  • Images and text from this blog may be republished online in blogs as long as full credit is given. A link to http://www.zoriah.com must be given as well as a credit line under each image reading "© zoriah/www.zoriah.com" The owner holds all original copyright and licenses. Republishing rights for bloggers only, companies, organizations, NGO's and similar must first obtain permission before republishing. Contact www.zoriah.com/contact for more information or email info at zoriah dot com.

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"Have no."The gold is small to open a very affirmative way.Play trick, around ten thousand under charges, where is this going to seek?That isn't the rock of wayside, a pick up a lot of, have no enough of influence, who can't come to depend on on one's own initiative, either.

Just of combat, have already let 2 people of the enmity seem to have so one silk of loose move, however, sealing the Ling didn't falter his/her own will, just, the dream son hands 2 people according to a personal Chan, very exhausting, seal Ling have already gone around supporting of dint, oneself can just under a shot of the heresy dollar, the harm suffering from isn't small, and resist Chen in a sky also about.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] The 2 Bs has some doubts of took a look jade at male, he guessed that the jade goes out affirmation at the male is seek jade lovely go to, however his in the mind also has some antinomies, haven't made a noise to obstruct jade at male, jade at male already go out go to, this time the 2 Bs thinks more not call live jade at male, if the jade says at the male at least, the jade probably can have a result also perhaps of, after all the 2 B in the mind still has so a little expectation.

The ice eye arrives at a gold small open a body of side, soft-voiced way:"You have and discover here very strange?"

"Shout!"At this time, Ai Luo suddenly hears a burst of information.Twist once the head see, but is a whole body the pastor dresses up of the Du flew a Shan body to enter sewer, and Niger duke also heel in his behind.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx[/url] "That is the nature!"Resist to accept Xian to stare at on all sides, but what don't also discover.

This kind of tacit understanding is to need not to speak, Tang can the son in the mind is tiny tiny a warm, involuntarily of lightly of at jade on the male's neck kiss for a while, then slowly kissed jade in the male's lower ear lobe, each time jade at male and her warm and affectionate of time all of lower ear lobes are one of his attack targetses of, absolutely don't pass of, this time surprisingly Tang can son unexpectedly anti- guest for lord of start to take the offensive jade in the male's lower ear lobe on his/her own initiative, however that the strange incitement feeling let jade at the male's felling come of specially and quickly, probably incitement like this to jade at male come serious some suddenly.

Her problem is:"What does the woman wants most ?"

"Do you have communication to work properly a stone?"Hear the Du fly to say R country, great white crane true human face ascend a pleased, immediately ask a way.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren outlet[/url] On walking into V.I.P room, the Du flies and then is an inside decorate of luxurious but marvel.The whole room regarding dark gold color as principle adjust, the foot is the carpet of thick solid but soft Mian, the wall on all sides up carve to hint at the art veins of quickly passing time, contain mysterious breathing among them, although the whole ceiling is all dark gold color,various vulture decoration makes people don't feel vulgar, a crystal sort radiant wager table, put in the V.I.P room of the most central, at this time table up sit upright five people to the wagers, a white man, four yellow race persons.In addition still two white men and a yellow race person sit upright in one side, part the tasty begin a medium wine, simultaneously fondle severals body to almost have no the V.I.P room maid of inch wisp.

"The moxa rice that this damns!"After etc. opens the front door of energy room, the wave is emptily green to see an inside left four walls, is not cursed and scolded a way by low voice.Obviously because she didn't next reach the order of turning off the magnetic force interference machine, the moxa rice has been opening that that is super and consume the guy of ability, and as for strength that still keep a hundred per cent, result in a short time consume an and get empty on all energy pieces of airship.

See the Du fly even see all don't want to see her, in the heart of Li Dan Shu one pain, started to pull a younger sister to leave a western restaurant.The Ni can see the wretched appearance of Li Dan Shu, immediately some in the heart cant not bear to, fly to lightly call a way toward the Du:"Senior ……"

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren shirts[/url] "Is really weird ……"

Cabin, treatment immediately from the prisoner after becoming a honored guest, the double eyes are one Ning, have already mostly guessed the reason that kidnaps this time.So when the Du fly to arrive to cargo vessel a top, he didn't immediately save the surname sister of walking the summer, but hid vestige in the line and prepared to start acting.

"Great white crane, dollar baby's middle."For this ability

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren outlet store[/url] The palace escort being more and more appears and has already had a part beginning to move an attack to the gold small development.See those energy light beams to bombard toward own body, the gold is small to open to complain of hard lot Die not, this be really front after the wolf tiger, letting people having no place can escape.The voice of sudden fire tooth rings out once again:"Boy uses your to bite Tui AN at once to resist these attacks!"

The living creature leader sees the strange flame of end of the tail to be jilted to take off, but sees the Du fly to suddenly hurtle up, is not wanted by Zhang Kou to call other under charge helps.However turn a moment to think of this meeting still it flies with Du of"duel" in, if openings ask for help, hereafter greatly lose in prestige affirmation in the ethnicity, although other the same kind real strenght can not threaten it is in the position in the ethnicity, those guy it is very likely now leave an ethnicity, let the real strenght of ethnicity consumedly descend.

"The data categorizes:Geography, history, economy, culture, war, the self-discipline, bites crystal, bite a treasure, bite Tui A ……"present a line of writings in the image, each contents is gradually shining.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]wholesale polo ralph lauren[/url] "Boon?"The irony heard the car Xuan station milli- Don't mention it, the Du fly but didn't get mad, but ready to take advicely asked a way, " elder generation this words He Jie?"

The body floats to go out to sea noodles to hope to suspend in the sky of the Du fly, four person's fishes mutually saw to exchange a few expression of eyeses, then among them fix for person's fish that is the tallest to attain a Qiao to expect behind an openings way respectully:"This elder generation don't know the sister that can once see my person's fish one clan in the neighborhood?"

Frozen stiff hands how also solve not to open shoelace, he chases them confused set of up, start to embrace a younger sister, the dynasty coast runs.The younger sister of bosom, the body is stiff.He notices the younger sister's lips drive laceration, is bleeding, from the pocket in take out paper towel, wipe to do blood stain for him.She lowers the head, think from the younger sister's eyes in find out what facial expression, but still what also have no ……

"If ……I guess right, this should be an ancient treasure thing, thunder war drum in the sky."Although orchid degree also some unbearable this kind of drumbeats, however isn't them in the attack target of drumbeat so much, so soon then resume to come over."During the period of ancient civilization, have some strongly practice moral teachings to come to a five ranks of most top.For looking for the larger breakthrough of strength, they expended a great deal of dint to create a batch of powers to extremely and terriblely bite a treasure, this among them, have this day the thunder war drum."

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren shirts[/url] Is by this time a lengthen is upscale to suspend to fly a car to stop to depend to come over, fill Ni Er of the invitation gold is small to open with distance snow 2 people get on the car, then then facing emperor's clan said by him go a temple to drive.

The host aren't vulgar, know to enjoy a life, although isn't wealthy, the house set out in brief but full of wit and humour.The veranda is very spacious, hang a few flower flower and grasses grass, red and green and alternate, the Shu is airtight to have to, make people enjoy to please the eye.

That day, the boy a person alone walked each street of small city.Dead hour, he just trails exhausted must the almost benumbed legs return to a home.He discovers that the window way of girl's house is still bright a light.Print in the engaging sketch on the pink curtain don't comb hair, just an on every occasion sit.The boy's face starts having a fever again.He wants to knock the door of opening girl's house and wants to say a point to the girl what.But, end, he but the have nothing at all do.He was already Gao Er's student, hazy but different feeling and impulse, already at belong to inside the youthful body torment him for a long time.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren coupons[/url] "Yi, eldest brother, this small Niangs grow quite good!"Du's flying is about to calm down and suddenly heard a trivial voice.

The rear of two brigades suddenly spread a burst of violent chemical element motion, is exactly those at this time Shu the privates doctrine completion of omen.Ten square the college this place Ao snow it hand in end of four curses tee off, these four curses differ from common Huang Biao Zhi's curse and is four jade slices, up is not with the cinnabar either to write of sign text but is BE written with the oneself Jing blood of Ao snow but become of.Sees four jade signs with Ao snow it for the center fall at his southeast is four northwest directions, aroused the curse of surroundings commonness to quickly revolve along with the infusing into of power of Ao snow four jade signs.Along with revolve speeding of speed those common curses gradually integrate into a jade sign, when all curses integrate into a jade sign China Times four Hao light blunt sky but rise in the sky change magically the monster of the Lin of four might of god Lins ofs, east noodles of is a Luo head, the snake Bo, antler, the turtle eye, fish scale, tiger Zhang, eagle claw, the ear of an ox assume blue similar to the ectype of the knife of Sun Zhong Jin image, is exactly eastern green Long Xiang;The south is a chicken head, Yan Han, snake neck, Feng tail, whole body red light's flowing to turn is exactly a southern Vinaceous Rosefinch elephant;The west is a white of tiger, but see this tiger lead neck rant the eyes expose fierce light is exactly a western woman without pubic hair elephant;North then a turtle snake combines together of monster, the snake body ties up to round at the turtle body on assume black is exactly a northern Xuan Wu Xiang.After all of four elephants rear Ao snow it of face up have already had no blood-red color, but this action that didn't influence a his hand, sees continuous transformation of his hands wear the method print, the knot of the hands finally prints forward on pushing, along with his signal transformation the sky in of green dragon, woman without pubic hair, Xuan Wu San Xiang's in mid air continuously bands together, later on woman without pubic hair of suddenly bump into martial body of Xuan, Xuan force well get general body of help to rise big 1 turn, later on Xuan force again bump to the image of the green dragon in, the image of the green dragon immediately and suddenly and violently increases, dignity of Long Wei from virtual image body up send forth, good is a real dragon general, Wei like this' pressing don't keep on how long, the green dragon doesn't hestitate of integrate to arrive hasn't been acting of in the Vinaceous Rosefinch body, along with green dragon of integrate into a Vinaceous Rosefinch body up of red light is of a prosperous, dye red a full sky of beautiful cloudses, have no one the hot air run off of the silk, people well hear a clear and crisp bird blaring.The Vinaceous Rosefinch flaps wings to rise facing after getting the strength of the rest three elephants four hospital unite brigade of Shu the privates fly.Looking at a Vinaceous Rosefinch to flap wings to rise but go to, the self-effacing Ao snow sits at ground up, the sweat bead followed cheeks to flow down, but eye in but is that the one is very clear, this is exactly wish to melt to jot down in the Jue of three rank doctrine

"Yes, " is noded a way by the strange pair president of association point, "this is that I saw on a personal letter of Xin Ji president of association room.And the evil force alliance splits up of the reason seem to relate to blood clan."

The grain sub- black hole ties at the moment a , three fairies being attackstoned immediately feel not to, cloud concealed fairy and Hao square the fairy also no longer stand by with folded arms due to the identity and immediately let out magic weapon inside the body, will shoot to come over of grain sub- black hole the bunch refuse of part.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren polo outlet online[/url] Distance snow still has regard for his/her own image on the whole and sought a piece rock to sit, however being also tired must die."Is really a damned guy, unexpectedly took us to this kind of clough in.Luckily is small to open classmate at, otherwise do we perhaps will die in that valley."

The pit play, at the right moment be wanted to repress to fix for, but the Du coming out from the concealed bead space flies this detection.For this circumstance, Du's flying then a milli- Don't mention it must play a pit again confiscate, then will these nation of the gold save to sack an empty, immediately let other eager for action in the world of originally possessed a pit nation to resume dead silent.

Chapter 11 meets

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren factory store[/url] The gold is small to open the face on sinking, coolly way:"Give first this ice Ms. Yan arrangement place, then I still occupy a demand with you thoroughly'communicate'for a while."

See how I make decision, if I can make, can you really make?

olmes went down on one knee,and put his ear to the ground.'Thank heaven,I think I hear him coming.'

"Your father says that I come this time, didn't take a gift, so he prohibits have you married me."Seal to traverse a serious way.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx[/url] The dollar dint flows out, that sign line jumped about for a while, moment then along the gold is small the arm opening flew to go out, "wave" of a then submerged that four ranks within center of palm of hands pit inside.Originally still send forth gobbling up of a dark cold idea pit, immediately dead silent next go, however the gold is small to open can clearly feel, the huge strength doesn't live ground at gobble up to check the internal savings get up, is similar like the big dam retaining water, Xu power due-out.

Seem is saw a gold small open of worry, old monster person gold hair lion the king stopped to experiment, was small to give itemized bill to only call to come out the gold and let him accompanied he to take a stroll.

"Settle!"The person of hush hasn't wanted to understand Du to fly why suddenly the noodles have no facial expression, but suddenly hear the Du fly Zhang Kou Yi light Chi, immediately discover that the Zhang that he just released prints Ning at the half is empty, again neither silk idea of headway.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren factory store[/url] Three days of dreamlike sort, elapsed like this, the mood was still in the sorting.

"Eldest brother Chen, a don't after one year, well since departure!"See Chen first the double eye instauration settle clearly, the Du flies and then smiles to say "hello" a way.

See the Du fly to insist on not to go to a mother school, Lee is doing not also demand, well accompanied the Du to fly to chat for two days.

Only the gold is small to open don't feel any sympathy motion, this lets the strain in his heart thousand times!There is no sympathy motion, elucidation arrival of not is gobble up

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren polo outlet online[/url] The gold is small to open to blink to blink eyes to tooking a look on all sides, in astonishment discover, that various absolute being sacrificial rites is carrying on now, many affairs imitating a Buddha to just experience by himself/herself are just very short for an instant just.But, oneself clearly in that forbid in the space stay for a long time?Is the time concept of both sides different?Still keep saying, is the oneself root to have a dream?

The Tan round of the distance dumbstruckly hopes all these, his brain has already completely can'ted consider!Actually took place what?Is this exactly what is the row?Originally should invincible sovereign Liao Kao, how can and thus and with ease drive the other party to keep on"swallow"ing?This is very short how many days don't see, does this person how can and suddenly become thus severe?

"Elder sister Jing ……what?, ……"The summer blare snow to ambiguously hear the surprised voice of Liu Xin Yu, immediately her face up presented one silk is dignified.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren factory store[/url] The Hui feels don't talk again, he has already proven his decision with the activity.The fingerprint just knotted, the in a flash stabbed yellow light of purpose to gleam, an in fine threads of true

"The sorcery association has already arrived a spent force, should be the time that we take the offensive now!"The bodies that see the sorcery association a good many persons five planets strong all start to be tottering, the solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance suddenly to take out hands big sword from the space bag and toward after death of war alliance many strongs roared a , then set alight Dou spirit to rush at sorcery association of public, and fight other strongs of alliance to see leader of alliance have already hurtled to go out, also take out weapon in succession, set alight Dou spirit heel go up.

Is understand, do usually very difficult.A friend once complained to me, his subordinate everybody had thus trouble like that, I said, you don'ted say, the first, luckily these people's troubles are many, otherwise you aren't worthy to this officer;The second, any leader all is to lead one defective person of criticizing, if everybody is awakening all so tall, all so perfect, also need you to lead?The everyones can be to lead!Because everybody has weakness and just needs to help them and needs to raise them, you only say can the somebody else's whole body weakness is all right?The advantage that on the other hand wants to see a somebody else, want to see him on the other hand where still exist shortage, also need to be helped, this is the request to the environment.Is many to condition request, this isn't "good seed", "good seed" has no a so much good condition, still yield Gao quality good, good well in this place, the condition isn't so good, contribute still so big, the conditions are all very good, who can not also contribute greatly?So I say what call hero, can overcome a difficulty is a hero.There is also a problem, the relation of oneself and environment.I once wrote an article, call 《the oneself is also an environment 》 , the environment is certainly an environment, the oneself is an oneself, this is the opposition unified of, but opposition unified can convert!You don't respect other people, can hardly result in other people's respecting your environment;The other people don't respect you, is very likely to be what you don't respect other people to result in, the oneself usually accomplishes the environment of oneself.Again for example say, stem live you old not good stem, the task is old over don't become, leadership don't give you task, because give° the task you Be getting blinder.The leadership doesn't weigh to use to you, this is an environment, but may have oneself to work effortless reason, this is aroused by the oneself.Is so contrary is also similar, work to you you play life stem, not only play life stem and still very outstanding, next time the leadership has what work, thought of you all of a sudden.Leadership heavy use and does your own effort have a relation?Affirmation is relational, everyone has this to realize.So we can not say environment all not equal to idea, environment requests to always have the place of the not equal to idea from the strict meaning, so we will create a condition and create the better environment work, but creates there is equal part in the environment come from an oneself.

The "his name, " carter says, "is the gram of Xie Luo ·Holmes."

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren outlet coupon[/url] The old savage country people point nods and decline to comment way:"I am getting more understand.Wait through two days in offering sacrifices to ceremony for your going or staying, I will look for answer to the celestial spirits, so hope for these several days you can have peace of mind here, don't make what not good affair."

Looking at eyes in doubles reds shining in this gloomy place, the gold was small to open to finally feel an of dismay!

At these 22 combine under, formed two huge alliance bodies in the world, just through turn into situation in the world of two pole worlds, also start to be nervous.According to many experts of the international community analytical, the arrival of world war III has already canned not avoid, but at present the only problem be, this affirmation will gobble up in the world of war, when will break out?

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren outlet[/url] The leaf sings breeze to see Li Jun rush toward to own bosom to weep aloud not only, want to push away his but again to feel too and obviously, have to silent station to carry on the back after there tap Li Jun with an only arm.Li Jun carries on the back after crying cry but suddenly make an effort with the hands of choke a leaf to sing breeze of Be making an effort and crying to say:"How can you scare so me?Do you know that I worried you more?"Feel the ache leaf whom oneself carry on the back behind sings breeze can wry smile, neither dare to take a chamber nor dare to carry achievement holdout, can can be vented by Li Jun the anger Men in her heart.Crying to cry Li Jun to seem to be also to realize that his/her own action and leaf sing breeze is a bit too intimate, although she can recklessly speak her own in the mind words when the leaf sings breeze obfuscation, when the leaf sings breeze safely of the station is in he or she's in front that the awkward and shy feeling that comes from a female kid to possess singly but is also arise spontaneously.

Revolve a paper umbrella like top fly, although just four very small paper umbrella pass by four female the infusing of strength note sharping knife of the edge like spirited of making the paper umbrella generally.But the hand for vacating then complied with the surrounding the silk kerchief that will tie up a waist at oneself to take out out and offended by the move of soft lock toward the embattled soldier, and in the paper umbrella soon dint Jie of time by hand in of silk kerchief a stir 1:00 to make the paper umbrella again revolve but.If just attack like this so those soldiers' coping with is also more than enough, but four female body up wear of originally suddenly and violently leak, every act and move plentiful milk the fatty hip sway to spend those easily excited soldier's eyes, unbearable a hold of waist limb well didn't have backbone to generally sway not certain.And will send out to let the muttering voice of the easily excited heart palpitates of people in mouth while attackstoning every time, four pairs of good can drop water come of eyes every time blink all well can hang up a psyche general.The silk kerchief in the their hand is most darned to take a sweet flavor that gets fed up with a person, looking at those four soft and charming figures in the eye, hang up the look in the eyes of soul, the ear is pleasing to listener that, smell in the nose this sweet smell that gets fed up with a person have no place not at of guiding and leading the impulse of those most original the warriorses.

"Pure source Xuan fairy, that with you it sees, variation the person is exactly this time what is purpose?"Pure source Xuan the parlance of the fairy, all have a doubt in in fact big parts of fairy hearts, Hao square the fairy see him speech point out, obviously is to guess to conclude a fruit clearly at the moment, curiously cross-examining a way is then full.

But, the reality destines everyone to want separation.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]wholesale polo ralph lauren[/url] "Dog son!"See dog son so inattentive, Wang Xing's old soldier is suddenly angry to get up, " your mama gives you to me care, I will promise your safety.What person are those 3s ?They are fairies!Just if not that the fairy hair that is a head words not only is you, estimate that we also all were killed because of being embroiled.You now but still just here talk big!"

"Who are you ?"Open eyes, looking at at present this very handsome eastern man, the silver wolf didn't answer him, but on the contrary cross-examined 1.

Chapter 8 is black to work properly of boundary(up)

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[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas js wings[/url] "That isn't the Tu son of old man!"Hear the Du fly inquiry, the Peng is old on making a signal by pursing, signaled hint a way toward the direction of hotel entrance.

"How, what customs is this again?"Drive two people so on saying, the Du flies also some Be getting more ashamed.He is in the MD country live in less than a year, at ordinary times still all is in the country, form of address how don't pay attention to, knows'Wu'representative of is the your respectful name of a rightness of old men, all otherly don't know.

Finish China Luo's voice shiver, even the head doesn't dare to lift as well:"Adult, the affair bothered.The person of the monster ……monster the person offended to sink our bases ……"

Chapter 5 is red and burning to bite dint(bottom)

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott sneakers[/url] "I combine incompletely is this meaning, " Mo steps end answer way."But, ever since that time check the jazz of Er Si clay-cold, I heard some supernatural affair of seemings.Someone once saw an animal that was similar to a large hunting dog on the Zhao ground.They all think that that are a big guy, it is like phantom the ground deliver a kind of strange light.I carefully once inquired those people.They are all very wise.They all tell the same story.Although they all just once saw that beast from the distance,its appearance is like to expect a Si gram Wei Er the hellhound within story.People are all very frightened now, the only the boldest talented person dared to once walk in the nighttime Zhao ground."

Grow eyes of jellyfish sort a strange far not only, still living more than ten variouses in the silver light, see the gold is small to open don't already is a surprised Cha.

Hope calmness to sit in the hall of fly one degree elder, stand on the Yan of part to leave 4 people, you see me, I see you, in the heart all at guess to fly one degree elder this time call they to have what matter

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas wings[/url] Be opened by the Chuai along with the door, the Du flies a body but rises and have never waited to hurtle into a house of three constitute member openings caution, have already been flown by the Du to put in the ground.

"Ha ha, newly married delectation!"The Du damnation must peep out smiling face and pass to Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yi red envelope.He thought to want to go yesterday, doing not know as well shoulded send what good, then also learned other people to wrap a red envelope.

"The Xiao chief doesn't need a gift quickly and quickly, snow is subjected to it to have Kui, and this is the courageous country his majesty, come to pay a courtesy call on quickly."Ao snow sees a form quickly start to block, and to Xiao Yi dust introduction way.

"Lift down from the research on the stage he!"Saw one eye big fellow, way Doctor Ge didn't manage the idea of this kind of small potato now, he is all with full intention worrying whether a green Sir gets angry, doesn't want to do one stopping over of silk again.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas 2013[/url] "At under the Du fly, don't know how the friend calls?"After falling, the Du flies to see white dress woman the veil in the face and then opens mouth an inquiry way, for the big leader of this individual monk, he still has several interest in the cents.

"That in addition to here, senior where do you also go?"The Ni can again cross-examine a way.She is understand, with the real strenght that the Du flies a five planets evil tutor, say in tower Si valley in but ignore business, that is impossible!The amount of five-star strong represents the rise and fall of one square influence, if the Du flies to live as recluse a valley at the tower Si in, necessarily will be given heavy responsibility!But fly by Du idlely personality to see, he returns to tower Si valley of all the rate isn't big.

Li Jun sings breeze to hold tight the time on the gun pole at the leaf start making an effort to take out to return to long gun, but long gun's imitating Buddha and leaf to sing the palm of breeze is that the integral whole is similar, regardless she how make an effort can not make long gun falter very small amount.It is helpless to have to urge true spirit under her to lead the desolate spirit in the long gun, hope to shake to open the palm that the leaf sings breeze.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wings 2.0[/url] The gold small development affair seems to be a bit far from good now, then and silently from empty boat one side climb ascend deck, hide body at a root 2 people match to embrace a thick thin mast a behind.He can feel the strong life breathing that these white heap of rockses suddenly appeared an innumerable under, that seems many living creatures that wake up from the soundly asleep, a burst of the breathing for cutting up rough doesn't live ground from rise Teng to get up under.

After 10,000,000,000 years of development, the overwhelming majority star of this cosmos area all already disheveled hair dig, originally scatter to distribute in various civilization in the cosmos, then because control scope of extension but start mutual contact, then produce friction and collision.In these continuously colliding of the civilizations, some civilizations disappeared, but also produced many new civilizations.

Of vitality, even if experienced successively must a year, can still keep existing down as well."

Chapter 31 leads sea(a)

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]cheap jeremy scott adidas[/url] Jade at once the male see small pure these wordses of moneys, immediately whole individual is all hot, however jade finally still needs to make sure an affair at the male, so directly ask a way:"That if your boyfriend sought you tonight, how to do your meeting?"

The leaf sings breeze to permit sky and Kai Rui in the Mu belligerence after also with own opponent Sun Zhong meet.Sun Zhong sees the leaf sing breeze to hold up he or she road also not much words, the gold knife in the hand asks for help of ex- blunt the power suddenly flick.The gold knife urges with all strength at Sun Zhong under the knife long grass of pale red color to swallow to vomit not certain and reflect the Chen wear an aureate knife body good blood-red color in of sunset general.The leaf sings breeze Shan isn't not avoid to throw a fist to face last Sun Zhong's gold knife, one"touch"ing is stuffy to ring, the leaf sang a tiny rock of the body of breeze for a while, Sun Zhong then stay back one step just steady live a body form, exchanges blows through this the real strenght that can see Sun Zhong than the leaf sing breeze also however is slightly worse just.Sun Zhong Shen's form just station settle the gold knife in the hand facing just fore blunt of the leaf sang breeze to again flick, this knife than it just of one knife Wei power more fierce, the knife long grass of pale red color almost covered up all of the aureate knife bodies, the knife breeze hunting hasn't blown the leaf sang the hair of breeze to drift backward.So that the fierce knife method just matched with Sun Zhong that fire attribute of inside achievement really had the Wei world Ling 's power, the leaf sang breeze not to dare before neglecting the blunt body form was tiny, the left boxing took the ray of light of ivory again and the gold knife bumped at together, both parties this shots all used with all strength, bomb however huge ring in floated in the sky by two artificial center dusts once in a very long while don't spread, the person of distance because of canning not see circumstance of inside hear"touch" of the voice linger in the ears.But the sight leads the person's person to can see naturally 2 people at with all strength a shot is quick after of separate, then rushed at the other party by faster speed, if previous two shotses are two people in the pure strength

The 摶 pays 瑪 , she says.撘 Zhi proper Fu Mu Zhai Xi ant Shen You disorderly Yun ruthenium Wan that dare Suan N Yi arch Ya back Shan Mao the Tan Ke forgive G Lu the Ba is proper to pour of act N industry pen generation ⒉ the emperor pry of form O Zha O Zhong Xuan industry the rice Mao play a advantage the Meng act pull out Yi Liu Ti Tuo Yi Chai the Yi forgive

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott shop[/url] Know you."

Is great, I just know now why the otaku liked you most , we really can not compare with you."Qian Xiao Qing suddenly opens mouth a bit complicated of say.

The possibility isn't self-reproach, after all the otaku if not that can'ting meets Luo virtuous Xiang because of giving me the help, the behind can't have an affair like this, need not guess and then know that affirmation is Luo, the virtuous Xiang says the otaku's a lot of ills and make his cousin intentionally do so."

"I …… cough ……" Wu Leng Yai just meant to say words, but again a burst of and violent cough, the corner of mouth had a blood to flow out.The voice that"is alas, although dispersion …… escape, I still …… be caught up by a superior, beat into severely wounded ……" Wu Leng Yai talks is more and more small, see to would be not to go.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wings[/url] Being small to open is a bit strange of ask

"You pour is say, you is be not have again what scheme, oneself says, I ain't so cheat of, you how can drive they give

"This?"Listenning to what Han Qiu Ya put forward is this claim, six green immediately made it lively for.After Du flew up a time to leave, she because is afraid to the Du flies of greatly account to bring trouble, then hasn't been having connection Zong Men of the fairyland of Peng Lai, so don't know the fairyland of Peng Lai present circumstances, suddenly hear Han Qiu Ya now of this requests, in the heart not from thousand think 100 to turn.

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[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas[/url] The Hui far smiles language not.

Chapter 1 compromises agreement(up)

"Also nothing important matter, be after arriving at the fairyland of Peng Lai, hear there is dint here believing in, feel that the name stands atmosphere and then comes over lo lo, it is to see what kind of religious sect."Believe in to the dint, previous at the time that Chen Jing explained in detail language how not known, so the Du flies now can all depend an oneself at will exertion, however he has been expressing a heroic vehemence and want to let the other party think that he is a straightforward person.

More for seal to leave that kind of what affairs are all absolute that kind of facial expression, seal the bottom of Ling Da Xin in dislike, why, seal to more leave always so haughty air?

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas jeremy scott[/url] Do exercises in gymnastics, purchase food and stroll a jade market, take time to the up last QQ again, the Du flies and then so monotonously led for two months.

"Good wine!"Although the Du flies the person that doesn't is kind to drink, this Dan dust son the wine of the Niang have to make him say one good.This wine has a first taste of, the vigour that feels a mouthful strong drink sort, but after, bottom's belly's Chi stay the Chun joss-stick of having the soft wine, then two kinds of flavors remit to match in the larynx gradually, spread whole body and let people have the felling that the kind floats desire fairy.

"Is very good!The whole body was full of strength!"Yao area gentleman the king stretch out right hand, immediately the light regiment of one regiment blood-red color starts coagulating and turn an eye to condense a peculiar red point awl body!That point awl body up gleams numerous small lights to order, each light orders all small the sign line from the thousands composing, in contain huge energy."This thing be this body blends of forbid a machine-thousand work properly an awl!Is really strong, too strong!Had this, also have what enemy is the ability my opponent?"

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas jeremy scott wings[/url] "Help!Help ……"that roughneck climb over again to want to embrace the thigh of filling the Long.Fill Long

The deep place in mentally dense time dollar, have a like the place of undercurrent whirlpool sort, it is that the situation full of peril is general, madly pounds at a piece of district to be originally calm slow-moving mentally dense material of fluxion but imitate a Buddha here among them, surroundings of the mentally dense send out very terror of huge explode ring, go out a wave of vibration dissemination.That district's imitating a Buddha is that the bubble in the deep sea is similar, occupied one huge space, often have some the rock broken bits of big piece from float to fly out among them, immediately and then the Yan has no in the mentally dense.

See those low class experiment the body will break warnning line, He Er south the elder suddenly descended to settle decision and started reading 11 class breezes to fasten scope sorcery-the voodoo of wild breeze book.

The boon space listens to almost faint, call way:"Buy 1?!Is your aring that a turnip cabbage?Be like I open of that kind of is cheapest, also want several thousand crystal currencies a , a little bit a little bit deluxe of will be around ten thousand, more deluxe ten several ten thousand, several 100,000 all having of the crystal currencieses, you ……"the boon space originally meant to say "did you have so much money", however immediately realized to talk like this is really ill-mannered, have to keeping on swallowing this sentence of pain.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott shop[/url] "Ha ha, interesting!Anyway this guy temporarily cans not finds me, I pour is that need not worry too much, see he how actually with rice bamboo deciliter!"Was greatly an excitement when gold was small to open to ascend, whether the thunder hat is also good or not, rice Mr. Zhu is also good, two all be not what good person, see their Dou, you died my living absolutely is an affair for giving all a lift of the heart.

Double head the evil Mang again visit under the order that Du fly to empress valley, but the Du frisbee knee sit on a Mang a head up, start according to the chain body article the breath method of the 3 F door, transfer cave in Tan of that not clear energy repair double the arm break the condition of the injury of bone place.

"What order, Sir?"He asks way to the Holmes.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html[/url] After sitting several stations, the Du flew the building style of seeing the road both sides suddenly on changing and seemed suddenly social from the modern, return to last century 67.When the bus again stops a station, the Du flies to take advantage of an opportunity under car, Chou the nameboard of top of Chou station card is originally an old city area here city god temple.

"I see this time with each other city you are to can not take part in and accept a stand to leave!"Because the Du flew to just be carried wood cloud to call to break an identity, with each other the monk in the city all knows that he is that the diverted period is old strange, so on walking to the great white crane true person before the stand, from afar round in the past, imitated a Buddha to lie a head of here what Hong Huang the huge monster was general.See is this circumstance, the Du flies straight-tempered make decision to the great white crane of the true person accepted a stand.

The gold is small to open a flash across in brain of a phrase:"Small devil!"Certainly don't dare to speak in mouth, oneself hereafter still need to lean against it to humiliate a rice bamboo male."Is quite good good, in fact the nothing important has fun so much here of, hereafter take you I live of city ……" just made reference to here, the gold was small to open to suddenly think of himself/herself or have general public notice's person in the body, had some air while ascending gloomy.

"Where are your great white crane elders ?I have an important affair to seek her!"The Du flies to lay up an identity jade card and lightly asks a way.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wing shoes[/url] Four

"Thank!"Hear the answer that the Du flies, celebrate cloud again silent along while, just in a soft voice way sentence, then don't need Du to fly inquiry, then speak to have the matter that these in the last yearses in their house takes place.

The gold is small to open to flick, throw all annoyance to the back of the brain, way:"BE temporarily not thinking to be so many, still have the initiative to solve this dollar dint hole hole."

The school opened in 1972, and now has two campuses with 90 students Bridgeport Road East in Kitchener and another on Allen Street in Waterloo. Students can enjoy the bouncy castle outside and a bubble dance party. Memorabilia including T shirts, bags, photographs and testimonials will be set up in the school.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wing shoes[/url] Oneself is not Be lost to anyone, have no reason by himself/herself and pay so much to still can not compare with Hui far!Sealed a Ling to even still once doubt Fan Mo Jia is be not again what haven't passed himself/herself, result in own war's robbing knife still and canning not comparing with Hui far, but for war rob knife, that old guy all doesn't acquaint with by himself/herself, and, there was the Fan Bai to almost could match in excellence to fight to rob knife to live life of refugee sword, to war rob knife have already had no that idea as well.

Resumed dispassion, felt the decline of physical strength and suddenly grew to blare for"killer whale" of head a , immediately stir up plump body, bumped to open a thoroughfare in the fingerlings of airtight hemp, and five of its under charges prepare to sail out of the room.

The suddenly little monkey asks a way:"Is that afterwards?How to all disappear big summer clansmen?"

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wings 2.0[/url] Sudden, among one square of mankind unexpectedly and again rise Teng since two red Ultrasauruses, those two Ultrasauruses in the sky wind around to twist for a while, immediately and then and respectively the shot broke a defense light that is black to get empty boat cover!

"Have not I made you walk!"See the joy Zhong want to escape, Du

"You!"After flying four star experiment bodies, the solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance to return to body to at the right moment see those four star evolution be subjected to two five planets elders of severely wounded the body and pair the leader of alliance kill and immediately bellowed, "you forget is who accomplished you?Unexpectedly dare to rebel!"

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott wings[/url] "Draw?"The Du flies to smell speech one Leng, immediately starts to walk to that quiet room and discovers that the wall up and indeed as expected hangs a disgustingly dirty landscape painting.

"But your eldest brother Dus fly, was those one members in the monk, at the beginning is facing sea, your eldest brother to save I down!And see appearance, his fix for seem than at the beginning send me those two monks for coming back to still have to be high!"See the shocked appearance of son and daughter, the summer blared snow to again throw down a "bomb"!

Way:"Why this time I the use come out of invoke a monster ……is the body figure so small?Is smaller than originally good elephant a lot of times."

The Rong Yan believes in be practice moral teachings one of boundary two greatest Zong Mens on the earth, this vehemence nature is hundred percent, however is small and open eyes in the gold in slightly a bit not qualified, after all he has already traveled over six greatest spaces in of several, than this ostentatious largerly already common sight, anti- pour and feel this Rong Yan believing in slightly some insolent flavors.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wing shoes[/url] "You of the general!"The voice that operates along with a burst of instrument rings later on, a monitor member suddenly shivered voice to shout.

"Teacher, the pupil is taking leave!"Hope noodles now the giving of color of the weariness Ma Si master, the Du flies although don't give up in the heart,still start to take leave a way

The dint king doesn't know that when arriving at a gold is small to open nearby, looking at the person in the city to flow, open to say with smile to the small gold:"How?We many Lus Lu is enough prosperous?We are this inside in the world, didn't°yet which nation have our so many beauties heres!"

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott shoes[/url] He is some to sorrily smile, say to in fact graduate that evening, he once took advantage o the time that the light puts out to the response that slowly harboured to once vindicate, but didn't get her, she has been proud independent girl, walk her own road.

The order heard have no falsely, public immediately 35 round into a heap of in groups, start adjusting interest instauration to work properly dint, make the in hopes of public to he feels grateful of have no falsely dark scold a , stuffy frowzily walked to the part to sit down.

"Bomb!Bomb ……"along with a chain ofly bellow, the energy piece of laser gun inside quickly dimed down in the wave green hand.However she projects of all of laser beams are the remnants shadow shots that flies through the Du at airship cabin wall up, connecting the true person's some side didn't also get.Have already absorbed a function to the laser beam at the cabin wall of airship so much, otherwise she this a chain ofly bombards and has already broken through airship, when the time comes she can drift in the space.

You have many advantages:Honesty simple and honest, take pleasure in help others, the passion is collective, obey discipline, a student of amiability.You once told teacher to have to make great effort to be the student of the best, the teacher really was happy for you.Good kid, please remember oneself with teacher's words, wanting ~only you is willing to make great effort

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas x jeremy scott[/url] "Elder generation, the affair of identity says so much, but that gene medicine ……" hears the condition that the Du fly to open, the small male respects a farmland not from swallowed spittle.They small male house now be inside layer household, connect to know a gene medicine the qualificationses of the news all have no, also want to make gene medicine to come to hand?

"Return ability how self-discipline, be meditate!"Hear the problem of the thunder in summer, the Du flies to lose to smile a , immediately take out him from the Hao source the fairy quit for these several days just wrote from memory down of an origin 《 vapor trail Jue 》, put in the tea side-table, " this should be fixed true primer achievement method, self-discipline arrive extreme achievement, can move forward to fix true front door, stay to you!The house is suddenly sudden wealth, encounter to a lot of Ji Yus of influences now summer.You the were it not for enough self-preservation ability, everything of at present summer house, will be a mirror flower water month!"

"Want to deal with me with the way of soil?"Is tiny tiny on smiling, the Du flies a speech no longer.Immediately the ground of his foot seems to melt, let his body form also submerge a ground.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas[/url] Have no falsely is just preparing to rather the Peng settle what criminal charges, let he very pleasurable several days, offense, but the Du flies to suddenly come out to turn down make him some caught unprepared, however also loosenned tone at the same time.Was deep and low face to flick the way of waving hand:"Since so, that for 133 squads stay to guard medium brigade encampment, five other troopses respectively seek group of islands establishment encampment."Say the lord that finish to have no falsely and then from the big hall sat top and bottom, after jilting to walked into hall.

"Leave, we see that boy!"The station starts and opens match boon to nod to honey snow son point, then draw back the door of training the room and walk to go out.

However that face basically isn't a person who will listen to an explanation, at affirmed that the chief criminal is gold small after opening, a wildly roar, from the mouth in spew out the big regiment condenses as if the dollar of the substantial sort dint, landslide tidal wave the general facing gold Be small to open to bomb into!

"In fact is not all cities either

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas js wings[/url]  Sealed a Ling to finally realize a war to rob the profound mystery of knife.

"I had already said and made an effort to help you, or killed you!"The heresy dollar says.


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[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas js wings[/url] Of big superior, she to this isn't the concern very, light should an after, then the gnash teeth in hatred ground says, "if gentleman valley lord true real settled artificial China Wei of this time provocation to believe in pupil, that my person's fish clan necessarily begs for justice!"

This will never be that the little fatty can use of effort!

"Believe own companion!"See be present the last scene, the Du flies face up living an angered idea.138 squads although the inner part is iner peace and harmony,hasn't been uniting to once battled, can not start to build up that kind of real life and death trust, and he also forgot this because of the in pursuit of self-discipline.On seeing now, the match of mutual is really a flaw 100, he is at last really unbearable, then roared 1.

She contacted the great majority the classmate ever, only didn't have connection Qin Shang.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wing shoes[/url] Listen to what wood at on saying, the Du flies immediately some upset, however turn to read a to think, seem he by himself find out here come of, again not blame and scold the other party, can open mouth to ask a way:"Where is that transacted to halt ground?"

The promise of the degree that the gold was small to open to have an orchid, in a good mood, say with smile:"I listen to person say, seem second Sa person allly worked properly to all actually procure to return to, don't know as well to actually be making what."

Up to now, today have been already declined at the big summer clansmen, but the mankind's strength unusually strengthens.Can say if there is no existence that time immemorial fights fortress, only with lend that the not much big summer clansmen remained, basically can not win mankind.The summer is crazy don't hope that the big summer clansmen loses war as well, only he not is proceed from what good intentions, but hope that the clansmen doesn't hurt so miserably, so quick, the result that he expects most is a big summer clansmen and mankind to perish together!

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[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html[/url] The gold is small to open and still keep participating in to in this kind of confused conflict for the first time, only he is wanting to carefully wear the attack of the Tuo dragon and fern snake and still wanting and carefully avoiding drive the mistake wound of oneself person, and the thunder Mo and thunder Die still needing to protect nearby is two girls, really is pain thousand times.The sudden top of head rushes toward to come over a huge Tuo dragon, the gold is small the blade opening to manipulate a month sweep in the past, sharp had no the month blade of to once cut on that Tuo dragon, immediately rowed together deep it is thus clear that osseous wound, the black blood of big Peng spewed out, like a burst of rain-storm sort from the beginning the crest sprinkled, the gold was small to open to raise a hand at the body of 1 F of surrounding cloth defense, protected oneself and two girls all therein, fended off Tuo Long Hei Xie.

"The old painter reminds that I say:"Kid, did you feel happy while painting?"

"What?Does the gene medicine still separate the positive article and the time article?"Hear a ship more lord in the house speak of this, the small male respects a farmland finally shocked.Concerning black dragon will high manufacturing leave gene medicine of affair, Du's flying don't tell to the small male respect farmland, so he is to really don't know.

But seal to more leave to deliver he here, and request to give to seal Ling Zhan Jie's knife of, the Fan Jia Mo once thought by dint of sealed to more leave of fix for, may was evil kind of to this to have way to stop very much, fact proves, even if is to seal to more leave,have no way.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wings 2.0[/url] Expect Si gram the Wei Er hunting dog catalogue

We love their our own kids, always need to vanish their personalities and press the parents' will to be a person.

Doing not notice oneself suddenly can move, the beard Anne's court flees in response to the dint in front, and the full face craves for ground to ask a way:"Captain, I return to Gang now, is isn't that didn't you go up this matter report?"

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott sneakers[/url] Hear the gold of all these small to open absolutely hard believe his/her own ear!Mankind?Embark to get empty boat in the sky of those is all so-called"mankind"?What does that oneself calculate?, Not to, oneself is a "big summer person" now, but, isn't the big summer person mankind?The gold is small to open a quilt own of the problem make dizzily, however obviously isn't the time that studies knowledge now .

The gold is small to open one a few words in"forbid a dollar sign line"s of hearings, the brain neutrally engraves and then jumps the information concerning this thing.That is the mysterious sign line that a kind of ancient spreads down, the effect is extremely unusual, can let the body be placed in to gobble up among them temporarily lose dollar on body dint, can not make use of to bite crystal, bite a treasure or bite Tui A, is jail to gobble up the top of jailbird's prison good thing.Only this kind of sign line creation method has been lost, pole the ice believe in own of these return just in the historic relic discover since then, once damaging, perhaps can not make duplicate any further.

'Sir Henry won't leave this place without a real reason,'I said.

Chapter 110 small war in East China Sea

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott sneakers[/url] "Shi, what?!Such a two ranks gobble up a pit, you how can so high price

"Take a rest, then we set out!"The fan whom the gold is small to open to looking at that cloud and mist in the distance receives of world, suddenly produced one in the heart silk excitement:"There is this Tu eldest brother protection, seeing the appearance has already hoped!"

Chapter 20 with each other city(four)

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]cheap jeremy scott adidas[/url] Hear reprimanding angrily to of valley Chen, Wang round although the felling is dissatisfied, didn't say more again as well what, the calm and steady face retracted valley Chen after death.

Is huge to loudly break along with one bombing

Have a conversation at 2 people of effort, Sun Mou has already cut six knives, river door Yi Chuan the knee completely sink into sandy beach as follows under.Sun Mou doesn't hestitate of split burning what Long Jiu turned seventh knife, held up the river of this knife door the Yi Chuan don't already complain of hard lot, how can't he thoughts of that the in this world also has the way of attacks like this, even if oneself has way to stay away the attack that strives for now, but at present and obviously isn't the best method and only waits until the best opportune moment to just have the possibility to is on the hoof to return to by himself/herself, either.Sun Mou can't because river door Yi Chuan current circumstance but stop, the eighth knife binds to ride on the remaining rhyme of front seven knives to suddenly split bottom, river's door the war knife of the Yi Chuan echo broken up, Sun Mou Ze lends dint to start to jump once again and lose a river who fight the knife door the Yi Chuan certanly will be deader than this like and very hot fire one knife under.But when Sun Mou's this knife close to, river door Yi Chuan disappear without basis.The knife that strives for mercilessly splits at sandy beach on, originally river door Yi Chuan the position of the place was livinged by this knife to rarely split to together and deeply disappear the canyon of bottom.

After admiring greatly for solid Lun to use a Dan medicine, the Du flew to see he start absorbing medicine dint, the body form was one Shan, then arrived at the blackness that hasn't left

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas jeremy scott wings 2.0[/url]  The laws of nature-su pernatural things?'asked Holmes.

Chapter 5 invokes fusion(bottom)

After seeing this thing, the gold is small to draw to engrave understand, that thing is definitely the passage that mastered two spaces.This and he the passage once seen was very alike before, even size all mutually about, only didn't know in the passage of another part, actually existed how a world.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]cheap jeremy scott adidas[/url] "At under don't know whether eyes of his majesty contain problem, however at under plain to esteem highly to fall in action of officers and men, make use of the affair of falling in action the officers and men corpse at under absolutely don't to come out."Sun Mou's give tit for tat answers a way.

Wait a city that the car arrives a neighborhood, the Du flew toward Xin Ji's president of association to say that the voice was sorry, then got off.

"The thanks wave green Sir understands!"Hearing the green Sir of wave didn't blame of meaning, the way immediately pleased smiling face to Doctor Ge opened ground to thank a sentence, then turned round facing background to walk to return to.But the glass cabin lain for flying Du is then pushed forward a metal alloy door by those two robots.

"?Is so quick?You ……do not need to be taken a break?"The gold is small to open one Leng, he originally still thinks to go.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott sneakers[/url] However the gold at the moment is small to open, already completely there is no left over strength paying attention to a circumferential circumstance, he originally after opening the third eye prepare immediately Huan of attackstoning the summer of, but ten thousand ten thousand have never thought, the summer Huan is unexpectedly very quickly then stable emotion, and start looting the dint of the dreamland on his body!

The gold is small to open to feel that oneself seemed to again sink into time a turbulent flow, in the moment the whole actions all start becoming extremely slow-moving.The forehead is uploaded a burst of drill the ache of heart, and in have a Lu bone of what things and just and constantly and outwardly push, drilling to open and tear to pieces a skin, that thing finally exposed out!

Start facing one side is inclined on one side, billowing thick smoke and blazing flame from get empty the bottom of boat to spray to surge forward, the heat wave is pressing.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas shop[/url] BE know an outside of black, dirty and ugly after, also need to speak words like this."

Just small in the gold open whole body uneasiness of station the time over there, the step voice of suddenly a burst of rush rings out.

"BE?"Six green start the time of summons, the original mood is still very jittery, who after knowing to connect, not only know that the fairyland of Peng Lai has already resumed equanimity, but also the Du flies to also have intention to contact national government, immediately happy get up.

Li Jun sees whirling with the personal dint break the logjam on the field can not help towarding side in the body

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott wings[/url] Fought this time, already didn't what hang to read.

The gold is small to open a point to nod, understood its meaning.Ice pellets that infused in to forbid a dollar sign line appears small open a hand in the gold in, open a dollar dint function along with the small gold, the sign line of inside turns to make a light ball that is constituted by the sign line sign and is like a bubble sort to fly toward the defense wall that blocks road.

Another youth sighs a way:"Shi Bo says of to, in fact we are also bodies not from F.The big summer clansmen will soon stage a comeback, our ownerses would not° until make great effort savings strength go.They emperor's clan of nine star empires is empty have huge absolute being A but don't know an usage, would rather hand over an our hand than put to be statue over there, seeing can study among them mysterious."

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas bones[/url] "Did not relate to with action, your foundation's acting had been very perfect, lack of just see through the enemy's flaw!Flaw!Is understand?"The fire tooth has to point out a gold in person small open.

Treat to walk to the office doorway of general manager, before six green green stools signal hint that big hall manager to leave, then fly up with Du, the leg-pull ground knocked to knock on door.

"Do not know Zhu Hua Dao's friend why want to fly some thus concern?Fly some with the friend complete stranger of Zhu Hua Dao, way friend why the need for thus risky come to persuade to fly some?"Hear a persuading of Zhu Hua Dao person, the Du flies suddenly once the topic turn and look like touched in really sound out ground to ask a way.

If say a golden light sign the line is a violent shield, that this thunder absolute being's forbiding a machine is the strongest pike!And compare, is still this"pike" a little bit stronger, is good enough to Chuo to break "shield"!

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas by jeremy scott[/url] "The woman that just drove airship is the young lady who belongs to the variation person's parliament a household.In those early years she adult's test, by chance opened cosmos passage, arrived at this cosmos.After coming over, she discovers that this cosmos is being placed in to grow up a stage, and discovers jotting down to disappear 100,000 years of long aquamarine blue star from that cosmos in the cultural heritage."

"This wanting comes to is Sun Mou's commander-in-chief of courageous empire!Grandpa the time in a life time usually bring up elder generation with me you."Li Jun towards to strive for one arch hand way.

"I escort greatly!"

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott shoes[/url] "Hum, you intentionally conceal real strenght and fool me to send out a promise, then kill me to a shot, if not that I just responded quickly, dead at this time under your scheme!"The Ji Feng that flies to the Du, two leaders speak to contradict a way, words lieutenant general he positions by himself at the victim's position up.

The gold is small to open although the awakening degree that has already come to a four ranks, but he is very clear, to ordinary people, even if is three ranks are also an inaccessible height, but appear to have the monster person's warrior of strong strength so more a while now, really don't know this matter to the mankind of other spaces, actually is a good matter or a disaster.

The left Huai double eye is one Ning, see have already been not allowed to the circumstance for defeating in detail, take firm hold of idea gradually in the heart, the right hand slowly once raised top of head, and a flash of lightning slid past in the finger tip.

"Ha ha, that Sir person is good!"Smell Su little Ya Wang of speech watch from a distance Du to fly the just right disappearance is waiting the figure of machine hall, some disappointedly say.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wings 2.0[/url] Hui only on listenning to, immediately stopped reciting from memory, injustice way:"Senior, I don't know as well how say, the formula for incantation is to return so a matter."

"Once heard that several year agos had an oriental elder at split up of in the evil force alliance infighting, had the function that could not act for, thought be said you!"Fly the question that didn't answer him to the Du, the on the stage person the slightest didn't mind, on the contrary with the tone endorsing spoke the Du flies of identity.

"This ……" beard Sa wry smile way:"You this is difficult I.Salon meat the flavor is fresh beautiful, generally speaking, could not see on the market.However occasionally have been already sold in the black market, that thing all about is up thousand crystal currencies a , so so big a ……"

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wings 2.0[/url] At random ate two people, the wave was green have no the snack bag of taste to throw a part in the hand, then hope a picture display to start foolish.

This matter drive Tong after, immediately spread to pull virtuous news in"BE laid siege to" in the congress of thin Er of Mu Si on the medium.The parliamentarian blames for pulling surname"indifference" for"generation label affairs" in succession and say that he does like this is to the "the respect lacked at least" of the family who fall in action officers and men, say his"despise these letters too much, since the presidents can extrude time signs on these letters, defense secretary but' have no time' really don't in the past say", said "those fell in action soldier family are just hoped from offer condolences the young man that the letter can also draw out time to thought of dying up seeing defense secretary, which fear this concern just very shortly and in a short while, but he ignores this very small wishes", many councilmen return consequently sent out to invite the noise of shouting that this defense secretary come off stage.Hence, pull thin Er of Mu Si virtuous immediately announce a pronouncement:From now on, each the condolence letters that send out by the his hand will stay to have his personally a signature.

"Where run of small Zai son, seek dead!"See the vigorously pack a youth full face of overbearing, fly Hong immediately the face in dark.Is that a period of gold Dan for walking alone fix true, fly Hong nature is that the heart is hard like iron, if not that the background that temporarily touches not deeply at present youth, he estimates to have already descended cutthroat!

"Yes, uncle your so good person, we are all unworthy for you!"The Xiao Xuan is some to dissatisfiedly say.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott shop[/url] However the gold is small to open this time while facing to make duplicate a body, still is have already hurt don't win.Making duplicate the real strenght of body is violent, will never be him this

Is proper green jade precious jade when elder sister Shi's both the younger brotherses anxious and fearfully surmise to fly the purpose of one degree elder but don't want to fly one degree elder points at they after death not distance of that thinks a gentleman hotel and say to make them help

Is crazy to launch to assault in summer and occupy after time immemorial fight fortress, he then also in clear and ordered patternly occupied this only one to work properly son light ball.

Nearby the end of , Rovio stated it was developing new ports with the
game, this time around for devices outside the mobile phone market.
There are phones that are normal-sized and phones that
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[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas bones[/url] "Hey Hey, not just because the my intelligence of your elder brother is perspicacious, is the potential uncommon?Disappear for short several days, Lao Tze promoted a layer again!"While facing oneself's brothers, the gold is small to open a thick continuously, and usually blow one's own horn, however a few friends accustoms to early."To, the dint king is free?"

The boy's two legs start accelerating Deng to trample, the ice skates becomes mad of dig on the ice noodles.The younger sister is missing!The boy is very anxious, the legs were like fire, and he brandished a pair of arms and made greatest efforts to want to speed up and always felt not enough quick.The tears is from his eye socket in gush.The younger sister is missing!He unexpectedly and helplessly looking at it to slip in the very thin ice noodles.

Chapter 103 strong palace dispute, four countries send army

Keep in mind a jittery mood after taking a rest a night the gold waking up on the second day Be small to open the first matter, be measure to take a shot oneself "Liu just gene" on the body whether still at.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wings[/url] "This is very normal.In this world,

.Aquarius, no wonder that so ground the cleverness but gasconade is the appearance of fairy way that she likes.Rightness.All boys who slam down a superior inside, she likes a fairy way most , because he is enough handsome and again self-confident.

Looking at the dark shadow for acquainting with, Qian Xiao Qing need not guess and then know to is a jade at the male, however jade at male how can come from F room, he not is go to Tang can son room, is walk wrong room, this also not greatly may.

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[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott bones[/url] Because is loquacious, have of the woman get a husband of care and love;Because is loquacious, have of the woman enjoy husband spirit body of molestation.Being so-called to become is also loquacious, hurt also loquacious, key's seeing your loquacious object proper isn't suitable for loquacious.

See a flying of dust wonderful old way the sword offend, Du's flying to seem to be unexpectedly will take place this circumstance, some draw off flurriedly and backward, and with send out many sorceries and offend the sword is toward the flying of dust wonderful old way and obstructed to fly sword to continue forward, didn't already let the attack have no the dust of fruit a wonderful old way regret.

"Mother, I am walking!"The thunder that sees a summer also came out, the Du flies and then opened mouth light tone to say.

'Then your brother is?began Sir Henry.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wings 2.0[/url] So the solid Lun does obeisance now of initial task BE, find out a real medicine formula of airtight hide a location, then make moves to with one action win!As long as Tokyo has never been like a palace this time lord so abnormal of six star class superior, he has confidence to arrive medicine formula by Duo!

"How?Want to change a task?"Five Yes think that his warning had a function, the corner of mouth showed unintentionally a silk to smile an idea.

Listen to the outside Long Long make to loudly bellow a voice, all youths are all anxious, and the destiny only and perhaps being buried alive condescends to come oneself in the body.The gold is small to open to turn head to took a look, discover orchid degree and Chi sky and ice eye 3 people all in the troops, have never scattered to open, in the heart slightly Anne.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas shop[/url] Power for of a flap.Is a chemical element user, it is a depletion to be always thought by people in the war the enemy have the machine to living strength, truely decide a war trend of still those warrior occupation, although have already ruined the real strenght that the sky puts out ground,is always covered up by the aureole of the warriors, but Li Jun unexpectedly say that this satge handed over to them today, how can this not make them feel to fig up.Li Jun is really fierce, in brief a few words promoted the morale of these chemical element users a step, although the promoting of morale isn't promoting of real strenght,the undoubtedly high morale even contributes to exertion of their real strenght.Along with the downfall of Li Jun Hua's sound, the sorcery teachers displayed their astonishing sorcery strength to the people of this world, the soil fastens sorcery teacher Zhao Xu, and the first displayed his/her own sorcery:Meteorite rain is had already whetted dish by each the meteorite of soil chemical element formation so heavy, very intensively hit from the air to Kelly wait seven Dou privates.Because Zhao Xu's activity water fastens sorcery teacher Ao water of the virtuous Lun fasten heavy scope sorcery nasty sea crazy big wave, the great waves taking water chemical element formation matches with book of meteorite rain Hao Hao soup soup to ten square college most ex- follow of Dou private.

The gold is small to open to in an absent sort of way turn a head to hope to go, under the hillside, a white dress young girl just and lightly floats a ground of facing oneself, this direction to fly.Be covered with a pure full-length gown on that young girl body, the two white Ous general arm bares in the outside, full-length gown along with fly lightly kiss.On her body have no attiring of surplus, even connect that full-length gown to seem to be also just in brief bind with a white towel on the body, the gold is small to open to notice to that girl also didn't wear shoes, purely the jade foot occasionally orders at verdantly grass caulis up, among the feel like myth legend of pretty woman.

The Hong say with smile:"Are we two to still do however is he 1?However you say not to make track for not to make track for.To, this how many New appointees gobble up how do?"He just had never seen a gold small to open and the putting together of of the thunder hat Dou, also thinking the gold is small to open similar to Wei fingerling, distance snow, was all fusion to just gobble up the New appointee of pit to gobble up.

The one leaf sort floats to fall his in front.That is a monster person clan young girl, have a liking for go to like the mankind's 67-year-old girl, the skin is pure white and delicate, the looks is also pure beauty, on the cheeks of two sides each the grain with is had three blue.Only make the gold small to open to feel that delivering in the face is hot BE, the young girl second half shen is dressed in a short and small skin skirt, while the top half then buttonned up two slices of leaves just in the chest!

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas wing shoes[/url] Suddenly hear now the Du fly a light warning, the back of the Zou ocean top immediately like sprinkled Piao cool water, almost soak through, don't dare as well many speeches, the favour followed Du to fly to as well tread to as well tend ground to walk to go into Lin Zhong.

The white Rui Mo could not seek to be good enough to use to the words of thanking Henry's jazz.Immediately after he says:"You to we be really too like, I consequently want to recompense you some kind of.Have a matter me have never spoken to the person of side.As for checking of misery the Er Si Jue Ye of dead I still know some another circumstances."

"Seeing to the war is the biggest power of civilization progresses!"Hear the pure Huang say to the these background of Liao Kaos' turning, the Du flies wry smile 1.Variation person very likely make a firm decision be uprooting monk, otherwising can't develop, either this kind of can large numbers of quantities produces of Liao Kao, they also had the crystal cabin that that kind of could pen monk before and only cost specially expensive just.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas[/url] What about you?Which kind of rose do you like?

Is to is oneself to build up encampment, so 138 squad member's enthusiasm is very high, when other squads also have a liking for this island and come to probe, 138 squads comparing has been already built up in the fortress on brigade encampment small first, let they can the Xing Xing leave, in mind lambaste Du to fly crafty.

Eight year agos with her campus in a hurry a do not, take of only have sad with not and to the utmost think of, don't dare to forget of still keep being her knowing smiling face.

"How to otherwise do?Make our mankind directly admit defeat?Presumably ……those big summer clansmens will exterminate entire mankind."The gold is small to open

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas wings[/url] The Wei of expecting presses, the Du flew once to once experience there at the car Xuan station, and just at escaped to rush of in the process, also adapted to the Wei of huge clam to press gradually, so although felt circumferential current of air dense to get up, also produced in the brains in fine threads faint, he still kept forcing to fly toward the outer circle.

We turned the body over.There was no doubt about it.I had seen the face before,on the night Sir Henry and I had chased Selden over the moor.Then I suddenly remembered,and everything became clear.Sir Henry had told me how he gave his old clothes to Barrymore.I realized that this suit had been among the clothes Barrymore had left for Selden,and I told Holmes.

"Is this opportunity!"Strange gram of Ci Wei deviates data the moment of discarding the liquid slot sky, the Du flies a dark way in heart a , once the foot move, the body form has already appeared at strange Ci Wei gram body before, in a flash of hand the data Duo in the his hand come down.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]wholesale polo ralph lauren[/url] The eye sees many cannon sent out by warship tie to connect into one, didn't stay one silk blind side for him, the Du flew although to whether concealed bead can hold up cannon to tie heart to save a doubt, he also has no choice at this time, can the Shan body get into concealed bead.

Become a turn of again, Xu Ting still doesn't find out a suitable target, is on the contrary seduced by those foods that send forth flavor belly Gu the Gu call.Once the belly call, Xu Ting feels dizzy and giddy and hurriedly sought a seat sits down and wishes, anyway this meeting also has no suitable target, or takes a rest a short while first, so on thinking, tired and hungry Xu Ting arrives to can not hold up against to sleep an evil hit and got into dreamland in the hunger.

That evening, I certainly still need to leave, I certainly still keep wanting to chase wave, sand shore and also have moonlights to all throw at after death.But, my in the mind appreciates of, so just forbid not to live to want to call to this whole world:"Thank!Many thanks to everything of all these!"

The gold is small to open the crystal currency on the body very wealthy, because he once sold a salon before, and altogether had 10,000,000 now as for crystal currency that earned formely many crystal

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren outlet[/url] Once in a very long while novel download the net collection sorting met and not necessarily needed to love each other to mutually guard-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

However, the normal eye contact for two people engaged in conversation is that the speaker will only look at the listener from time to time, in order to make sure that the listener does pay attention

At public suspect continuous of time the person who sits on the rattan chair suddenly the openings say:"Now that everyone hope so on the coast victory or defeat definitely so this satisfies you."Listen to this orotund positive that day shining on the big of country.Sun Mou sees big absolute being of that so-called sunshine don't appear not from of breath a sigh of relief, he towards others to say:"The strategies prepare to launch at any time and stay all of these rascals."Because strives for of prepare to be appropriate while orderanying nine strategies of 90,000 people to sign, can launch at any time.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren coupons[/url] Ma Lyu Dan believed since the childhood that the top of hill contains spirit of mountain.Because village always the foot in Tashan, Ma Lyu Dan since the childhood be instilled the thought of biggest spirit of mountain by the parents, until they at Ma Lyu Dan 13-year-old that year, climb mountain after didn't come down any further, because that day, the spirit of mountain got mad and abandonned to mix from the top of hill is wearing aqueous mud.But in many years, experience big world already change name Ma Lyu Dan who call Ma Dong just know, that is the mudslide.

Go to a place you've never been to every year.Go a place that you have never had ever been to at least annually.

However the Du flies although don't mix feelings composition in the words, the atmosphere at this time, was this sentence for him to give deeper meaning.Momentary all evil palace pupils Be silent to have no language, only the idea of despising in the eye often flash across, and is hard to cover up.

Seal a Ling to shake head.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren coupons[/url] "Hum, petty skill!"Be interrupted to move in a sudden, way clear fairy heart in a surprised, need after the magnetic force interference of realizing this tiny end has no half to him for cent to influence, is cold to scold in mouth a , then from the Zhao in the body a Ding-like in shape magic weapon.

Ya Bing Xue's cleverness together and together, from the teacher's words naturally understand and at present this association the big guy that is a sorcery, hurriedly and civilly sent greetings to a , again got speaking favorably of Xin Ji.

At the moment strange insect already didn't at the beginning of vehemence, with cuts and bruises all over on the body, some places still not live to outwardly flow the liquid of baby blue, seeming that is the blood of this strange insect.After discovering the old nest of oneself has already been occupied by the mankind, the this strange insect immediately crazy rashness gets up and open big mouth facing gold Be small to open to rush toward!

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren outlet store[/url] Want, even if is worry China is said by them, climb mountain to do to fly one degree pupil of serving of true person with them, can fly one degree the true person's different attitude to worry China, worry China sooner or later will know the rights of the case, when the time comes as long as to fly once the true person of one degree say, the nature of their 2 people has to fuck off and perhaps be also subjected to other punish!So the Yan leaves of the quick wit pull Kai to be to kneel down first, and prepare to display the way of packing the wretchedness.

The Du flies to see a Jue just while starting for beating to deliver time, but along with to the Jue study after several days, the Du flew to produce strong interest, every day in addition to cultivating body Jue, research Jue two small strategies of the primer.

"Senior, you say all to, but want to take of homework I completed

Be kneaded at the male by the jade along with that top, Lin Mu Xue all over seem quilt electric shock similar of tiny trembled for a while, this electric shock seemed to"provocation" her similar, right away Lin Mu Xue still with the color, she lightly wriggles that plump hip, little otaku have already lifted up head, right away at present be made by this water mill effort of more disaffection.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren factory store[/url] "How, hasty now?The formula of"see the air that the small male respect a farmland to peep out to apprehensive, Liu Sheng Bin Wei and well go to a lord immediately also annoy agreeable, satisfiedly walk to the small male to respect farmland in front to say, " gene medicine, but ship more principle and subordinate M country in the house

" Ah ah!"That big fellow doesn't already is great anger, the Nu drinks a way:"Unexpectedly dare to act boorishly on my site of red and burning big Ye, make you taste today evil bite of severe!"

The half allowed Ting to take a heap of procedure to come out after the hour beautiful reach selling of real estate of building department, small beautiful also under allowing of manager He, got off work in advance, heel come over.

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Because the gold is small the pit quality for opening to provide a gobbling up of youth to these is the highest, and these Human bodies are space mankind of Qin Di, oneself of the physical endowment is special, naturally own the strength of one rank, so soon can jump the awakening of one rank after blending crystal pit, directly get into the degree of two ranks!As for said to acquire the black piece and little monkey of three rank pits among them, 2 people promoted of the strength is also far super other companions.

Wait until after those big fellows enter a house, the Xiao Hui rounds shadow in villa, taking the other people didn't discover, secretly jumped up the veranda of the second floors.

After getting ample material, the Du flies then and returns to start closing the border in sorcery tower, this time he still control to work properly burning carry on refining, however what this refining isn't Jing iron, but black gold knife.

[url=http://interview.authenticfans.com/nhl.html]wholesale nhl jerseys[/url] I waited you for four years, commencement I want to tell you that I is that so to love you, but you are in the graduation ceremony that day of excited a day ago in the telephone of told me, you were going to Canada studied abroad, procedure all do good, also took scholarship, graduation after walk.The courage that I just rose didn't know to up go to there again and just expressed such as

"All people why, all such as you general, is a deathless heart?This sword is originally also highest six one of the jadeseses, the name is called'the jade of Lang Ye', it is two one of the poleses to is water fire, also one of my in common use weapons.Unexpectatively for an instant, you will use and really make me surprised."The corpse looking at to resist to accept Xian, is to appreciate very much, but is the hunter sees a find of appreciate.


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"Medicine?"Together and together Ya Wen Yan's one Leng, immediately shake head a way, " I don't know, anyway I have never got in touch with."See arrive just ten famous master younger brothers' appearances, now together and together the friendship also didn't dare to affirm ground to say to have no.

These sorcery teachers didn't participate his/her own combat but feel appreciate to the companion as well, is a sorcery teacher and requests to remain calm state of mind, only calming down then the mental character can sharply detect battlefield and ascend the variety of one silk ten cents.Can at this time of they basically had no way to help a colleague again to carry on to fight, they decide to unscrupulously indulge a short while now, so just came out to defendoof severe strategies before the body, write freely his/her own heart with own method Zhang in of red-blooded and war idea.More for making people of this world understand, the sorcery teacher is to would not° until hide under the tight defense develop real strenght forever, while having no the circumstance of defense they are also well-deserved of the king of war.Have no gorgeous sorcery is only dizzy, also didn't undulates the sorcery that people shock, have of just persist of conviction and weak sorcery.When the artillery range of sorcery is more and more near, the facial expression that is the sorcery teachers pale one, it is silent to be after starting hobble their walking gaits to appear a like grave field on the match field sort.First because the magic consumes excessive and prostrate is Ping Yue Shan, this circumstance good the chain reaction is general, along with the sorcery teachers on the field of falling flop of Ping Yue Shan also a pour down, what to fall flop is finally various Ge Rui and thunder Man.

On the road of inn, 3 people hasn't been talking, the wave is green to just make track for the room that flies into the Du to admit mistake a way while waiting to return to Inn to respectively return to building.

[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.thefanbase.net/cheap-pandora-bracelets.html]Cheap Pandora Bracelets[/url] The skill that gives Mu to the Ao, really prepare to play some Suos of patterns to pull Bo in the heart immediately some not to heart's content get up, however evidence current, he also not say what, can be strong to smile should descend Ao to give Mu, then ended to converse this time.

"?"The fat absolute being officer deliberated for a while, felt nothing important threads and shook a way:"This in advance let go of good, I will beat a report to give above, hereafter if need to be investigated to say again.Now our most important task is to grasp those heathens, this task that is Pope's adult to give an account down in person!"The fat absolute being officer makes reference to here, scathing vision on sweeping but leading, those white pastor Paos are hurriedly in fearly lowly head."Who if give°ed this matter to mess up, I gave him good-looking!"

After arriving at a lord to control room in quick time, the gold is small to open to see have already opened a screen in the wall, up display to fly the circumstance out of the boat.At the moment, at fly the front of the boat the distance don't hang to stop a more than 100 rices are long of empty boat.This empty boat is in the shape top and Ding space in the sky of is greatly dissimilarity, the shape assumes flat circle-like in shape and look some is like "flying saucer" that was some to once appear in the science fiction slice on the earth, got empty the outer shell of boat from the orange material composing of a kind of translucent form, inner part of the light deeply went out hull unclearly, give person a kind of mysterious felling.

[url=http://ameblo.jp/pandorajewelleryoutlets/entry-11721177015.html]Wholesale Pandora Charms[/url] "What about that those 2 pieces that give you?"The Du flies to suddenly put in a word to ask a way.

"Is exactly the troublous times of sorcery association now, I want to leave to the utmost a dint, after waiting this disorder be over, return to country again is not late either."Face a teacher, the Du flew in a brief oneself viewpoint within heart.

Get very clear.Killing people means is very cruel.I thoughted of is open spaces here, shabby of the activity of Zhao ground wear of the murderer, feel that the circumferential environment calls people uneasy more and more.Those grow a thick hedge of, beauty of, the countrysides of green have already been sped of the wagons jilt at us after death, we now arrive is cold and open spaces Zhao ground up.All everythings here ash receives, hard Bang Bang of, again very shabby.Stand up a rough megalith on the strong and tough ground.The summit of hill is very sharp, seem under the setting off of the sky a row row Liao tooth.BE paring off chilly breeze, the cope of night is condescending to come.I see the Henry's jazz binding coat more tightly.

For the imprecation of green jade precious jade, Du's flying to imitate a Buddha don't hear, just keep the ground of Leng Leng to hope to enjoy a Zhong way:"Who is the pure unique way person ?The originally true person has never heard!"

[url=http://pandorajewellery.coolpage.biz/]Pandora Outlet Store[/url] The jade lightly claps at the male of two times, ripples feel to ripple to open, jade

Ps:The someone says that I renew one chapter again to make a commitment today ……hence I more.

"Hum, Lao Tze can have no so silly, be also going to seek what assistant.This purple electricity Ultrasaurus is definitely impossibly badly wide of the mark, have among them what key ……wait Lao Tze to accept this thunder absolute being to forbid a machine, see how you cry when the time comes, ha ha!"Ling Jia's wise powerful ruler although personality extremely conceited the Yin is most intelligent malicious,cut off, he has already among them discovered that this forbids a machine it's hidden mysterious.

[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.beep.com/cheap-pandora-beads.htm]Cheap Pandora Beads[/url] Of white pastor Pao sit by table.Sign a few wood shelves on the wall, up bind a few on the brink of death seamans.

These two kinds of opinions are each to have two squads to grow support, the momentary is stalemated, finally have to to these more than 20 persons squads five again divided once, would like to leave of follow pure Huang and 137 squads long, escape to return to of, then heel 133 long with 1362 squads.

I don't understandhe said.

"Host, eight star the perfect evolution body have already been targeted, whether carry on annihilation with the lord cannon?"At this time moxa rice already that eight star the perfect evolution body lure in the artillery range of airship lord cannon and immediately instruct a way to the green wave.

[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.hatenablog.com/entry/2013/12/09/161055]Cheap Pandora Necklaces[/url] "Be subjected to dead!"See the great white crane sword of flying of true person be led by him of a thunder only shot down, and great white crane true person, sank in to paralyze also under his attack of another a thunder light and all over, any respectfully true person's hideous smile is 1, control Hao to brighten a prosperous double-edged sword, facing great white crane true person be head the shot go.

A student of brave raises hand a protest, and explain, the love was a kind of instinct reaction, was like the kid see sugar will drool.The parlance like this tested me, I said, the person is a deluxe animal, the instinct reaction is to can use rational overcome.The students Rang Rang opened and contradictorily said in succession, not letter, we can do an experiment sees, for example, use a book fiercely to eyes, the book hasn't arrived, eyelid affirmation wants to shut up.

The original station still prepares to make moves to obstruct in a few elders in the big palace, but very quick their faces up peeped out the air of one silk fright-their body have already gradually become a bit transparent, the strength in the body is quickly also running off at the same time!Combine is much more than their strength is running off, the whole day the Lu Gao Ta, the whole big summer clansmen's city, even this whole world, all started losing strength, and started becoming unsteady.

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Seal a Ling to looking at a left Huai, quietly wait for.

That day, I cried and always all had no to so and sadly once cry.Afterwards, I wrote a long long memoirs, the coda drew a lot of periods.I am telling myself:The all theses all ended, I wanted to come to lead afresh!

PS:yesterday small Du home at noon power outage is till evening, so chapter 2 has no more.The small Du owed 13 more now, must slowly return.

[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.eu5.org/pandoracharms.html]Cheap Pandora Charms[/url] Beaten to make, 2 people have already arrived at the port that the businessman accepts goods.The inside is everywhere it is thus clear that the empty boat boats and ships of friendly intercourse there are some empty boats that carry a sea monster being just carrying on bargain with the waiters of wharf store.The white sea has been already spread to go, so coming to sell the persons of sea monster is few.

"Sir please follow me."Looking at to in the moment finish to finish to respect respectfullly, the eye emit the stewardess of red heart, the Du flies a bit in distress situation.That meeting he lets for a sky, when the dollar hotel helps to book a ticket somebody else says that business cabin and economy class that fly to cheerful service in sea City this afternoon have been already sold out, leaves first class cabin to still have seat and asks him whether book a ticket, and the Du fly after last time won 200,000,000 for a night, in the heart to keeping of money read breeze have already blown cloud to spread and wanted to delay to is also a wave to take a lot of time for a day, straight-tempered settle first class cabin, so just appear now the stewardesses to be him as the rich man's act.

The matter should not be late, the dint king immediately call° together some of his confidant under charges and start arranging he should notice after walking of item.

So, together and together the friendship continues foolish cultivate Dou spirit in the ice hole, Be getting more hungry and then grasp some fish to eat.But the Du fly at leave her straight line only several moreover a hilltops of 100 meters, and then start madness absorb work properly the spiritual influence in the hard stone.

"This Jing Hao true person's returning is really a true mean person!"Open a pair of eyes, the Du flies a mumbling way in the mouth.Since it is so, he is greatly straight-tempered and then makes this matters, had better make the territory lord bosom bamboo there, the true person makes the whole territorieses all know, when the time comes once the cause and effect of affair put, let true person of Jing Hao that guy steal a chicken not to wear eclipse chase rice!

The Bian isn't clear pleasing difference of stereo set.Her legs have been advanced in age, any further ascend not ascend towering mountain peak ……

"So."The gold is small to open a point to nod, say with smile:"That like this like, I believe in the name of Zhang door by pole ice and accept you to be a younger brother

In the interest as sea City is studying a necklace, the Du flies and stumbles on, he can divide to work properly to know marking on the some thing at 1:00, after waiting a period of time, in the very far place, he could pass to work properly to know to feel to find out that product.Certainly, the time and distance of feeling, be subjected to him to work properly to know the marking of strength decision.

"Smile what, several times ask you the mood how so good, seeming you would not like to answer, can answer me today."The jade smiles to ask a way at the male.

Oneself anyway at he is here and also can not get the answer that oneself wants.

The strand knew quiet is a very softhearted miss, and still carefully and write all alone good article.Her good style of writing to strand but a very nice"advantage", because the composition of strand is lousy in a great mess, there is quiet this writing superior at, he need not worry the composition that the teacher sets out, quiet softhearted make him succeed each time to let to calm down to complete for him.

Besides, on the hoof or dying, world combine can't have what change, the emotion can't becomes deeper, either and on the contrary lose again the creation develop again of source of vitality, not and unfortunately reply a wretchedness?

Huge absolute being A?!

"Like, you can notify now."See all don't see, the Du flies to stretch hand direct grasped rubber stick to come over, then towarded a Wei to say.

Just before that, lets think about what the whole point of character development is.

Diversity is not just about forcing everybody to get along and tolerate each other.
That is why student life in college is the most prominent
part of your life, as it involves first experience of being
independent in decision-making process.

"Brother-in-law, you aren't playing trick?"At this time summer if the Xi cannot helps but jumping out to ask a way again, however this summer blared snow don't stare her, but same hope Du to fly with dignified look, hope that the Du flies to suddenly withdraw previous remark to say that he is to play trick.

The purple light pillar of a cylinder form immediately explosion but, that felling that sinks to press immediately drive light pillar blunt vanish.

Chapter 54 changes(up)


Sealed a Ling to in a twinkling and then think of, oneself's home, also have a vegetable senior and younger sister Shi who didn't strive for noodles, that is oneself's father's disciple, is after oneself walks accept.

Played in Wu Dang's top of hill for a morning with those youth girls, in the afternoon around 2:00, the Du flew to then leave by bus together with them.

Suddenly whole space tremor gets up, a burst of the voice that bomb Long Long rings to spread from the external world and seemed to be in the outside to take place violent combat.The gold is small to open don't know that summer the clansmen actually can also support how long, is more anxious in the heart.

The sunlight of September bright and beautiful earth shine entered a shell gram the window of the street No.221 B door inside, the whole Londons are enjoying the fine time in night summer.I have already had breakfast, is reading newspaper at this time.The Holmes is very late together usually similar, always just get up.He is having meal at this time.We are waiting for a guest who reserves to want to come to visit so much in 10:30;I don't know Holmes before the guest arrives whether eat finish his breakfast.

"My son see such a?"More leaves to again ask a way.

'He wanted us to recognize the beard,'said Holmes.'I think it was a false one.'

All say BE, Wang Xue gradually believed, however is at the thought of she just said of words, immediately some ashamed, lend a people the vegetables in kitchen stir-fried, red the face avoided into.

"Is not this the thing got in strange insect sub- head from that?"Distance snow also recognized this crystal, that is that the gold is small to open the strange insect son that kills in the valley after gain, however hasn't been knowing use.

Ps:Should urge but more ……

The gold is small to open to hurtle after 2 people put hand, then head also not the time ground drive empty the boat quickly and far go.However at fly ten several in ground behind, the gold was small to open Dou turn son, again afresh Zhui at the empty boat of that clear absolute being religious section behind.

"What about you?Does frost work properly Ding and is what background?"The shape that sees a fat boy vicissitudes of life, the Du flies silent for a while, again the openings asks a way.

"This is a bottle of the Dan that turn absolute being, you at present are a dollar baby behind expect of fix for, lead segment time at the right moment use up, keep on taking!"Finish listenning to making collective report of Tu, the gentleman sees leave to want to think, then wave hand to jilt a jade bottle to arrive

No matter the life is how funny, ignore the current affairs change how impermanent, don't be therefore disappointed.Because, this world will also have worth not funny thing you to pursue.

"You say that he stares at your eyes to slowly talk, do you feel that the body livings cold after?"The blessing cloth Lai gram the description that finish listenning to a Joseph, wrinkly the eyebrows wanted to think, then to his way, " that you relax body, the attention concentration ground sees my double an eye."

"BE?"Seal to traverse to feel on coming up oneself to can not sustain the blows, mainly be still the idea that pure water that I don't live work properly, doing not know should say which aspect."Person professional diplomats with lord then, I also have no relation, as long as play the fully enjoy went."

Way each general situation of Ji dint disallows to appear new influence, a new influence, if there is no tough backing, very difficult keep on supporting at Ji of way.Float to living a valley to suffer the attack of each general situation dint at the same time, this is any test that an influence has to experience, but Fan

The dust of Xiao Yi hears empress in the words of thunder Qiu alarmed a say with smile:"Does the old things of the past still lift him to make very?"The thunder Qiu is also cool a smile of say:"Is quite good, all of that are the old things of the pasts, you I am subjected to invitation of the courageous empire, also not is say the time of this affair, after waiting the affair here's be over the thunder Qiu& amp;amp;#183;Howl Si asks again."Say once the thunder here Qiu eyebrow pick, a vehemence from his body up press toward opposite dust of Xiao Yi.In of isn't outstanding natural endowments generation be truely fix for the profound person, all feel breathing that is relentless wild after being the vehemence explosion of thunder Qiu to come out.The vehemence Xiao Yi dust that faces this to come all of a sudden remain alarmed on smiling right hand to lightly flick, a Qian dilutes however of breathing may may of arrived thunder Qiu that vehemence that is wild relentless.

At the beginning start attackstoning the time of sorcery association, the solid Lun did obeisance leader of alliance to send a four star elders to investigate sorcery association of evil crystal saving circumstance, because of for sorcery teacher but speech, as long as being evil crystal, their magics are constantly continuous of, battle hold out for long time the dint will prolong five to the decuple.

I jumped, can not bear with to buy ticket and unexpectedly still need to be subjected to to this kind of treatment.Be like to sit more than 30s like this

The wave of side is green.

However, the Du flies for Anne's department chief not too catches a cold:He not only disaster he's inferiority(point to celebrate cloud), also want an inferiority to accompany top of the officials was really too corrupt!However somebody else both parties all would like to, he also not say what, can for Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De that is silly boy to secretly cry out for justice.

"Elder brother Du, is your meaning to prepare to teach us the effort?"Peacetime more cool-headed Lee widely also concussion get up, this will talk voices to all a little bit shiver.

Holmes hence start pulling to have his violin.Every ability in consideration of of he has already considered.He needs more details for having something to do with the case to help his detective, this legal case now.

"I way is who, being a person the surprised Hong clan of the fish clan is long, don't know surprised Hong clan's growing this doesn't worry a valley to me and have what business?" At person fish clan of at the moment that person's horse wait for, a figure bursts upon at their in front not distance.The silk head dress full-length gown, Huang Mian Duan's beard, appears without basis of middle age text private, lightly fondle Han the short beard smile to ask a way.

Looking at a gold small open easily and work properly then of figure, in the orchid degree heart surprised Cha thousand times, how doesn't he understand the identity of this"young girl" as well.Come up to see from the outward appearance, this should be a rightness of twins, but very strange BE, talk, lord matter, almost just among them of a "young girl", but moreover an all basically don't announce any opinion, this makes him feeling very strange.

"."Hear cloud Xi's condemning in summer, if summer the Xi stealthily vomited to stick out tongue, then ran to the cloud Xi in summer nearby and started to pull floor together with her.

Is whole is a serious air appearance on the face, seem have who owed them several 1,000,000 not still similar.The surroundings has no whichever dare to round the person of view, because still have more than ten muscle Jians large black dress big fellow Chu over there, bad mercilessly stare at all persons who want to close to.

" Take office from if does the Tong fall a their hand?"Annoy the ground of Xiu Xiu to return a body to sit Ta once up, the beautiful surprised Hong stares a pair of beautiful eyes Nu way, suddenly and violently temper of she, really hard bear with this kind of humiliation.

"You!"The woman hated a ground of Duo to stamp foot, opened door and hurtled to go out.

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Mood a good, the Du flew to suddenly think of a matter, the hurriedly positive color is to the Louis Si master's way:"Teacher, three year ago pupils saw in the Z country the solid Lun do obeisance, he at that time is looted a virtual realistic technique!"

The tone of the last words of strange the gram of Ci Wei is very heavy, obviously is saying anti- words threat.To this Du

It is a key.If have what matter of words, come right away to seek me."Finish saying, also to fly for Du to throw a seductive eyes.

After probing wave a green circumstance, the Hong elder generation starts having not noticed, but immediately on thinking, body not from some shiver, this is obviously the variation of a spirit alienation!

"At."The gold is small to open to also face out, on the face although keep smiling face, heart in but haven't great one silk."This small white face, directly ask distance snow on meeting at not at, am it nonexistent to really be me?"

Seal a Ling immediately Zheng big eyes.

This white dress woman, naturally, is exactly the green city that flies to acquaint with with Du to send great white crane true person.Since the fairyland of Peng Lai went into a life time, Wu Meng's then losing is originally overridden to the position of each group, be thoroughly replaced by the fairyland of Peng Lai, the great white crane true person sees stay Wu Meng in again nonsense, straight-tempered then return to green city of secret place.

"What elder generation can say is a gold, soil is two kinds of attributes?"At the beginning work properly burning is a Du to fly to use a water, wood two

Cool woman, drive 1 kind calmly, the soft qualities surround.Light breeze, light cloud accompanies with light dream, light feeling and no longer have when young of complain without cause.

Now that doesn t sound like a very tough assignment, until you stop to realize that most of the men were over 35

"Shout!"Connect several times don't stop, even if the body of Tai is extremely violent, but on being slacken down, also feel some to be getting more tired.Turn over a body from is a tower beautiful body top and bottom, the Tai will be a tower beautiful on hugging, prepare and then sleep so.

"Teacher!"See the Du fly to twist descend the skull of sneak attack, drive burning evil grasp in the skin in the hand Yai Zi desire crack, Ai call an after, all over suddenly flow out to appear vehemence strongly, unclearly want to flounce burning evilly suppress.

"That BE, however still want to be guided by you to have square."The tooth that the gold was small to open to without extra trouble clap fire is Ma Pi.

The week Fan leaves first, six

Seal a Ling but have his/her own method, oneself not only wants the magic that cracks left bosom Yu here, but also is like and visits a clear left bosom Yu self-discipline method a door, he the heart have already relatively acquainted with by himself/herself, but obvious of, fixing of left bosom Yu in order to have to be more slightly worse than left Huai, this is a good opportunity.

Is dusk and dirty, this is the first impression that the Du flies to the stone prison.In addition there are still severals equally and be closed at the person here, obviously they are also was grasped to come lately, at the moment face up all peep out terrified air, shrink a head before chest, seem to wait for destiny of judgment.

Is public to feel the vehemence that the leaf sings breeze, this arrogant Ling Ren, shocked remaining was also subjected to encouragement and let out the vehemence of oneself in succession.On this sea beach highland immediately the vehemence is astonishing, make people don't dare to force to see.1,000,000 people give a long whistle, numerous strong Ling Ren's vehemence makes four country allied troops this place the vehemence greatly increase, the naval battle and river before seeming door Yi Chuan sneak attack of the shadows all disappear from their hearts, their confidence soars at this time, which afraid face again strong opponent they also have the confidence to necessarily win.

Get very clear.Killing people means is very cruel.I thoughted of is open spaces here, shabby of the activity of Zhao ground wear of the murderer, feel that the circumferential environment calls people uneasy more and more.Those grow a thick hedge of, beauty of, the countrysides of green have already been sped of the wagons jilt at us after death, we now arrive is cold and open spaces Zhao ground up.All everythings here ash receives, hard Bang Bang of, again very shabby.Stand up a rough megalith on the strong and tough ground.The summit of hill is very sharp, seem under the setting off of the sky a row row Liao tooth.BE paring off chilly breeze, the cope of night is condescending to come.I see the Henry's jazz binding coat more tightly.

The gold is small to open after seeing those two red light dragons appearing, tiny surprised for a while, however soon then understood to come over.That is exactly the machine of forbiding of 2 people in England and Nana met by him before, obviously these 2 people have already"repent", finally beginning in earnest join and resist the square of the big summer clansmen among!Ling Jia's wise powerful ruler and the south section Er have been already died, leave of the 2 people real strenght in England and Nana greatly reduce, they understand any further can not be like before so and recklessly do, this just silently Ksitigarbha among the mankind's battalion, between the cup and the lip make moves to attackstone.

"It is quite good.Represented a Ding space free alliance in sky meeting of the thunder emperor of absolute being act, Qin Di's space, and life at the Sa in the boundary second person, these three parties unexpectedly unite to begin and gobble up a great deal of a rank pit to circulate on the earth, ask for help of the Earth practicing moral teachings of mankind and promote an of gobbling up the pit rank!"

Seal the eye pupil of Ling purple color just like explode a spark, pass by just of forging, deeply realize departure in of that kind of felling, have kind to say all over

"Have result and then by all means want to take risk, opposite come to say, the risk is more strong, harvest also more big.If really kept one to forbid a machine here, I suggested that you might as well take a risk to try and see, you have the golden light sign the protection of the line at least, want that necessarily running into succeeds in escaping while being dangerous should be all right?"The fire tooth finally gave suggestion.

"Occupy?"The Du flew to lightly smile to smile.

'The devil!The murderer!I shall never forgive myself for leaving Sir Henry alone,'I whispered angrily.

"Shopkeeper rings it ups!"Three princes are after death making a bow with hands folded in front, the Du flies but good didn't discover generally, again knocked to knock cabinet noodles, had no facial expression ground to say.

The appearance of leaf cloud Qian timidity makes other all of three females are in a roars to get up, leaf cloud Qian this just disillusion come over, oneself has what well frightened of, everyone at, again say Tang can son again not is have never touched own chest.

Being worthy of recalling is too many, what we thought of gathers in the at heart.Recall in the past, there is joy, there is also sorrow.Probably experience more much, the heart depends more nearly.

The 撐 chair Lyuan still ぴ F Mei Su Xun the Yan Suo Xie Jiao Mao play the 瑪 Henry's jazz to say after we shake hands regards with them.The 撐 leans on the Ping Mo Liu the is 6 λ melon Is|the N cure Ken Bian Gao suspicion does the Pao stir a Hui the E value Nai Lyu Luo?Purely gather together the Huo Wu Nue umbrella

Yes, I am happy, luckily, I have no other people similar, for a while the class in a hurry rush through market, for the one family prepare three meals on the first, I still can live a leisurely and carefree life, footloose go shopping, shopping, not and tightly and not and slowly go home, enjoy the good dinner that the public old woman has already readied to in the house;I have no other people similar, tighten belt for buying a set of house to take or lend money everywhere, because the husband is as early as before we get married, have already bought a good house for us, we can the comfortable comfortable ground enjoy two human life fields;I have no more for the firewood rice oil salt vexed of time, I even don't know a water electricity in our house and spends for mortgage a month how much, because the all theses are all entirely arranged by husband.Enjoy of I have never wanted and undertaken at the same time what pay what, until one day, old woman in the house because excesssive weariness from overwork but the blood pressure heat up and looking at old woman in the house of hair white but emaciation, I shed tears.Once turn round, remembered aged public old woman in the house as we to whole day worry tired favour inside favour outside;Remember husband's crest the hot sun is scorching to rush about busy for reducing the accommodation fee of several ten dollars but would rather walking more than a hour to stay at small hotel, I regret deeply, oneself is originally always so selfish ……

"Etc., I would like to do your to sit to ride!"See Be about to have no a life, strange living creature finally the openings chose to compromise, however he hopes the look in the eyes that flies toward the Du in still was full of unwilling.

"Did you take photo in the outer space?"Lee is seeing the Du fly into a toilet and then no longer play tricks and sit to ask a way in the sofa.

"Advantage?"The car Xuan station smells speech one Leng, is machine absolute being one spreading of vein person, always the nobody once wanted an advantage in front of him, unexpectatively at present this boy but break vegetarian fast.However on pondering, the car Xuan station let go of again heart, since the other party openings was good friends with, so total compare directly refuse come of all right!

Display Wei to expect monk after pressing of is exactly an emperor Ge to be responsible for the Qiao of city with each other, because of with each other the monk in the city mostly all expect at the baby of dollar, even the gold Dan expects, so his work properly to know Wei to press a , immediately the town lives a whole field, only minority of a few Qiaos expect of the monk still do the best to be uninfluenced.

The Du fly and six green send to face sea City of gentleman after facing the total store of hotel, of private's driver hope their Shi Shi however ground to walk into front door in the hotel and suddenly livinged in the heart the feeling of a vicissitudes of life of difficult speech, in the heart not from one Leng, is the that guy it more than 40 year agos that is facing sea to grow up?However immediately of private's driver once the self-ridicule smile, think that he how can comes out this kind of complete nonsense viewpoint to, on trampling accelerator, look for next passenger.

"This helps stupid goods!"What youth hated scolded a , suddenly saw the gold side standing Be small to open to wait a person, not from get the surprise call a way thousand times:"What person are you ?"

Terviews-answering ads, using search firms, contacting companies directly, surfing the Web, and networking.Even the if a job isn't perfect for you, the experience of the every interview can be approached as a positive.

Just the gold is small to open how to also have never thought, this sea the Si will be such[one] youth of "lovely", absolutely can call is up super just and too!Can a child like this also become five ranks to gobble up?

The fire tooth facial expression opens a way to the small gold respectfully:"This prints to record perhaps remarkable, make moves to remember to go all out under etc.."

 During dinner Sir Henry told us that he had spent a dull day and evening on his own.He had kept his promise to Holmes,and so he had not accepted the Stapletons' invitation to their house that evening.We did not tell him how glad we were that he had stayed away from the moor!

(Three)how work well a person.Say here of work well a person, isn't "good person" in"good person's doctrine", is the good person of positive meaning.If make false number of times according to a person to say, may the mistake of good criminal having is ander the rise than bad person, why?Because the bad person's mistake is usually a , namely his purpose isn't right.But he knows his own purpose not to, so is particular about on the method method, can pack false thing very good, he wants to study the mental state of the other party and studies objective environment and adopt what way just can attain his purpose, the means pays attention to very much and be like making to counterfeit is false inferior, specially notice to the packing and otherwise go impassability.The purpose is bad, the means is also very bad, and this bad person who is the most stupid bad person, truely make good is anything but such.Equal part of good person is contrary, think oneself's one heart as work, one heart is an others, one heart is business, there is a heart of loyalty of heart, but be don't pay attention to a method, don't feel to have the necessity to pay attention to a way method, because he feels that he's hasing good heart has been all right already, I am a good person, I one heart is how are you, don't pay attention to situation, don't see object, let people not accept.On the means, way method the top a lot of mistakes happen, the good heart could not reach an anticipant purpose, the circumstance like this is nothing new, so say, the bad person's many spaces are good persons to leave.Someone keeps making what leadership like to flatter, who flatter to listen to whose, Be to be leadership critique of a words, the leadership should consider.From the another point of view, we descend class to proceed from good heart, but see the leadership keep making smelly words, he is unbearably tired for a day, you are still old with him and say this not to, that not to, this wants an improvement, that wants to notice, can he be not vexed?He assigns work to probably still have a not perfect place, but the work have to do right away, you the non- station come out to say to still have how much not perfect place, give°ed the atmosphere to break, you were a good heart, mainly is way method to be unsuited to proper.The heart good heart is bad to is hard to see clear a while, but, the way methods all keep a view, hence if take no account of a way method problem, as time passes, will appear a circumstance like this:Good heart, the somebody else didn't make sure;Bad

Love without end hath no end. The feeling is continuing, love limitless.

'I think cold and hunger,and his fear that the police would catch him,drove him mad.He ran round the moor in his mad ness,and fell over this edge,'I said.

"You return to continue self-discipline, these matter you don't want a tube!"After helping the small demon that to reprimand angrily to return to, the wolf demon suddenly thoughted of that ruler magic weapon, before hurriedly walking to there to the corpse of uncle Shi's niece.However wait a wolf demon two corpse after aring inside out come over discover their universe bag between the waists hasing already been missing.

Hear the car Xuan cross-examining of station, the Du flew to want to think, facial expression a whole, the positive color is to the car Xuan station way:"Elder generation, if I say this variation person to make a firm decision and exterminate us, you treat how?"

Absolute being song empire's backing a field is only this an episode on the battlefield, who also can't because of a failed but excessive attention.The courageous empire hussar that loses opponent hasn't responded to come over immediately and then be seized an opportunity by the soldier of fairy martial empire to exterminate, even connect effectively and resist don't organize.And those intercept absolute being song empire of heavy ride a soldier to then immediately meet together a type of the facing Dou absolute being empire of heavy ride a soldier to speed and go to, and those are received Si to cut to kill later on return rest of 300 heavy ride a soldier is also a courageous facing empire of heavy ride a soldier blunt kill but go to.When both parties the first 2,000 heavy ride the soldier meets of time seem two speed of offend a city car to hit together similar, because of this time is heavy ride a soldier and heavy ride a putting together of soldier to kill, so they all have already fought a sum in hand the knife lay up but change long gun, when both parties meet, grow the gun take to fight the horse speeds of the speed sting enter the body of the other party, be they pull out to grow a gun of time the blood follow long the gun stab jet in the hole of but, be a lot of want to stab a second gun of time but discover oneself's chest a pain then forever lose consciousness.One is later on blunt to kill two squares' person's horses nowise stop over forward to hurtle to, because of all is heavy ride a soldier so didn't appear just title tail to make track for the circumstance of shot, because they all need to be apart from to carry on acceleration.But they all forgot each a squarely and after death still have a to stir person's horse is hither rushing through.So these speed has already reduced slow of heavy ride soldier and those speed to attain highest point of heavy ride a soldier to collide with each other result nature need not say more, along with grow a stabbing of gun sign someone die on the spot.But the one party contains more than 900 persons, one square, but only 300 people, the difference on the number caused to kill to harm dint of different, the courageous empire is naturally to have to the utmost cheapness, only more than 200 persons pour at long gun under, but Dou absolute being empire but have nearly 500 people to forever leave.

"Sir orders a song?2 dollars money."When he presents the slip of song to my in front, I disdain to ground to repeatedly put a hand.However, he that whole body covered with to hang but arouse my interest:Hold violin all alone, take to begin to write all alone of song catalogue;The right side carries one old ErHu of chasing, the canvas of the left side inclined back wraps in explore a bamboo flute, wrap to outside still hang a with cuts and bruises all over enamel ware urn son to rock in the return, the certain context of "advanced worker" up printing is barely discernable.Probably like this and laughably attired to equally arouse an about 5-year-old boy of biggest curious, with the result that this kid have been tailgating him, and stir up the Xian of ErHu.Can he not bad impression, also ever and anon use the head that the caressing big hand Mo Suo wears a kid.

The road of life is in times gone by frustrated and rugged,

Just understand, at present of the gold is small to open Be no longer past the mankind who can be at will bullied by oneself.The Tan round checks again to take a look the sovereign Liao Kao on the hand, really is desire to cry have no tears-there the energy of noodles have already consumed 90% many, several near dried ups, this strong dint weapon has been already discarded.

Thought of here, the Du flies and then waves hand strange stone income concealed bead space.This rock background is mysterious, effect again very strange, the Du flies to decide to treat him to flow cloud territory with other three greatly spread to fix the monks of coming together the ground all income concealed bead space after, again with car wood two old like a research of research.

However use to work properly dint holdout the thunder robs of words, his body can not acquire Ning to do, this pouring is fish and bear's paw to can not have both at the same time!

Forget have been already become mad now, see the bandit run toward in addition to Zhai, make track for up naturally, and without extra trouble polish off them again.

Chapter 7 sorcery teacher(next)

Section 408 is satisfactory

The appearance had to think, the Du flies once the at heart jump and make track for a voice to ask a way.

The body form is one Shan, the west Wei Er sees to stay away the attack that the Ning does the warrior of Jing iron, but suddenly feels foot a tight, a rattan Man already he prison ground in the prison fixedly at ground up.

Those people mutually saw one eye and seemed to recognize a life station get up, one by one in order and outwardly walk to, however once walked at the last person blood servant nearby of time, he suddenly delivers dint to bump toward the blood servant and press it to fall on the ground up.Other several individuals the head didn't also return, but seemed the circumstance of knowing the behind and had no a person to make a noise at this time, just silently speed the step hurtled to go out.

For fly Cang and six lines of 2 people in the sky of Hong introduction, Du's flying to pour is that the impression is quite good, however can not reach to either guide the situation of the other party, so the inquiry that hears fly Hong now, the Du flies to take out from the ring with the hand three pieces of in the article star Yun iron, the cent gives them the way:"The self-discipline one way cares this heart, don't lean against to guide and then can progress.These three pieces of star Yun iron even if face the gift that don't present to you!"Say the Du fly to hope to fly Hong, when he have never responded to come over, will work properly to know to explore to go into his to know sea, accepted to return to the mentality bomb leaving in times before.

"!"After etc. finishes pouring to work properly a stone, the Du flies suddenly a detection bosom bamboo true person double the eye tightly stare at the universe on the his hand to quit, heart bottom immediately a surprised.He just wanted to quickly leave, but give°ed this Chi to forget!

Once in a very long while novel download the net collection tidy up a mature magic power woman-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

"Wood at, you come over to see!"Six cans settled map for a long time, suddenly eyes are 1.

Seal to traverse wry smile to shake head, say:"In fact you need not worried of, these originally be give you the preparation of, that rabbit still had many fleshy of, so threw away too unfortunately."

(Five)good is always rewarded, who break pay.Good is always rewarded, the evil will be compensated with evil is kind people's wishes, the essential fact in the life, but isn't all facts, be say to still have a part kind not get kind report, bad not get retribution.The good is always rewarded, the evil will be compensated with evil, is a system to like first.But the system cans not promise, either very much kind all have a kind report, bad all have retribution, life be so.If is all kind all get a kind report, work well a person also not only glory;Is all bad all get retribution, no one did wrong, as long as do wrong, definitely get homologous retribution, who dare to also do wrong?BE an each time stealing of the petty thief necessarily be grasped, dare to steal things for no one.The person has to have a conviction and recognize a quasi- target change not, the valuable place of the good person right here, believe good is always rewarded, can also bear

Didn't is as far as Europe to the north from Yemen, the road leaving wanted you walk by yourselves of, if we rush through with the ship, that will round up a , cost of the time sea went."Black eldest brother seldom and honestly explanation way.

Once smelt the Nu smelling fame joy the bad company coming to good friend but smelling fame perhaps once smell the Xin keeping forgiving private to gradually go on a blind date

Fully toss about two day, distance snow this just fully satisfiedly pass a gold small open.

After re- feeling the existence of fire tooth, gold small happy medium exultation, hurriedly sink into own consciousness to the unseen among.Is small in the gold and open to attain four rank awakening degree behind, he finally can independently get into his own the unseen, but no longer is passively pulled by fire tooth go into.

"Do you also want to study fire to fasten sorcery?"The thunder receives virtuous smell speech of eyes a bright, then throw down the thing in the hand, come over here a way, " wants don't I give° my insight personal letter you?"

Is helpless under, the gold is small to open to have to drill into that to make slot in, however O.K., at least need not take off clothes take.

"Hua!"The earth vitality,such as tidewater, separates and concealed therein big guy to finally peep out its real appearance!

"Younger generation the summer that know with the whole world group in Hong Kong blares Ms. Xue relevant, concrete how, also want to carry on a survey again!"For this, Du's flying don't conceal.Because blare snow along with his summer of contact, Wu Meng's affirmation will receive news, that is straight-tempered now say clearly!

Jade at male this just the openings say:"Purple elder sister Yi didn't make you forgive your father now and said the words being not good to listen sentence, you doesn't go home, he connects and all has no for your opportunities of apology, then say, even if he thinks apology, can only can also when you go home, secretly say to you, you also want to make the his coming give you apology here, he so big age, there is also own face of, much less he is still a feudalistic ideas is some overdo persons, you refuse to budge like this, the both sideses can't lower the head of, finally only wait simultaneously died first, moreover simultaneously leave an infinite regret.And Xu Wen Tao also said for me, hoped you can go home once, didn't say that you must recognize that and forgive your father, hopes that you can have a look him.Your aring is opportunity to give him an apology, this opportunity don't you think to an old people?"

"Good opportunity!"See Xuan frost along with this shot, the side after death peeped out one silk blank on schedule in the left rib, green tunic the black beard male is dark and call a , the left shoulder is tiny and lift, prepare and put together shoulder and get hurt and hold up Xuan of the bayonet of frost, then the right boxing drum foot work properly dint and prepare one shot and let Xuan frost lose and resist of dint.

Although the hot and dry emotion of the R country cools off, among them crazily black dragon will have been without a break sending a person to come to Z country to cause disturbance, so this period of time, Long Zu's work seems to be more busy.

See the appearance that the Du flies, the Yan left then a Gong body to withdraw quiet room, then small run before going to of hall.He knows that his own each and every move's flying one degree elder is all knowing, so not dare is the least bit lazy.

Because just of gun battle, one of the whole avenue confusion, contacts of pedestrian Duo road but escape, turning an eye the prosperous street has already become one disconsolate, leave severals still to burn in "the Mao Mao Pa Pa" of fly a car.Still some daring strangers hide to spread at the company of wayside in, secretively the facing looks about here.

The gold is small to open pain and sufferings under the impact of that information big current thousand times, that is complete function's pain and sufferings in the soul deep place, not only unavoidable, even still compare general of pain and sufferings is more strong, make him very anxious to depart from this life right away!His soul body the violent quiver wear, the gold color of the outward appearance the ray of light is suddenly strong suddenly dark, that is he at try very hard to of holdout and persistence!

The gold is small to open point to nod, haven't waited he to talk, sea the figure of Si have been already disappeared, close behind surrounding temperature in the space suddenly rises, the sky in imitate the limitless fire sea that the Buddha appears one red red, wink those Sas for escaping second person's book go in!

Then Tang Long direct walk toward the doorway to, the jade still thinks at the male end Tang Long all different idea, as a result time for doorway, group leader Tang didn't also return of come to 1:"What get married to say for me a , I sought BV to calculate Zhang."

Hear rather drinking of Peng voice, the pure Huang also has to the Xing Xing forget about it, while cloud dream believe in of person but is if meet general amnesty, connect to roll to take to climb of leave.Cloud dream believes in in the medium-sized group an end to just flow, the only two Qiaos early monk stays in in the door and accept pupils to all blow each time the smallpox fall to indiscriminately, these years really cheated many natural intelligences quite good

"Two of your younger brother's skins are fertile and Zhan Mu Si?"After Du flew to use to work properly to know to scan the whole base 1 turn, discovereds that the big cat kitty is 32, then speaks Luo inquiry way being toward the Ai.

Used to work properly to know to looking at company's brigade to enter tribe, but gushed a lot of women and children in tribe, Du's flying finally could make sure, this is a life in the race in the desert, while that company's brigade is what their parties goes out to buy supplies.

The "I really unexpectedly will have so many, " Holmes in astonishment says.

" Card card!Is really great!"The sight that is small to open, listen to a dint and physical strength all far super normal person, so basically Be not afraid of to run the red light, as long as canthus remaining simply once sweeping know that the vehicle that the both sides appear actually will can't hit himself/herself.The gold is small to open accelerator one feet trample throughout, the speed of the police car promotes crazily and absolutely becomes a quickly passing time in the cope of night, the direction of the facing city outside superhighway crazy Mao but go.

"Still occupy?"The Louis Si master smells speech one Zheng, immediately some nervously say, " you can't be going to fight alliance and that skin again duel!"

Hear seal more leave to mention oneself a childhood, seal a Ling immediately a burst of suffered, seal to more leave to seem to know that oneself puts her foots into it and immediately says:"The truth or falsity is a, originally a solid way.Only have, can have falsely and turn actually.The whole way Ji, the Ning annoys into the soldier's persons much like ox hair, but this heel falsely the net is just burning emanative of the shot is different.The secondary rainbow clothes also affirmed to discover that, otherwise, falsely the net is burning to is still not sufficient to make him use to usually see sword."

"Du eldest brother, you say to consider as an outsider so stem what!"Hear the Du fly a tunnel, the strange way of Xu Ting Chen, " at the beginning if not that you saved

Fantasize very for a while after, Chen Jing just very unwilling to part with regain to return reality, start doing a lot of thinking a thinking to leave Du to fly throughout whether can go?But step by step analyze along with Chen Jing, she

There, but Sun Mou can not discover this sunshine person's flaw.Two people so on on every occasion staring at to see the other party, hope that the other party can endure to can not bear to lead off to make moves, so oneself can find out the flaw of the other party.

He learned an issue to resist

After producing variety of rice bamboo Mr., seem become only in the novel just exist of"crazy warrior", the vehemence is crazy to grow.However his attack method still keeps being the mode that gobbles up:Biting in the globosity that he afloat wears that red before the body is crystal, a prop has the red light of explosion strength not to live projection.But current red only shoot frequency will be farer far high than in times before, absolutely as connecting to shoot automatic weapon!

Shake head, way:"Again have no.If your life span will soon end, that still oneself prepare funeral affairs.To, after waiting you to die, you that not and completely gobbles up a pit to send to how am I?Some customers is still more interested in to this kind of thing ……"

The jade moves a bottom to arrive at Lin Mu Xue again right away at the male, this time jade at male have no again make Lin Mu Xue escape, but an embraced her to say:"Mu snow, like, I know wrong still don't go, I make your Lin Jie still don't go, Lin Jie, I am getting wronger.Although the cocoa is the first,you see her appearance affirmation being not worthy to elder sister and at last and not just making you come to town to live a condition in the future."

Along with the beginning of gambling party, the Du flies to also feel some oddness, that the guy clamoring still has a flank of the lose remain 3,000th, ten thousand of, seem wager Shu level general, even the sequences of card in the lotus officer's hand can not all remember, leave of the yellow race person is a little bit notter so bad, but he also just only can remember a card, have no other what skill.

The gold is small to open today and green bird two people's arrival, stimulated fire to blaze the soul of snake

, Also released, didn't shrink back at 1:00 of fist this hand to say:"My meeting of, tightly seize firmly, I absolutely can't release of, rabbit rabbit, can you also wipe face for you?"

The fire tooth is also shocked not small, however it opens than the small gold to feel of a little bit more, make a noise a caution gold small open a way:"Is carefully some, I felt existence a great power to whence come in!"

Those black dress persons who assault an imperial palace weren't grasped severals, real destructors all successfully escaped absolute being all, and grasp of those also however just chicken lobster rice, even if cross-examine could not ask as well what.

'I cannot answer that,'I said,' but there is something else I don' t understand.Why was the hound out on the moor tonight?Stapleton would not let it go out unless he thought Sir Henry was there.'

"Hereafter not be seeking this kind of giant meteorite again to hide a body!"After wanting to understand, the Du flew self-ridicule ground to smile to smile, then an in a sudden move sneak in just sent out the star that the energy ties, after the concealed body observed the variation person of this star, the Du flies to immediately adjust body up of work properly A, change clothing with more ordinary whole body, this just turned Cape place to appear a body form in an avenue of city.

Will enter door to before and first ask for a while:"someone at"?Enlarging a volume first has to make the person in the hall know while willing walk into hall;If someone pleases ask:"you are who", want to speak oneself's name while answering, if says "I" or"I", the other party's canning not hear clearly is exactly who.We want to use the other people's product, have to before the event to the person speak clearly, if wasn't allowed and then go fetch to use, that

The circumstance like this lets Li Jun more of six absolute beings are ownerless, know how oneself delivers again and all has no after the function Li Jun and tightly hugs the head that the leaf sings breeze inside the dint, the falling of the tears a drop per drop sings the face of the breeze at the leaf up.Feel Li Jun's tears falls the leaf in the face at oneself to sing breeze to become nervous more at this time, but after so long time he

"Hum, don't knit the brows."See the Du fly to wrinkle up eyebrows, car Xuan the station Be cold to hum 1, decide to sprinkle cool water for him, let him because fix to living an overbearingly rude heart to destroy for being rapid to promote but, " your boy now didn't°yet the self-discipline divide time?Is diverted initial stage can refine one and divide time, the middle is two, behind expect to altogether can divide time by self-discipline 3, don't think and divide time just use to investigate and flee for life of thing, that kind of just use occult art self-discipline of false divide time just, truely diverted period what monk refines divides time and own completely similar to the essence Wei ability, is also say, own three divide time of diverted behind expect monk, completely be 400% at the Weis of the essence ability, but match a body and expect monk, be divides time these and does the fusion as integral whole with this Ning, its effect more and mutually adds so in brief!"

"Green elder sister!"After getting the secretary's notification, if summer the Xi joys step walks into six very green offices and sees six green way of starting to face to come over, then laughing merrily to say "hello"s. http://twitter.com/]twitter.com[/url]

"You is this bond maid what is the row?I ask you a question, make moves to attackstone to me, is your teacher to teach so yours?"Stretch hand 1:00, broke to go to a clever attack of week, the Du flew not from a bit angry.Think to anyone meets a puzzling attack, the moods are all not good to arrive where go to.

'But you must keep to the path between the Stapletons'house and the Grimpen road,which is your natural way home.Do not leave the path.'

Suddenly the ray of light in together dark blue spouts to shoot from the vacillating ground but, a close behind weird thing from in slowly rise!That thing looks and then seems blue that is huge to have no companion huge egg and with half an eye go up absolutely more even huge than a knoll, spread all over complicated black grain and let the whole"huge egg" be full of a kind of mysterious unfathomable felling on the outer shell of that thing.Because that thing rises, the second half part rears gradually, over there the lower half outer shell of huge egg up, living six nearly two meter thick tentacle-like in shape structure, still closely distribute many thing with similar suckers on that tentacle.

Those four empty boats at break out of whirlpool undercurrent behind, immediately shake to sway facing afar to escape, don't dare to stop over any further.See this prospects, the gold is small to open the this place of place to get empty boat up immediately shout, everyone's excitement doesn't win already and after all of this tall ship but He He well-known black privateer brigade, hereafter cans provide air opinion in the leisure time of talk property!

"Ha ha ha ha!"The Cha degree sees the form cachinnation get up, behind of those strong men also follow cachinnation and seem to take a gold small open to be have fun of tool.

The street Arab being released soon runs don't copy, and leave of two street Arabs drive Louis Si the master brought back a cent meeting, after some kind of tests, drive Louis Si the master accepted to make pupil, is also master elder brother and two elder sister Shises whom the Du flies.

"Xi Xi, I see be you to enjoy very much?This is a little beauty."Distance snow smiles happily ground to say in a side

"You of the president of association, I didn't attain five planets."Xin Ji's president of association just in the fancy, but cold not defend be flown by the Du to sprinkle basin cold water.

Sun Mou swept one eye after letting go of a long distance mirror in the hand nearby public, discover these people's airs all seem to be very seriously, know oneself thinks of of these people equally think, but is the armed forces commander-in-chief of he absolutely doesn't can let own misgiving the soldier of under charge sees, sees he deeply take a suck at spirit loudly of shout a way:"The armed forces listens to make, work well defense preparation, make me ten square, give no quarter!"The words sound that strives for along with, four country about 1,000,000 allied troops greatly drink a way at the same time:"Make me ten square, give no quarter!Give no quarter!"The billowing voice from a distance spread to go out.

Engrave and returned to oneself body up.

"Teacher Lee, today is that you came over!Pain pain!"Waited until a village, Chen put fish hamper first part, then put on to put on a hand on the clothes, take out a box of good smoke, smiled to send to come toward that fishing company of weighed teacher to face up.

"I say what, all so, I hereafter listen to everything your be, however do you when know my game name?"Qian Xiao Qing still cannoted help but asking oneself's in the mind the question for a long time.

Ya Wei Shen flies for Du to have tremendous hatred to read.

The gold that the idea still don't exert is small to open to walk out from the stone house, the abundant dollar dint signs

"That takes leave!"Elder brother Kai's arch arch hand, and under charge facing the door outside walk.

Seal Ling have already discovered the heart that oneself could not feel a left Huai while lightning flash is falling in, hence oneself also breaks off with hand is bare with Hui of contact, trail long long purple flame, head for that lightning flash.

"It is said that the Du flies eldest brother?How to disappear?"After Du flew to just walk, the Xiao Hui suddenly ran to come over and saw only have Xu Ting Yi individual and had some to interrogatively ask a way.

Open widely time of young Chuan always foolish on the mineral, Be getting more carefree and then like is 12 with others' wager, waited until to become millionaire now, can not also quit this trouble.So, he had a leisure, run Ao area wager, however he also knows that he's level is smelly, comes to take one each time several 100,000, lost everything and then walk person, also at last have forbearance.

"Boon?"Hear the inquiry that the Du flies, the summer blares

The jade presses a leaf at the male cloud Qian, 2 people chest to the chest, so jade at then the male can completely feel this greatness be not, otherwise jade at how to still do male.

However some matters I can't forget forever!

However the activity this time is still to take a little monkey to wait a person, this lets this helps younger brother complaints are heard everywhere.The gold is small to open to figure out the way that handles these people very quickly, that is the training burden that enlarges them, let them basically have no opportunity entertain foolish ideas!Is small to open in the gold of that flies boat in, the lord controls among the room of the that regiment mentally dense material can produce extremely true virtual dreamland, getting into the persons of insides can get a rigorous training and exaltation.

The self-discipline finishes a chain body article after, the Du flies to take out to spread achievement jade Chien a research to have a strategies article.He was full of interest to the strategies before, the strategies became the importance in the chain machine one wreath again now, and he even wants to draw out time to study every day.

What an irony!

Is what solemn and impressive and luxurious

"Two elder brothers, you say if is a four star classes the superior have bad heart to the our small male house, with our real strenght of small male house, can resist?"Hear two querying of elderses, four elders are some to unhappily counter-question a way.Immediately let many elders all understand to come over.If the somebody else gold Dan expects the superior has to the small male house what scheme, completely can above boardly kill to come in, even if thoroughly reply a small male house to put out is not a difficult matter either, why the need for play what idea!

The others occupies, busy must have no at leisure, don't seek a matter to disturb him;The other party mind and body is very unstable, we don't use ground language interference of carefree speech again he.The other people's shortcoming will never make public, the other people have a secret not to want to make people know, and we don't want to speak.

In response to although the dint isn't Wu Meng's middleman,also know that the Dan medicine is in the precious in Wu Meng.Because take part in with Long Zu's consociation activity, he handed over how many dragons set friend, time chew the fat, he once made fun ground to once inquire, their self-discipline whether wrote like the novel of so, could having various miracle drug wonder drug let people's capability advance by leaps and bounds?Who know those friends listen to his make fun behind but didn't smile, on the contrary full face Xian color ground tell him and really have miracle drug wonder drug in the self-discipline, only those Dan medicine only the inborn expect above superior just can get, be like them those connect inborn's expecting don't get into of chicken lobsters rice, canned be in mind to consider!

Chapter 10 double wins

"Are you to say to capture if is the Tong really probably Mo Chou Gu?"The clan is growing palace room, the beautiful surprised Hong listens to perfect to fix if of Xu say, immediately wrath up flow out.

"Cease operation for a month?"Listen to before fixing attention on Chu is wild to make collective report of news, five Yes touched touch chin, way, " since so, that you arrange of the matter put first, wait they to start practice to say again!"Finish saying and then signal hint Chu wild descend first to go to.

Wait until in evening a cent, the quiet Du in the room flies just comfortable tone, backed out from the contemplation.Process for a while the absorption of noon, his mentality has already completely repaired.

Water is pure to work properly purse one's lips a smile:"This is my dad's meaning."

"The token of promise that is a distance pistil to hand over to me, you should know?"

See along with teeing off of oneself's fingerprint, the gold fastens to attackstone strategies gradually at knife body last formation.The Du flies heart in a pleased, Be controling to work properly burning temperature and slowly firing away that fingerprint.

See the not wanting of the moxa that the gold is small to open to expect a moxa take out money, elder brother Hu in a twinkling turns angry face and explodes with rage and receive more than ten under charges dashes up and aim at a gold small open be strike and kick, all of all money finally search to walk from his body full general.

The gold is small to open to shockedly conjecture the whole hall, the vision changes direction sea Si way:"Here actually is where?Do you how can know here?"

"This clearly returns to be just a kid, that is the old man ……seal into the old man and the kidses all the crystal stone throw here and if not that being seen by us, perhaps they will be haded been sealing till dead?"Distance snow is angrily some gravamen, the sympathy overflows.

"Thank!"See six green strong the disappointment for pressing down, the Du flies to have no again the Xi smile, but sincere tunnel voice.

The jade knows that several females all drink at the male many of, so especially the idea bought some fresh milk and bought good thing after 2 people to return to small area.

In fact before saying hello, six celebrate north not to think six green will have good facial expression to him, after all the matter he do in those early years, the place that lets a younger sister down is really too many.But surprisingly six green hear his say hello, not only didn't jilt face son for him and on the contrary smiled back a , the momentary lets six celebrate north heart in consumedly excitement get up.

Leaf cloud Qian Zhang Zhu's mouth sees toward Tang can son, she how also surprisingly she trust most of good friend unexpectedly so give°ed she to abandon, cast away oneself wolf nest to prepare what he or she escape.

The single-item game that carries on after is positive if add the virtuous wood says of so, perform of the form is larger than a game of form.The only an exception is game of Wu Zhe's, the leaf sings breeze and Li Jun already near exchange blows for the third time, both parties all to each other of the real strenght has very deep understand.This time a come up be let go to hand over towards fighting, gun palm reading, fly a sand to walk stone.As for the Mu permits sky and Sun Zhong to also fight in the regiment in suppress full of pent-up anger, very not easy find out an opponent that can vent now, naturally Qing dint but BE.If these all of four people are one war with all strength, take before basically forgetting teacher Dui says, a wish and defeat the other party.The very present last assize obstructs these four people in time, otherwise is been similar to to so large-scale energy of regiment war to pound at again be presenting to public.

Spend several days, when the lantern complete quickly, the boy's friends tells him, the girl has already had a boyfriend, time is a junior high school, and to that girl is very well ……

"Weng!"This handle a double-edged sword is flown by the Du a to take out, immediately struggle to want to fly to walk.See this circumstance, the Du flies where also don't know this handle a double-edged sword to have been already worked properly, is a work properly sword!Unfortunately the Du flies the method that hasn't found out to accept to work properly a machine now and felt sorry for ground to see a hand in

"Monster evil emissary?Are you to say that the usage invokes the person of monster?"The gold is small to open after hearing this word, feel some oddness.

The problem of lies in at that time I didn't thought of this, my reaction just proceeded from the feeling of that a moment, I deeply sank at that time scene cause of emotion inside.These emotion is thus strong, make the matter that I could not see heart to truely want to do.

For the sake of careful rise to see, the gold is small to open silently resume own original appearance, this just prepare to drive empty the boat get into a red road rock under of abyss.However that underneath of the cloud and mist glue more dense strong, also can not tell actually some what things, doing not know as well the meeting can't have what dangerous.

Have already left and shouted the Du of city flies especially, be still just as since going toward ground is western line of, don't know that he may deeply sink the disaster of the Hu Lun, and shout city especially also because his stop over be turned over a bottom by the police dynasty sky, sweep away many hide dirt of, at last contribute for large citizen, have never worked in vain and live 1.

Four people, who rush to come, see one Leng after this scene, immediately a see take the lead of humality:"You release him, we put you to walk!"

Chapter 5 is quiet is the Mi of the name of dry gentleman

'I hope you're right,'said Sir Henry.'I'm sure we're breaking the law.But I don't want to get Barrymore and his wife into trouble,so I shall not tell the police.I shall leave Selden in peace.'

The tooth Liao eye pupil sons that see all these all want to stare out, shocked way:"The yous, you just invoked a monster ……do not don't run into those people?"

Year the bitterness of the evil fire chain soul!"

This is also"azure stone crystal wall" that seal Ling Jian Hui's heart's once displayed.Only don't know compare Hui heart of strong lead how much doubly.

Make duplicate a body explication way:" The second rank trains a contents to include three aspects:Body Shu, bite crystal and bite a treasure, please choose."

The non- saint book holds not and sees my intelligent bad heart ambition not from suddenly and violently and not from leave saint with wise can tame to

"Fly one degree elder brother to just come in!"Open hole mansion front door, the Zhu Hua Dao person hurriedly smiled to fly Du to faced into.And that Gan trunk highway person also in the mansion, also stand to start at the moment, fly to mean esteem to the Du.

"Elder generation haven't you heard fairy city?"See the Du fly appearance with startled look, other a few member of team face up all peeped out a difference color, however the in a little moment releases however.The monk that flies this kind of bitterness to fix to be from to the Du, estimates those and the self-discipline didn't the slightest relate to of news, he can't notice, either at 1:00.

The leaf sings breeze to looking at to smile the sunshine country that the idea sings 5 people and one face ashamed and resentful color whole body shiver of Li Jun know now F the square only still have a certain mobility by himself[herself], and Li Jun just can give relief to as well by himself/herself.Thought of the leaf here sings breeze to say to the big:"No matter how it is thank you can according to actually and mutually tell, don't know that you can give me a little times?"The big smiles a way:"How do you prepare to counteract poison for her here?The young man in nowadays returns be really brave.Like, this gives you this time."Leaf's singing breeze to imitate a Buddha has never heard the teasing of big is as general as four females' bewitching smiles, the chest that sees him walking to Lee to handsomely and after death let Li Jun's body lean on him on, the left hand then presses at Li Jun's top of head on.

20 how old persons are probably for the sake of the love but give up natural affection.Certainly say like this.Not that didn't they know to show filial obedience parents.It equally are also parents to bring up them for several years.But.Because the age grows up.The social career increases.They will have more more wide understanding.Fructified more friends.It is same.Their feelings to the parents will also slowly become thin.Combining can't be like similar in childhood so of dependence.They will thought of.Can accompany oneself to finish leading this whole life of the person is his/her own companion.But isn't parents.After all the parents can accompany them to finish walking this whole life of the day can't grow too much.Hence.If at ten thousand the circumstance for canning not help under.Don't make a choice between the love and the natural affection.They will for the sake of love but give up natural affection.Because they believe.If parents really for the sake of they good.Will approve their choices.Should bless them.If parents must they give up their their own love and happinesses.That also just parents selfish kind of way of doing.Show filial obedience parents to not necessarily want to be foolish every day at them nearby.But is see you having this heart.Have this heart enough!

"The crystal cube insides all take not to come out, however blend in the your body of ……I see for you."The fire tooth seemed to discover what, the voice keeps on being dead silent a while.

Stand in the summer thunder of one side, summer rain seeing arrive nearby has already gone up to weep aloud trend as well and quickly comes forward a way:"The children just came back and made them wash Shu take a rest quickly and waited until an evening us to said again!"

After hurtling into that red light, vegetables green insect's the whole body immediately and then is like a balloon sort for blowing breath, suddenly inflate, just several next breathe of effort, it has already inflated to become a diameter as half rices a much large ball!

The Zhuo loose true person sees a form, toast to in the sky fly toward the Du tiny signaled hint for a while, then also generously quaffed in one gulped, the atmosphere in the station immediately resumed again in times before easily comfortable.

"We is what person you need not know, because you are about to die right away!"The silver wolf sees that criminal police member of team take out a gun to point at them, cold in the eye only one Shan, just blue hair woman the spirit been subjected to by in front immediately has already vented a place over there.Finish saying body form one Shan, don't treat that criminal police member of team to respond to come over, already Duo his hand in of rob, and conveniently wear one feet Chuai at his belly, let that criminal police member of team throw up blood not only.

This next two femaleses all had no way, because all of this posture their heads are the shoulders that leans on jade at the male top, they want to by hand protect chest again, from

Fly to the Du suddenly coming up to, the solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance to surely have no mental state preparation, but with the real strenght of his five planets high class, at two connect to touch under, still easily fly Du the earthquake back, however the step that he pounds at by himself stop next.

Once fightses."The thunder receives virtuous Song shrug, don't want to discuss it later to talk about this problem, " little younger brother Shi, I take you to see a few of my friends, the person here is mostly stuffy, only they can talk to get with me."

"The Du flies, you What an a genius!"Finish listenning to the Du fly ground to relate, Louis Si the master is great a , then try to display, however he a connected to display quite a few times to fail.

"What?"Smell speech Carter get a shock, he just still wanted that making is clear is the murderer exactly what things, now the other party but don't give him the opportunity of reaction at all!

"Little president Xiong, I didn't disturb you to see performance, if you have what order receive a , I at the outside wait."Respect small male after farmland take to recall~to the mind sea G doorway, the skill Ji building boss's wife knows interest the ground told to back.But the small male respect a farmland nearby those two bodyguards used to do appearance, then a left a right guard at doorway, look to pour is have much of vehemence!

Know to born?The person wants to experience a lot of loving, anger, saddness, and happinesses in the middle of existing, pleased want to be pleased of happy, the Nu wants Nu of generous, the Ai wants Ai to understand, joy want to enjoy sincerely.We experienced to living, be want at have every day a rare day is happy, every day sincere, always face, second second fights for!At living of each a moments want to live true my elegant appearance and live the life of coming from the letter!

"Everyone notices a concealment body form and sees whether surroundings spreads all over a material ground in a sky treasure."See the rash elder admit mistake, person of hush at is not a lot of either to say him under the circumstance like this what, then gave repeated advice to 1 and signaled hint them to start searching toward three elders.

It is your heart.

"The can't ……want an explosion?"The gold is small happy medium misgiving, the mentality penetrates everywhere ground to explore to go into that wildfire ball, can feel inside contain of strength just at violent flow out, however seeming didn't explode of evidence.

The black tunic person passed to like this protect regardless of the method of expending the strength temporarily peaceful, but so also all right already.As long as canning procrastinate this seven so other directions to there is enough time cracking an other war, but at under a moment he discovers to come from the attack in the strategies to suddenly increase.The change of circumstance is the long gun that comes from a left hand and one pole pale red color, that left hand every attacks is the arrogants are hundred percent, while that pole grow the attack of gun but is that the desolate spirit is very thick.This hand one pole gun the nature is to come from a leaf to sing breeze and Li Jun, seven kill the groundwork of is the desolate spirit that the leaf sings the arrogant that the breeze oneself brings and Li Jun to break to take to have in the soldier gun, have no these supporting of two kinds of strength seven kill absolutely can't develop so big power.The leaf sings breeze and Li Jun's completion to say is seven kill an of eye, so now two people of every the attack is in brief so much more than all attack of oneself, two people's each action will start to arouse seven to kill the cold idea in and kill of spirit.By so doing equal to whole strategies carry on an attack to the black tunic person at the same time.Black tunic person again strong also is not likely to resist to come from the attack of cooperating of 10,000 people at the same time.

In fact, my in the mind also very clear, three although and"king" be good friends with, his mind's eye docile, don't wish to humiliate a person.This is him that is bright, consumedly of eyelid with single fold eyes tell mine, friendly, make you basic need not frightened he.Remember that time, I have to hope three eyes, but as to it's his boy, especially"king", I don't dare to face once.

Probably being to remember fondly a person too much were old to once feel for seven days of too slow, cloud has never led a felling like this.Remember the mightiness that Gao San had a little to think a house, but far and far had no now while lodging at.

The gold is small to open a point to nod, spread to read a way to the impress:"You can affirm your clansmen hereafter no longer with mankind is enemy?In case of have to there is a big summer clansmen wanting to deal with mankind how to do again?Still have, how to handle this origin core?"

Don't understand, I wanted what you cultivated be not four bear each other out, I send you to fight to rob a door, what you cultivated certainly was a war to rob knife."

"Ha ha."The Du flew to smile to smile, but didn't explain, let jade full head fog water.

"Go to!Remember to lose no time!"

The Du flies to know to work properly a machine is can along with fixing of host for but evolution, he if hereafter come to a fairy class, even higher grade, that this space works properly a machine, absolutely can grow up for work properly a treasure in top of existence!

"Fix really city with each other?The beginning of next month of"suddenly hear the Du fly to pose a qualified question, the Hong Xian way is person's one Leng, flash across in eye one silk suspicious ray of light, immediately again resumed in times before consumedly of shape, " a, feather empire in the sky of have no meeting of Huang plateau from nearby few Zong Men hold once city with each other, the Du flies an old younger brother if want to change what things, can see to there.However fix really all of the primary trade objects in the city are some gold Dans to expect above elder generation with each other, the old younger brother goes there to have to be more careful!"

"Boon, you take a rest a short while first now, go out for teacher and you car teacher Zu the company measure some matter, leading will come right away to explain in detail method Jue for you."See Lin Wan Er is an and finish and finish and respect respectfullly of shape, Du fly know the impression that stayed to her before too Gao Gao at ascend, make now really have estranged feeling, can heart in wry smile a, treat hereafter make up.

"Stop, don't beat my dad!"Lin Wan Er after running into Lin Er Jia, the first eye sees the father be rounded to beat, she also neglects at the moment of person the small dint is little, spare no effort to pull leave her a recent big fellow outwardly the Ye go, but with her energy, basically can not the Ye move.

"Elder generation Qiu now still just their halt ground and wait a bid be over after will deliver chip."Lin Hai Tian knows that the speech is all.

"Have you this sentence us to trust!"Thou blunt looking at Li Jun that to tightly hold tight the right hand of breaking the soldier gun to say.

Tang can son a hear this voice immediately the in the mind is happy medium mix up with angry, become overdo to come to looking at just bad smile to looking at own jade at the male, see the face that makes oneself love and hate, Tang can the son stretch out right away moreover a hand is "malicious" in the jade in the male's waist of carried for a while, is really too hateful, oneself came, but he packs to sleep to make fun of himself/herself.

Looking at the smiling face jade of the ruby glitter in month in the male's in the mind but some more of discomfort, this kind of felling since the childhood he once appeared once, that be his parents wants to go out of that, jade at male still small, don't know these, but that feels that he can't forget during a lifetime, because the 28th day after he had this felling, his parents disappeared together with airplane a heap of of the ruins, finally can find back of have nothing at all.

I soon met another neighbour of Sir Henry's.His name was Mr Frankland,and he lived about four

The boy falls back a skidding and see a younger sister from the behind heel come up, he stared at a younger sister with beautiful of posture dynasty he slipped, he also knows, oneself can not slip forever so beautiful.

The orchid degree is also a bit helpless:"Being apart from us is recent, only have thunder empire, our empty boat not big, can fly to there already very force.If want to round to open to get to other places here, perhaps having not flown to the half us is famished.I think, as long as you aren't active to cause trouble, perhaps he can't notices you, either."

After knowing this news, the Du flew and then had no to find out again, anyway tomorrow be weekend, he directly go that skill Ji by that time building be.But now, the Du flies to then want to well stroll Tokyo City.

The gold is small to open some blush with shames:"But …… I am the hijacker of the bank now ……"

"Turn over mountain?"The gold was small to open white his one eye, say:"The strength of the ancients is very terrible, perhaps the top of hill stays defense to forbid to make a type of thing, we are still that the honesty go in from the door."

Reflect into seal to traverse an eyelid, is a middle age, carry on the back to toward oneself, sit on a smaller stone table top, the table up has abundant meal.The middle age seems to is really to enjoy everything here, is dissolving the sky of hole, hang this a moment night bright pearl, this is the light source that the attraction seals a Ling .

"Boon."Looking at Du to fly the bottle in the hand to pack beverage, the wave is green to hesitate a short while, but finally still has no crest to live to lure, once took beverage to drink.

", The dollar baby expects!"The power that feels green dollar sword, that monk of gold Dan is surprised to roar a , petrified.The monk didn't upwards promote a period rank, real strenght will produce turn everything upside down the geologic change turn, don't say now they four gold Dans expect monk, even if ascend ten gold Dans behind expect of monk, estimate also escape just in the hand that can expect monk at the baby of dollar life!

The jade lowers the head to looking at this at the male, he acquaints with very much to even once see not to know how much time of videotape, slowly render unto to very and not and well prepare feeling to appear at a burst of male for the later jade of Chen Xiao Wei.

Walk into a hole mansion the hall, the Du flies to accompany car Xuan station and wood Huai 2 people the station then is in the part after the stone in the hall sits down before the table, while the others come in.


"I just had already asked the Na gram many elders, he said basically ten hours after, can install an enough medicine virus!"Want to come to give 1,200 bottles of wars alliance medicine in

"Wood elder generation before can't be the profession builds a transmission of?"See the wood Huai act such hemp benefit, the Du flies surprise a short while, not from tiny take to puzzle that the ground asks a way.

"But those fishing Bas seem and the gang in the city contain creeping vine ……" hears the consolation of two eggs, the big dog is still a bit not rest assured.

What things have fun still the important person is many, if person without much time not so interesting, the cloud Qian and Qian Xiao Qing two people of leaf visited in a short while and feel to have no what mean in Shui-li, because without jade at male this greatly makes absolute being, their two people has no companion again, certainly feel have no interesting, they don't prepare a practice swimming again and prepare to enter water to have fun, will feel dull naturally.

"You now of so can not harm to this Jing monster, is because of the relation of my environment.It was originally a Jing monster that absorbed the earth vitality and birth, as long as it was being placed in this environment, will be born a matchless strong attack and defence capabilities, even if your person dided not also use more again.However I have a way to isolate to open it with surroundings the contact of the environment is at that time made moves by you, nature can exterminate it."The card pulled to in detail explain for a while actually how do.

The gold is small to open to nod to promise, suddenly think of a problem, short cut:"Just do I see the strength that you used to forbid a machine on the empty boat?You are actually how to attains, how do I have been canning not also make use of to forbid a machine?"

When you walked into our class for the first time classroom, I fancied tiger head tiger brain of you, but the gradual teacher discovered have lazy and careless shortcoming on your body, they have already seriously obstructed your progress, even retreat.Hoping you are early some to kick out them, make oneself become is intelligent.

The gold is small at the moment the one in the brain opening disorder, he how also surprisingly, oneself unexpectedly and so brave, dare in the center rob a person in more than ten rascals!

"Is successful!"Suddenly the fire tooth surprise ground called.

"Start walking faster!"The Du flies to see owners to all gather and waved hand to orderany a , then lead off a Teng body to start to fly, the five other squads long leads each member of team to keep up with one after another.

A normal mankind's intelligence, physical strength and experience etc. information, although complications changes more,the form of gene is existed to each cell in.Usually write like this on some science fictions:A small parts of body organization used someone, can the complete gram of Long come out an and the essence have no two to of gram Long person!Intelligence, muscle body, the handwriting even connecting a habit or writing is also all exactly alike.

Smell speech Feng Jiao and then take out her identity jade card, remind at the same time that the Du flies a way:"The Dan medicine is 117 first grade crystal currencies, just of three achievement methods are 60 first grade crystal currencies, altogether 177 first grade crystal currencies.However the Du flies a friend to hold a blue identity jade card, can offer a 20% discount, and way the friend before put down of five first grade crystal currency deposits, now pay 136 first grade crystal currencies again 60 in article the crystal currency is all right."

Method, the somebody elses all felt.I promote a person to want to be quick clearly, don't conceal standpoint, but the good person should even notice a way method.I am the adviser that Chinese medicine records to help, the medicine records to help to establish to let me a phrase and at the right moment seizes a pretext, there are an ancient words in China, "the honest advice is hard to take, good medicine is bitter in taste".This sentence is right, is say to that person who is criticized, the somebody else's words isn't good to listen, want to want to have truth, is to hear different opinions of remind, but he should not become to the indulgence that suggests an opinion, can not use this standard to the person who lifts an opinion.Must the advice be unpleasant to hear?Not wasn't the words that offend an advice?We hardly drink herbal medicine now, but made the Chinese herbal medicine into a capsule, as usual can cure illness, therefore I change "at the disease, good medicine's bitter in taste benefit's honest advice is hard to take benefit in go" into"the good medicine isn't definitely whole bitter in taste, great ear advice more the benefit go".The good person should remember this sentence, can make your good heart attain an anticipant purpose so and also make your this good person is discovered by people, make the somebody else have a correct evaluation to you.It is a big skill to will solidify a person.The good person isn't only to conduct oneself virtuously, must handle the very various relation the most important with the person of surroundings is united problem, ignore he has weakness, ignore he has a mistake and ignore his level how, you aren't good at incorporation, it is nothing doing to don't take the somebody else's condition as a condition, so truely will solidify is a big skill.The many people individual made-up skill is very big, but can't chase everyone to solidify at a cake of, there is no this kind of skill, a person's mixing a body is iron, can beat how much nail?Only deliver everyone to move, is everyone's strength just big!The in-fighting is few, the advantage of exertion team, solidify strength big, this is to really have skill.

"Enter ……that goes in!"The Wei fingerling fiercely ground teeth to call.

"Who know that you will say so the words of rascal?"Six green become angry from embarrassment ground to say, " saided that you cheated everyone's feelings again, very satisfied?"

"The area is outside sky of evil, what things?"Hear the word spoken of in the fat boy, the Du flew to immediately guess with him just in the bar of that kind of feel relevant, hurriedly the openings asks a way.

After understanding this, the gold is small to open is pleasantly surprised!

The gold is small to open Gao San was already.The graduation result of the senior high school comes to a decision a student the exit after:Or enter university, or the graduation goes out a work.The gold is small to open still don't want to work, his temperament is a Chan again again lazy, really want to take the entrance examination of a good university again mix for several years.However is regrettable BE, his result seems to be with the fat meat of body to become inverse ratio ……clearly didn't eat what good thing, but more and more fat, but examine result more and more garbage.

Got along with that R country noble family pupil after five years, celebrate cloud to finally get trust, walked into that turn son.Knew the black Long Hui who hides in the R country top of head thus, and the establishment stole in those early years the confidential technique of Z country orderanied of in the village pond is also!

Hear the Du fly so on saying, the whole big board room inside suddenly calmness come down, the only a burst of bulky breather voice often thinks of.Although there is the viewpoint to present excessively money in many brains of younger brothers, they have never thought Du to fly to really take out money a cent, so the momentary is stunned speechless.

"Is not good!I was disgusted with playing bird last time, what birds all not play, I still kept wanting to go with you.Then you can find out divertive thing."

The opponent is a weak girl, filling Long nature cans not wear again to bite Tui A to oppose, either, and all of 2 people are bare hands.

'I got a message that you wanted to see me,'said the driver.'I hope there's nothing wrong.'

"That thanked, however these four gold Dans seem my war booty and still bother to render unto to me!"The expression that sees fat boy, the Du flew to laugh behind one's back in the heart a , the immediately positive color ground says.

The gold is small to open to involuntarily give a tremble, he knows that the fire tooth will never be to joke, and have as well once before drive the precedent of the fire tooth control oneself's body-although was the shortest that time, also give small opened the extremely deep impression of leaving.The gold is small to open still don't want the big Ji that become to kill people like flies makes and seem currently also can think a way to escape this city.As for say hereafter actually should go where, the gold is small to open some concepts all have no, in the heart true pain and sufferings.

Seal a Ling not to dare to think, once the heresy dollar leaves, from

Although because of the angle problem, Du's flying don't see can see that Chien Jie's expression of telephone, not difficult see from the her and He Lin at of the dialogue, Long Zu becomes extremely overbearingly rude now, a member of commonness is all very at will to He Lin of the superior class of tone

Because of this much reason, big summer clansmen till the last can return to life smoothly, only haven't to arrive 100,000 people, connect they early ex- Be deposited to big palace in of make bodies don't use up.

"Good."The ice eye point nods, a very quick how not the firm and reliable cooperative relation be then made sure down.

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Immediately appeared a slender transparent light Suo among his view, that light Suo a carry to stretch from the clough bottom but, another a carry unexpectedly be conjunction at that in out of the sky of huge light monster body up!

The half has been red after the hour the wave of eye Be green to want to key up temperature again, after pressing but hear the sound of "Du Du".Bend over to look below, wave the tallest temperature that is green and just discovers that the temperature has already regulated crystal cabin to prop up-2,000 cloud degree, she this just calms down down from just of the crazy rashness.

The biting of dark red Tui AN on the originally red and burning body, unexpectedly become one now silky hair white, the whole A that bite Tui at the same time starts outwardly distort

The true spirit in fire red slowly becomes thin, is resisting for a sky, the surroundings of Chen, unexpectedly the beginning a little bit orders a soil yellow to twinkle.

Dream son according to immediately say:"Teacher's wife she very good, however she not live in the green night of, say is how also not return to green night, I with teacher's wife live together, I just return to green night once in a while a , to teacher report for a while the condition of teacher's wife."

"Set out!"Nod toward 5, Pei dollar ground fairy toward tenth, the fairy make one drink low, then one public body up gush a space to undulate, wink to disappear.

Pull with card to see one eye, the gold is small to open to climb a rattan of, silently facing that direction moves pass by.The place that spreads a breather voice, is one of precipice wall tiny to inside hollow small hole, there noodles' unexpectedly lying a whole body is the man of blood!That Human body material thin Gao, the gore has already silted up on the ground a , an appearance that will hang right away.

"Boon, the Du flies elder and no matter how it is, say me or want to thank you!"Niger duke cordially says with smile, " since affair already, that I take leave!"

Hear the Wei fingerling saying so and butchering immediately satisfied cachinnation of big dragon to get up and make an effort to clap the shoulder way of clapping the Wei fingerling:"You are this small doll, pour is a taste a little bit.However, Lao Tze can combine be much more than'be like'the big Xia in ancient times, but real big Xia!"Make reference to here, his dance moved two to start medium of the stick is general of long Xiao, say:"Is this kind of thing to the fighting skill, Lao Tze is to truely once do, hereafter have opportunity to let you to experience for a while.And go together with again to ascend me this only Xiao skill in the door, whether even have a kind of flavor of big Xia?"

"Regrets for a while."The gold is small to open to resume normal, lightly the Nian rises that to work properly actually and fiercely shuts eyes and throws a mouth a while.That works properly a solid entrance to namely turn, the whole fruit completely became a juice liquid, the moment melted into a gold small open of among the whole body.The gold is small to draw to engrave dish to sit on the ground, shut eyes inside see.

", Is you!"The dog son also finally thought of wave at this time green, immediately and pleasantly surprisedly called.Ten how many days of front, falsely is this fairy fairy and two of her companions to go into city, did this just stir up the decision that he worships the fairy as teacher?This fairy fairy says to receive him now, that he hereafter can also become fairy!Momentary, the dog son sank into a fine dream to the future in, all forgot uprising.

Looking at my attractive friend, I want to assur

All younger brothers at know the gold is small to open is trying to save after they go out, all rejoice with wild joy in the heart, the confidence greatly increases, however superficially and still set up for in low spirits appearance.

Are three fairies to these, the Du flies to face at this time of already didn't at the beginning oppress feeling, reason an is a Du to fly to ownly fix in order to greatly enter, but the second BE, way breathing of three clear fairies weakens a lot and seem to fix for lower a lot.

"Not just that guy!"The building handsome one punch hates a ground of dozen on the sofa, " just I seek plum, mother's mulberry says plum again be called by him go to!"

Mo Chou Gu opens a valley to choose Tu, although the customs field in new moon mainland is seen, is greatly must not ability again big great event, to Mo Chou Gu, just every three years a work.So after opening a valley, that row row comes out of inborn and build the pupil that the radicle expects, not only have no half for cent on the face of concussion of feeling, on the contrary some side the color that bear not now.

For this a few true mean persons, the Du flew to feign politeness ground to cope with a burst of, make them leave.Is anyway previous he basically has never wanted to let the help of this several people, at that time they if really be willing to descend sea, he on the contrary would not trust.

"The small reptile of craftiness, you successfully ask for Nu I!"The west Wei Er blurs out the blood stain of corner of mouth, although just he unloaded parts of dint,the Du flies of the boxing dint is surprising big, and return shot is on his heart, so haven't got hurt for several years of he, get hurt!

However because there is no outside incitement, that watch's looking is the watch of a cake of commonness.The Du flew to want to think and had never stretched hand to picked up watch, but sent back original position, the double eye re- sank into mentally dense again.

The fierce heaven of one side towards money of blush with shame much many cold say:"Idiocy, learns a skill Jing not, diagram from throw a person."Finish saying green non-commissioned officer dragon's soldier whom the small steel needle buttonned up to point a to play a black facing is passing by beside from their body after plays.The circumstance like this makes Li Jun Yi foolish, she didn't thought of this the fierce heaven of cold face cold language always will again make moves to green Long Jun after money much and more accidentally lose.Although fierce heaven usually and money quarrel much and more, but their friendship at 1:00 also the unlike person is little, so he a see money bring shame more nature to want more for him to find back a son.

"Hum, say this kind of words to could not listen to a sincerity as well at 1:00."

The autumn strong Ze gets a shock, the facial expression is tiny to change.Can a shot kill four rank superior, that at present this young man gold is small to open actually have much strong of real strenght?However white spring proper next words, more make the autumn strong Ze facial expression upheaval:

"See to must seek a guide!"Close map, the Du flies to smile inwardly a speech way, in the brain but the Shan appear that money-mad six very green appearanceses, " is seen to work properly to know marking still of great use of!"

"Invoke a monster?!Is an evil monster emissary?She how can takes for a sky, Lu evil stone of?……Can someone already withdraw vitalities in it?"Finish China Luo obviously is pretty much value red burning the circumstance for making collective report, lower the head to don't already contemplate."Do not go, this day Lu evil stone we have to want to control in hand!Even if that woman is an evil monster emissary, this kind of time also can let ……I will let the tall ship of robbing of star thief start out!"Finish a China Luo's eye to expose fierce light, to that Lu evil stone power at must.

I am a dynasty your torrent but go to of small river, blue of ocean, would you like to accept me?

"?"Drive great white crane once the true person reprimand angrily to, that of river immediately responded to come over, know that he just had some to forget a form

The ice crystal name is called "the Mi method crystal cube" and totally has six piece noodles and carves a special sign line on each noodles, if oneself dollar the dint infuse into among them, can at will send out six kinds of strength.

"Lead the way!"The Du flies originally and thought to the last Zhan Fei opportunity, but sees he still don't take a soft evidence, then double once the eyebrow pick and sank a voice to drink a way.

The fire tooth smiles to order, way:"Is quite good, do I still think that you forgot."

Henry's jazz changes direction white Rui Mo, and say:

Because, she has a daughter of amiability, she can keep on chasing marriage maintenance.

, So this exclusively shook a leopard son five, but who know that that guy directly escorted leopard son five!He is a superior!This is now have been already made sure in the banker heart.However, this time on opening Zhong, will output for casino go to 10,000,000 many, not is to say that the casino loses not to rise, but outputteds to go from the his hand, he don't think that the nice day led hereafter.

"Is enough!"Sealed a Ling to interrupt him, " old guy, don't think that oneself has what fantastic, float to living through also have no ability, not just and as usual be sealed to more leave one setback of recruiting?"

Several individuals also need not tidy up what, lift a leg and then walk.From the abyss after coming out, the gold is small to open to look for a time from

"Is the hurl -like in shape?"The Du flew Leng Leng, immediately smiled, remembered that he saw before 《 water Hu 》, the wood hurtles beam mountain of time, was forced by Wang Lun and signed hurl-like in shape, unexpectatively he also wanted to be so dry now.

"For example say?"

The Yao area sneer way:"What call unmeaningful?You forget, this big summer clansmen woulded be let out because of your cause.If you have no many matters, that our mankind still keeps aring at quiet living, you are a convict, and now is atoning for sin!"

(Text/Wu Ming)

Press to explore good back route in times before, the Du flies quickly to shuttle in the manor, he leaves a front to still need to do an affair, that be supervision room of the videotape take away!

See is this circumstance, the week Kang immediately reports clearly to the department chief know, after department chief knows is also a burst of to angry, unexpectedly dare to kill people in the police station!But he also has no way and has to make a phone call to chief executive, Dong Qi Min, .But receive news and make a phone call for the house in summer at Dong Qi Min of be son, the week Kang suddenly receives the inferiority report clearly and says to is police's insider of some area and appeared three surrender to justice of bind bandit, declare that they once kidnap the surname sister in summer!

"May be clapping a drama and estimate is just make up like."See that several old mans that is dressed in ancient type full-length gown, the Du flies one Lin in heart, however a surface is still a guess curious about appearance.

y dad. Before my eyes his face softened, the wrinkles seemed to disappear and he began to cry. The He reached out and hugged me and said, 'the I love you too, son, but I'the ve never been able to say it.'

Those soil Zhao the mankind know safety already, fall to sit on the ground in succession, a pauses for breath not only, have some maimedly be also all holding firmly time to dress a wound, have at this time two directions that look like leader a general soil Zhao facing gold small to open to be walked.The gold is small to open to smile to sing ground to face up, however secretly also at the same time on the alert-who know these soil Zhaos to will can't suddenly attackstone himself/herself, have already had don't suffer from always right of.

"Knot boundary!"Burst upon a together bright color before seeing the index finger that the Du flies, and fly forward stretching of the index finger to become bright gradually along with the Du, together and together friendship not from surprised shout a way.

Gao Ta from Lu in sky has already started breakup, the superstructure quickly disintegrates and turns to make the energy for covering with to only order, however second half department fairly good, in addition to vibrate and crack, don't thoroughly collapse, however the gold is originally small to open stand of the big palace, by now can see outside of the sky.

"Help!Senior Helpses!"Little monk's body declines toward lake.

Never once heard to this name, so looking is a bit blurred, however moment resume to settle a clear way, ", I've long been looking forward to meeting you I've long been looking forward to meeting you!"Say saw an eye hide in the Du and fly after death of if rat way, " is this bad dragon that the elder generation is recently to succeed in catching?Why does it want to escape an elder generation ground control?"

"Elder brother, you came back."Jade will just sliced vegetables to well pour into oil pan, then on pushing Du to fly, " elder brother, you went out first to wash hands, rice is right away good!"

"Where?"Water is pure to work properly inquiry.

"The existence of the soul body just only one left, before I find out him, it is a soundly asleep to seem have been being in a dollar dint hole hole."The tone of the tooth that the gold is small to open to notice fire, some oddly ask a way:"You why does the meeting ask so?Do you also know this guy?"


Sun rise the month fall, a connect 2 people for nine days the east of the facing make great effort in this boundless ocean.Leaf's singing the second day that the breeze floats a sea surface at 2 people has been already come to turn, although he whom he doesn't know that Li Jun is how to save, also know that Li Jun can save to arise from F in the deep place of ocean to can't definitely be an easy affair.Can whenever as he is starting to ask this affair Li Jun all chose it's silent, as time passes the leaf sings breeze also be not bringing up this matter, but his heart in is anyway can't forget Lee, either to handsomely help of boon.Is awake the leaf after sing breeze to resume he or she to almost consume with a day almost exhausted of inside dint, although inside the dint depletion resumed about, but those external injury be not can resume for a day and two days of, and because of have no boats and ships and have been soaking is at the sea water vilification harder heal.Saw basic instauration of the energy that the leaf sings breeze Li Jun finally insist not to live collapsed and fainted in the past, also no wonder that she would be collapsed and fainted, although just three very short regardless is in the deep sea to leaf after singing the poise spirit still float one the surface took a leaf to sing all of breeze headways are very depletion physical strength, only for the sake of care the leaf sing breeze she always bitterness bitterness' insisting, since the leaf sang breeze to have no big Ai her to also finally insist not to live.

"Bomb Long!"A burst of and violent vibration spreads, the gold is small to open almost be from the empty boat thrown to fly to go out.When he is very not easy to wide awake, this just discovers that the empty boat has already abruptly once worn to protect a cover, is flying in the sky of outer circle in the city.That protects a cover to have strong defense dint, even if is the interstellar gets empty boat of enhance outer shell, in the process of being strong line of to cross in also damaged not small, the outside wall that gets empty boat has already had 2/3 to melt, the part leaving is also all unbearably dilapidated, the whole empty boat's swaggering on sky ground is inflight, seem a drunkard that gets drunk wine.

The Du flies to listen to car Xuan a station to say to walk, but disappears him to start and then puzzles that the ground headed for a stone bed.

The place arriving at one darkly is the place that the night bright pearl cans not find here, however well ventilated.

Flow a personage, if appear a high school student here, will influence our guest has meal of mood!"See the Du fly headgear Chu Chu, but French in again pretty much pure and unadulterated, that bellboy's pouring doesn't dare small Qu, can figure out that a reason forces an explanation way.

"Ha ha, I have what say so much?"See Xu Ting Xin have a regrets idea, Du's flying isn't very directly either to speak harsh she, then follow her meaning conversion topic way, " I grew up in the south mountain orphanage since the childhood, entered aerospace university in the capital city afterwards and became a pilot.After Ci job, till now is still a bum."

The five planets parliament is still as boring as last time.However because this time the sorcery association is here many a , and fight the attitude of alliance to suddenly become some Ai meis, all Vaticans that let to be to spoil eldest brother are very uncomfortable, the meeting finally can say is part on bad terms.And the Du fly also at will ascend to declare will he that of make firm decision power to hand over to Xin Ji the president of association processing, hereafter as long as the Du flies to take part in meeting every five years to prove that he is still on the hoof, other meetings need not took part in.

"But, recruit of these small bludger body the character is very bad, if

Although is these days of foolish on the big fierce back, the Du flies and big fierce how don't acquaint with.Suddenly fly the mouth of arriving such a huge monster side now, tiny let the Du fly to rose in the heart uneasy for several cents.

At the right moment in this time, far gold in super historic relic space was small to release to put a dollar dint hole of hole, the of the world dollar dint suddenly becomes strong and sink among the dreamland of the little monkey wait a person at the baptism of war under, in succession

"BE ah, the I also feels, that changing to an I work is two!"The complaint that hears Xue Ling Jian, the Du flies freely in response to the way.

"Like, I wasn't your completely inexperienced in society young girl like this, I once saw too many affairs, can't so easily lose her head of, you say."Lin Mu Xue is tight tight leaf the hand of cloud Qian, be regarded as to she is replying of affirmation.

See the Du fly acceleration, together and together the friendship is also one Leng.Be fight solid Lun of alliance leader of alliance to do obeisance lately to accept pupil, with the Jiao person's intelligence and beautiful looks, together and together friendship at whole fight alliances all very well-known.Just she sees the Du fly a body form the quickest, think that he is also the pupil that fights an alliance, so just register.Think at her come, with she the real strenght of two stars, and front this real strenght not vulgar war alliance pupil, two people tidy up a strange monster to SAMSUNG still unwillingly can of, believes that person to hear after his name, should return to body and her a cake of in response to the enemy, can who know, that person escapes after hearing of speed sooner!

"Secret.Last time of"the Du flies a milli- inattentively answer way, " I ain't to say for that woman, let to send some superiors come over, how return come of is your these chicken lobster rices?"

Capital city, country Anne bureau, act a section base.

Before the Du flies already refine black gold knife all melting point boiling points of materials control know, work properly the thin gold color burning to have fun again slip away familiar, so he behind expect to refine black gold knife to be basic have never failed.However, now he work properly burning evolved white, wanted to refine magic weapon, have to strengthen a dialogue color first to work properly burning control well-trained strength.

"You say that we now really is at that what saint palace in?"Distance snow has some doubts to all the all theses.

This how many guys from the absolute being all the imperial palace steal of, is that huge absolute being A?!


Chapter 28 feeling(up)

"This descended you the to tell me that passage?"

"Hey Hey, " building is handsome to touch head crafty to say with smile, "seldom have the time the opportunity to eat a big door, anyway don't eat white not to eat, we certainly can't pass, elder brother Du, you say BE?"

"You have already got into to awake status for three days!"Female the pupil talk the attitude in time extremely and respectfullly and sincerely and obviously open small gold to be real of Zhang door.

Now that money much much Lee is handsome to defeat in the in a short time, so make another person bowl out!Once the long gun stand and break the flood dragon of soldier gun like water generally stab to the Mu permit a sky.The Mu permits a sky just comfortable because the Kai Rui is much and more tingled to turn over in the ground by money

"Body monk?"Suddenly hear this word, Du just responds to come over after flying a Leng, he often year chain body, pour to also be regarded as a body monk.Is the organization of the back of Feng Jiao the organization of body monk?

, The jade knows at the male Tang can the son Be affirmative to also want the knowing, hence give Tang can the son said for a while.

"Everyone sits, in the encampment of our squad wes, not be restraining too much!"See a cave stone mountain person's several human faces now a nervous color, the Du flies to know because he descends that several causes that compulsorily orderany in times before, however this he not explain, can at hereafter of get along with in slowly get rid of again.

Outside Lin Zi, is have the two groups of personses the horse is squaring off.Sees just from the shape, these are black to work properly the black evil person of boundary to pour also with the mankind on the earth mutually and about, the only differentiation be here of the black evil person is extremely tall and big in stature and stalwart!Almost each head that all has with more than 80 one meter, even some leader of a groups all approach a two meters high huge man!These people's muscles are strong and healthily almost too ridiculous, all over is all piece of piece of swollen muscle, of every act and move deeply one shoot a person Wei power-say with it that these are the mankind, also rather say that all of them are evil monsters!

The Du flies there are 12 strange things in that boy estimate hand and depend them the sneak attack just killed often old ghost and Pan old ghost, if oppose face to face, that boy affirmative isn't a dollar baby behind expect the opponent of monk!

Get the Du flies of summons, kill some many monks of red eyes wide awoke to come over in succession and followed Du to fly to away and disappear withdraw to empty, wink an effort, in the moment disappear from the person of variation.

Withdraw to conceal a sign line, and then uncover a big stone, the gold is small to open to jump out from the pit, long the long ground is comfortable one breath, the mood ascends greatly good.Distribute absolute being to read, the gold is small to open of spirit for an instant overalied huge scope of having ten a few kilometerses fully, he although everything that in detail observes inside this scope without the way, can fish for strong strength among them.

"Float to living a way, I whole lifely learn, if you sink to immerse therein, so, you are the person whom I float to living a valley, at that time your decision, I felt, you were to have already originally abandonned you learns, decided to cultivate my to float to living a way?"The way of water thousand Lian smiles.

Have the suffering ate.

The great white crane true person just saw Bo also hurtle to her, and the one dead in its look in the eyes is unique of spirit, know not good.However the affair ground happens too quick, haven't waited true person of great white crane to do to start out to make, the Bo has already sparked his/her own idea to read dint as well

Because the leaf sings opening of breeze eyes, the vehemence of his oneself also at momentary explosion but, resist to come from ten thousand Zhang heroisms on the long gun.After the leaf sings the vehemence of breeze to break out even feel Li Jun one silk surprised Cha:The leaf sings the vehemence of breeze always all is that kind of the arrogant that wins positive Ping-ho, the arrogant like that is the arrogant that doesn't take one silk fighting, in the whole world of Hao however sense of right;Can the leaf sing at this time although the vehemence of breeze remains is that kind of arrogant, that in the felling of positive Ping-ho but is all gone, have of Be just the most pure arrogant, that kind of in the whole world give up me it who arrogant.If the leaf who says a past sings breeze to be like a gentleman king whom the boon Wei combines, so now is like also the gentleman king of iron blood wrist.It completely is two kinds of different fellings.

"Du, aquamarine blue star directions:the X12542, Y52514, the Z35216, anticipate to fly time 232 aquamarine blue star day."Along with moxa rice a burst of calculation, one of Du reports to conclude a fruit.

"Is when forbiding a machine so worthless?Unexpectedly and one and otherly to outside emit!"The gold is small happy medium whisper, however immediately and then think of, at present of a few guys not is to be like the age that they express, but is all flock of old guy, is also the superior who made use of a special method to survive now from the ancient times.With the their identities, strength and experience, in last thousand yearses can make several pieces to forbid a machine perhaps is also a very normal affair.

Spirit of mountain of that gets mad, foot of a hill next small the green prime of life of village directly died half, Be measured by a few companies of elders in the villages, choose in village two male two four female kids, cut apart and spread the body parts around on the summit of hill fiesta do obeisance spirit of mountain, just lead this matter Jie.The spirit of mountain gets mad affairs later on, inside in the village got into resting and recuperating of the past days to living an interest again, just a many a batch of orphans, but Ma Lyu Dan is an one of them.

"President, Mr. Zhou came!"At this time week the secretary of small United States the small Lin suddenly beat in to call words to make collective report a way.

Can also make use of like this, and the south section Er 3 people's strength is also really astonishing, even several 1000 people all can a time of transmission walk, only don't know their purpose actually is where.

In feelings, woman again excellent will also have abandoned possibility, don't believe forever what"he doesn't want me, just I ain't enough well" stupid words like this, the affair is usually you again didn't also use very much, even the key sticking point of problem may be you very much too like, let the man produce pressure, he feels that together canning not show his with you is strong, he felt profoundly exhausted and hoped earnestly to flounce your shadow.So, Wang Fei loses to plateau, but Shao the beautiful Qi lose to sing Qi for beam.Don't believing forever faithful this phrase is beat with iron, much time, of so is faithful, only is because the strength of the temptation isn't enough greatly.

"How to make

The moss-like in shape plant of in plant 1 F dark yellowish green color on the ground, trample at up soft and slippery.

Is original six green think to can't camp out all the way, who know now but Be getting more organic, making her happy must is like a child and runs about, joyful matchless.

"Have you ever taken part in to argue?"The Du flies to see six green still mean to say, immediately the openings interrupted her.

"Gobble up evil Yan!"See the beautiful ivory of that silk that the Du fly finger tip flotage work properly burning, ground eight facial expressions not from greatly change, because he felt that silk that working properly is burning for the desire of his body last energy!

Purple mansion dollar baby, want an achievement dollar baby, by all means want to develop a purple mansion.But fly to work properly to know in the Du of inside see in, at the moment purple mansion the center, the certificate crosses legs to sit a mean person of nail size, Chou its shape iscompletely narrow is numerous times of the Du fly!

"CNY 200?Too good!"Hear the Du fly to put forward of guerdon, that girl this time unexpectedly and miraculously have no again stammer, see to money of magic power indeed as expected very big!

"Is far from good!"The gold is small to open isn't that kind of the fool that sees a not pure form, the enemy's power is big, also can not consider of to think more, take back a light dragon and then escape now!Those huge octopi aren't willing to give up, the dead hopeless situation bites to after death and tightly make track for at him.The gold is unexpectedly small to open to have never thought oneself also so distress after canning make use of to forbid a machine, seeing the appearance underrated the ocean of this mentally dense.

"Who are you ?Dare to take care of my business!"Be flown by the Du to throw a part, Gao Jing Bo loudly roars a way after climbing, obviously and just the Du flies of behavior, letting him feeling originally dimly discernible man's self-respect leaves him to far go more already.

Everyone hopes that the new head of the Baskerville family will move quickly into the Hall.Sir Charles good work must go on.

"When does that Xin, a Chinese family name radicle president of association close?"Hear the Ci Bo Fu's president of association so on saying, the dark council chairperson quickly asks a way.

Etc. sees four star experiment the body appear the time in entrance to valley, He Er south elder and Louis Si master and Du's flying all have already resumed to come over.But many five planets the strong get Louis Si the master just gave of"handed down from the ancestors" absolute being stone, in succession the spirit greatly flapped, for protection graduate school arrive those virus medicine the allocation was successfully full of confidence!

Please tell me that you are mine.From year to year, I belong to you, forever forever.

The 撘 Hui Huang ping Kui thief cut an emperor to cut from the Mao.The 瑪 Holmes says.The 撐 Yi iridium Xi ㄕ An Huang Zhuo mildewed Mao Xing Ye Jiang the ⒐ Zhen dirt |5 the Qiao Zhong Xuan Yi Qian the Mei leak Bi to back hoop Sung easy Mi which accept ┦ Lyu Xuan Li Zha |

Dynasty person, Wang Xiang, of Jin, childhood the mother died.The father married after the mother again, after mother Zhu Shi don't like Wang Xiang.Usually say something against him in father's in front, as time passes, even the father didn't like him as well.Although lost the parents' kindly, Wang Xiang still keeps showing filial obedience his/her own parents very much.Have a year winter, got sick and wanted to eat a fresh carp after the mother.Was cold to keep at that time in deep freeze, the river surfaces all froze, the general fishermans all no longer went out to go fishing.Wang Xiang unexpectedly takes off clothes to lie on the ice for catching to live fish, hope with the body temperature turn the ice of opening the river surface hereafter go fishing again.(Details of myth color BE)by this time the ice melts to spilt open 1 to sew suddenly and by oneself

Mo, then expect a moxa moxa the ground say, "belong to next take the person all once sought on the whole black Ze star, really don't discover their traces, whether they have already left a black Ze star?"

"Have no anyone's feeling to despise long living a palace."Left bosom Yu way.

However being Tang Long to Tang can a kind of protection means of son, as early as at the time that company started practice the jade should thoughted of at the male of, that Tang's tiger came over one eye to recognize jade at the male, also affirmed is what someone once said for him.

'Mr Holmes,I need your help and advice.Something very strange and frightening has been happening.'

What person is this guy exactly?Should say not, is this guy actually mankind?

"Feel to seem ……gobble up a pit third stage awakening the status in time."Another pupil some indetermination of answer way.

If at be also willing to dare speak in time like this long hide in mind of secret, if at the time of enjoying also always worry its impermanent, if in the love and be loved of time also always computing when will no longer love and no longer be loved, so, where am I enjoying my life?I however is constantly at wasted it, fold it just in the Cui.

"What plan?"The D mountain comes to have been being closing the border in this month, also doesn't know 3 people of Xuan frost to have been already acted and then and curiously opens mouth to ask a way.

"Can say BE.Does "the Du flew in brief a language to once took, then change direction Ai Luo to ask a way, " connect down how to walk?"

Section 385 wager is a

MD of go, natural scenery, humanities culture and jadeite culture, let Li Dan Shu greatly feel not and falsely this trip, the jadeite also bought a big pair of, when she very unwilling to part withly ended a trip and prepared to go home, but suddenly spread shocking news, her father, Li Cun Xu, is housebound to die, her brother-in-law, Li Cun Qing, believes in in the clansmen support of old regiment under administered a star allied group!

Hear these five Be located on to flow the monk that cloud territory owns not small influence to go and live with, the Du flies on the contrary some in distress situation.Tell the truth, he isn't a fool.Now that he decides hereafter establish the groundwork is flowing cloud territory, that will start considering that various influence in the territory distributes.Because no matter is allied in R.O.C help still the career of sorcery association, all let him to this kind of together the parties influence struggle of the affair isn't unfamiliar.But these five some monks of weights go and live with at this time, really like give timely assistance.But, he doesn't need them to be compelled to force to go and live with, that kind of go and live with basically unsteady solid, even also arouse anti- bite.But he now include before make of, all is thinking that the prison prison holds tight their hearts!

House.If tell others, afraiding of the nobody will believe, on the property hundred million of think a gentleman hotel old total, live in the such a small apartment.

If say a golden light sign the line is a violent shield, that this thunder absolute being's forbiding a machine is the strongest pike!And compare, is still this"pike" a little bit stronger, is good enough to Chuo to break "shield"!

The gold is small to open Ya of way:"Is very fantastic?How to say this words?"

"Teacher, the Du flies is come to accept you examine, however the Du flies to have much of the confidence the approbation that can get you!"Although the attitude of Louis Si how don't like, the Du flies a polite way still.

However at this time, wave green Chou a the Du on the eye screen fly, the smiling face of idea see his corner of mouth that silk tiny to take Feng, in the heart not from one Zhan, in the heart of very hot immediately cooled off down.The Du flies to work but very tight of, how can and easily give her the opportunity that can be anti- to make, could it be that have what scheme?

"Grandmother Gu?……"The gold is small to open to hear distance snow for the first time of hair violent wind, some deliver in the heart cold.

", I forgot!"The gold is small to open to think of a distance of snow, the heart neutrally engraves to worry.Let her a person stay in the imperial palace among, discover in case of someone he or she not at, perhaps will ask for to doubt.However the gold is small to open to turn to read a to think, oneself sneaked in the time of boundary yesterday, didn't also use original appearance, the problem should be not big.

The gold is small to open to anxiously turn head to hope several times, but discover that those giant cockroaches more make track for more near, but own two colleagues then the speed continuously reduce slowly.Is helpless under, the gold is small to open to have to fold to return, courageously rise might of god, the skill Lan lives the slender waist of distance snow, holds tight the arm of Wei fingerling all alone and takes 2 people to fly Zong!

"What is the row?"For China strict this behavior, the Du flies a bit puzzling, however he also takes precautions against this is a strict China stratagem, don't follow is to trample to up work properly sword because of, , far and far make track for toward strict China.


Just still guessed with his Cha of wager!


That night, he early and early ambushes the outside in type Gao Jing Bo's villa, wait until villa in of the light put out after go in to"become rich".Can who know to wait until the time in around 8:00, the villa suddenly comes to a few cars and came down more than ten big fellows.

Du after flying off open Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Jia and then resumed to in times before disguise.So he pours to the Xue Ling Jian's sounding out is to don't fear to, directly shake head to negate a way:"See is affirmation have never seen, however if feel look familiar of words, perhaps is the person who once saw resemble with I relatively!"Finish saying and then no longer realize Xue Ling Jian, shut eyes to stop and rest.

Heresy dollar lightly on kneading a method definitely, the whole body then and suddenly turns to make an eyes and disappears Ge at the star Yun.

The finally successful gold is small to open to pause for breath to sit to in the ground, the fire tooth in the enemy opponent brain says with smile:"I am finally successful!"

"Is surprisingly you unexpectedly can escape life from the Peng Lai fairyland hand!"Being cold to hum is a , the Du flies temporarily stop next play to the pit of search, a Shan body, arrived at the underground base of 51 areas in.

Guy of fleeing elsewhere, guy still deals with to leave, see at the moment the Du fly to challenge sort ground to start to fly in front of it, want then don't think the ground targets a target as well to fly a body in the Du up.

Looking too long at someone may seem to be rude and aggressive. But things are different when it comes to stare at the opposite sex. If a man glances at a woman for more than 10 seconds and refuses to avert his gaze, his intentions are obvious, that is, he wishes to attract her attention, to make her understand that he is admiring her.

Tie up knot to the life!

However turn a moment, the Du flies and then wants to understand reasons in it.Is surely long to enjoy a true person because chain machine level Gao but acquire an of chain machine elder, but he only has never broken gold Dan to expect on the first, or could not refines in the magic weapon of rank method machine class, that he doesn't expect the possibility of elder equal dialogue with these gold Dans on the first.Because don't match with his real strenght!

Inputed the information that the Du flies in the light brain, Xue Ling Jian went out to turn 1 turn again.Wait at the time that he came in, in the hand take a small origin that printed to have national insignia, pass to the Du flew a way:"Elder generation, the younger generation has already kept on record for you, you hereafter run about in the outside, the identity proof that is you."

"Be getting over!"Feel that canning hang in the voice that the Du flies is next two ice Ling Zi, Zou ocean not from in mind bellow a , at that moment tired of earthly life, regret deeply a way in the heart bottom:"Being really a cleverness is anti- drive intelligent mistake, unexpectedly want to make use of somebody else open elder!The ability self-discipline arrives the monk of diverted period which isn't the person's mature and steady Jing?This carefully thinking absolutely is a child's play to somebody else!

"Ha ha, is really a bureau in bureau!"Fly by the Du that takes over in the Cang, see the act of crest inside in the cabin, not from shake a head thin say with smile.The fame and wealth is two words, don't know that the world still has how many persons at for the sake of this but put together a life?

'We have a very clever enemy,Watson.He is winning the game at the moment.We have no answers at all to the strange things that have happened in London.I hope you are more suc cessful at Baskerville Hall,but I am not happy about sending you there.There is too much danger in this case.'

Is already 11 the end of the months, we are from Ba Si Ke after Wei Er manor come back the time in more than a months.I sit on the shell gram street with Holmes of the flaming stove of fire both sides in the living room of the house.After we come back, the Holmes spared no efforts ground to carry out moreover two legal cases, he is busy to have no the discussion of time Ba Si Ke Wei Er manor inside occurrence of the legal case.But, these two legal cases all have been already concluded now, he does also all very successfully.I decide that this should be the big inning of end some problems that inquires toward him concerning the Si set Pu and that hunting dog.

Although is at present this*of one act, the mountain county is a pond has already seen many times,finally still cannot help but wildly roar 1 to rush toward up, immediately after, celebrate to spread the moan voice of a burst of Jiao Rao in the den of cloud ……

"Elder?"Treat after Rubin walk, the Zou ocean facial expression is difficult the dynasty Du seeing ground to fly low voice to sound out ground to ask a way.Just he says just in front of Rubin Du's flying is an elder generation, didn't order the identity that the clear Du flies elder, be want to make that disgusting Rubin infuriate Du to fly, let it after death of the staff can not also make moves to keep intact.However man proposes, God disposes, after holding tight his hold, Rubin's an idea goes to big manager and sues in court there, to the Du fly the person of this"do private affairs" don't put in the mind, let his prepare to want that all becoming is empty, came to on the contrary give offense to Du to fly.

The sound is tiny to shiver, dark dumb dry.

The green bird affirms of order, way:"How to say?You give now people's felling seem to have a little hair to float, clearly you person's right here, but my felling not arrive similar."

The strategies essence has been the person of courageous empire, although the rules with no clear statement, this almost formed usual practice general, each the persons who understand eight diagram essences will teach this skill to a person who can't betrays courageous empire, either forever.In addition to courageous empire outside, other Three Kingdoms each monarch know the existence of eight diagrams after all spares no effort of fish for its actually, but none exception of all with failure but come to an end, connect have soldier absolute being of call of Li Wu all almost hurt under this strategies.The after the event brings up this matter, Li Wu is candid in saying if isn't Sun Mou haven't truely controled eight essences of diagrams at that time, perhaps hurt of is himself.

"Now that everyone agree, that for the company measure for a while how begin to harvess!"Seeing public is all full of life to interest in the pitaya, Chen Shi Bin pondered a short moment and then adjusted everyone's meaning.This time, he comes the plan of grabbing at gold A corpse have already failed, however this second floor knot to see in the boundary have many treasure things, pour to let his heart in of lose dissipation some.

The gold is small to open among the body of the fire tooth didn't know to actually take place what, anxiously call several voices, but have no one silk response.However the fire tooth soon then discover, the gold is small to open although body concretion, he the absolute realm of body form still keeps existing, this shows the gold is small to open to haven't lost consciousness, just a momentary has no time him nevertheless already.

"Yi?"Along with everything of at present galaxy is in the absolute being know in the hurl now, the Du flies also unbearable the light Yi is a , then take back absolute being to know, the air peculiarly hopes to the car wood is 2 people.

See, that thing inside should be huge absolute being A that oneself looks for!

"The stations all stand unsteady, also spread what rubbish!"Being cold to hum is a , the Du flies to imitate a Buddha to have no a matter a person similar sneered at a dollar the baby expect monk a , then wave hand to signal hint him to leave.

"Ha ha, that thanked!"The Du flew to smile a way voice, wait a store the owner smiling all overly fasten apron to walk into behind of kitchen, the Du flies to start to conjecture the adornment decoration in the store.

Tang can the son was originally a small Mountain cat, and the jade all had at the males several relations, so now of she already than past of Tang can the son put more open some, leaf cloud Qian is getting more different, don't see a leaf cloud Qian at ordinary times always so soft and shy appearance, in fact leaf cloud Qian at drive jade at male"infringe upon" of time seemed to be really to hardly truely once refuse that the jade is in the male's improper request, is a mouth each time up shout not to go, can not, but the body has never followed and resists and always accepted defeat to jade in the male's"Yin Wei", this time not just similar result.

"?"Tan Qing smells speech a surprised, isn't Chen Chen Mei's father first?However hear a telephone that immediately echo a way after cross-examining, ", small Jiu, that I try, however can succeed I don't dare to promise!"

The morning wakes up, you whether the meeting immediately opens a window, it lets that delightfully fresh air rush toward noodles since then and gives you a day of good heart feeling!

Eating up is just pleased!

"Li Shao waits affair to end, if you want to leave sister in the house in summer, we can also think a way be not?"Stand on the Gou soldier of one side, see great anger Li Heng Yang, hurriedly use a speech to be steady to live he.Just the Gou soldier receives news and say the house in summer and Li Jia's distinguishing has already got ready diamond and precious stone, but connects down be kidnap medium main point-ransom a gold, as long as leading this to close and kidnap this time even if successful!And in this turning point, the Gou soldier nature can not make Li Heng Yang bad his good matter, anyway this boy will be also beaten into idiocy in the time be not?This will coax him Be all right!

"Any time, anyone asks you, there is excessive little time in love, the answer is two.Once is that he loves me, I don't love him;Once is that I love him, he doesn't love me.Good love forever next time.

Chapter 6 difference changes violent radicalism(bottom)

However all these last year have change, because the middle age loses spouse, the whole body energy cans not get to vent, he is then seduced by Lin Er from the same village, start being fond of up gamble, wait afterwards in home all things sell out after returning a wager debt, he just disillusion come over, swear can't again wager.Can after selling out a food the day before yesterday, he forbade not to live strongly inciting of Lin Er, another time moved forward casino, while this result had no him, he another time owed descend a large amount of wager debt, but they were the house that saw to just get better, very probably will under the stroke this time home in ruins.

Still need to continue the member of team of combat all stopped the action facing in the hand these sorcery teacher that are lifted to descend profound Ju one Gong, and silently swear:Isn't another, the sorcery teacher that back a field for these also wants to win the victory of game, can not let these sorcery teachers without results pay.

"Not is make you prepare a camera?How to haven't completed?"The Xiao Hui is about to scrutinize, the door outside and suddenly walks to come in a person at this time, in the room swept to see for a while, toward an outside to roar a way.

Suddenly, the small male respects once the farmland at heart move and thought of that elder generation to clap the scene of his shoulder.Hide a blood stain pollution to go upstairs from he, it is to can see him

Realize the car Xuan station on the back shuts eyes language not, the Du flies to also have no again say more what, continued to move forward to head for the front door of city is with each other.However is previous his once ambiguously hasing already taken car Xuan station have already returned to permafrost viewpoint,was vanish.Now that the other party can not believe him, that he doesn't can trust the other party again as well, in cosmos but his heart of the Earth place the biggest secret, these he in no case will make the person who can not trust know!

Top of embodiment, so current 2 people are strength and speed to combine.2 people all with quick dozen quick, the but again differs from generally quick with the quick dozen, under the general circumstance of with quick dozen quickly and falsely recruit more, both parties all take sounding out as a lord and quickly change to recruit by oneself to lure the other party appear flaw again with all strength one shot.Can the leaf sing breeze and Sun Zhong Er people but isn't such, although change to recruit of speed soon, each a recruit and will knot to actually collide with the other party together so would appear that to linger in the ears of the voice of collision.

The gold is small to open suddenly, great way:"How severe you are!"

"Many thanks to eldest brother, thanks eldest brother, we walk right away."Two hijackers hear the Du flying to make them get up and also thinking to once round them, immediately turning round and then wanting to run and even attending to the aches of wrist dislocation not to ascend.

Make reference to here, fill a Ni Er gradual excitement:"However in this time, that five ranks the superior finally created'huge absolute being A'!Combine other techniques, he organized a from 12 huge absolute being A constitute of troops, ever triumphant, the end finally rushed through the invader of Qin Di's space to thoroughly go out.Afterwards, in honor of his great merit, we just stand up to have such a statue here-actually, this statue is exactly the then 12 one of huge absolute being Aseses."

"By rule is 10-15 workdays, Mr. Du and Mr. Chen return to to return to waiting, we will press when the time comes you stay of contact telephone contact you!"Transact a personnel to smile an answer way. http://www.youtube.com/]youtube.com[/url]

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    • "Into the very depths of my soul. I cannot begin to even sum up with words, the depths of how your images reach out to me. It brings me down to earth and reminds me as to why I picked up the camera in the first place. Your works are truly inspiring. You're very privileged to have to see these places with your own eyes, observe and capture through your lens the true state of the world we live in. As for now, for me, it'll have to be through your eyes, your pictures and the stories they tell. Truly honored," Itzhar

    • "There is a hunger to know the truth about war and your accurate presentation of it is exemplary. I don't believe it possible to be unmoved by your images. This is especially true for those of us who live in a very different world, essentially free from the suffering and carnage you portray. Thank you for your dedication and courage. You are making and incredible contribution to world understanding, hopefully not at an extreme cost to yourself. War photography seems like a hard way to make a living on many levels. Living and breathing civilian trauma is not easy but it is more localized. You can get away from it by driving or moving to another location, but with war there is no escape. The reality is so harsh and overwhelmingly pervasive into all areas of life. Stay safe. Many will be following you." Phopper Nowlin

    • "Thanks, Zoriah, for your hard work and incredible vision, and for the inspiration your example lends to others who have put down the gun, or never carried one." eL Bz

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    • "Tus fotos son increibles, impactantes. El tratado de blanco y negro es fenomenal... Me quito el sombrero. Ya me gustaría a mi poder hacer trabajos de ese tipo..." Javier Martin

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    • "I've always thought that photographs are a kind of self portrait of the photographer. I appreciate your eye and sensibility and the work you do to make the act of war real to the rest of us I mentioned your "eye," your heart is just as visible in your images." Jerry Downs Photographer

    • "Your work is amazingly powerful. Some hard to look at, but gripping nonetheless." Ron Landucci, Infinite Editions

    • "Simply excelent! It's a great reportage of a difficult situation." Rancescamare • "Stunning!" Matteo de Mayda • "Deserves to take a well earned place in history in the company of Phillip Jones-Griffith, Don Mc Cullen, Larry Burrows and Robert Capa. The minimal presentation of his work is perfect...the viewer fills in the details, and the images linger stubbornly in the memory, to awake one from sleep in a cold sweat...these images cannot be taken in in one viewing...the viewer returns restlessly again and again, attempting to process the information...this is really happening. Iconic, compelling images of war by a true professional.... I take my hat off to him." Goddessofxanadu

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    • "The worlds cruelty compressed into some thousand pixels ... it's so impressive" Cavo Kernich

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    • "Simply excellent! It's a great reportage of a difficult situation."Frances Camare

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    • "It is a eye opener to view your work, it brings strong emotions when doing so. Your work reflects another side of the world around us and beyond. I will use it to find inspiration for myself. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us." Frits van Sambeek

    • "Amazing! difficult to stomach (I am very emotional)... but just brilliant and captivating. Thanks for sharing all your photos..." Penelope Gan

    • "A photograph is like a symbol for all the frightening aspects of a disastrous war that brings so much suffering to so many innocent people on both sides. Great, valuable, artful, high class photography that shows the true face of what is going on in Iraq after the "Holy Mission" was declared completed so long time ago. I bow in respect of your great work." Helmut Schadt


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